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Do You Believe It?

on November 18, 2011

This is a story from back when I was on the Children’s Sermon circuit at my church.  I don’t remember the first one I did, but I did get a good response and was asked to do them on a regular basis.  I got into a kind of routine when preparing for them.

I’m not sure how or why it went this way.  It was almost like a game I would play with myself.  I would just decide that God would help me come up with a good idea.  I would not let myself stress about what I was going to say.  I just trusted that it would come to me.

I would wait until the day before or so, take a look at what the scripture was for that week, open the Bible, read that, read whatever else seemed to jump out at me.  I would just see what popped into my head.

So, the scripture one week was about doubting Thomas, the story in John 20.  After the women find that Jesus’ body is gone from the tomb, the disciples go and see this for themselves.  Then Jesus appears to Mary Magdalene, and later to the disciples.  But Thomas is not there at the time, and he refuses to believe the others when they say that Jesus appeared to them.

Typical human behavior, right?  It’s hard enough to know what to believe sometimes in relatively simple daily circumstances.  What about situations that are totally outside of our normal experiences?  Other people, even those you trust, can tell you something, and you might want to believe them, but there are some things you just have to see for yourself.

So I have to regress and tell you about what we had going on at our house at the time.  A friend of ours lives in the country and has chickens.  We stopped by his house with the kids for a visit.  My friend took them to the henhouse, and let them pick some eggs.  My oldest, in typical fashion for him, asked if these eggs would hatch.  Without hesitation, our friend said, sure, when I was a kid, we would make our own incubator and hatch them.  The idea was planted.

So, we took those eggs home, and they sat on the kitchen counter for 4-5 days.  All the while, my son kept asking if we could try to hatch them.  He is a very persistent kid.  My husband finally bought an incubator, I bought the “Raising Chickens” book, and we got them set up.  We went through all the motions, but we never expected to actually hatch anything.

Well, right on time, we hatched a chick.  He lived in a bathroom for a while, then the mudroom, and later spent his days in the yard eating bugs.   Oh, and I should say, we live within the city limits.

An idea popped into my head – what’s more unbelievable to a kid at a City church, than a chicken trying to eat your cereal in the morning?  It sounds ridiculous.  So… I took a picture of that chicken next to my cereal bowl, with me in the same clothes I wore to church that day.

I told the kids we were going to play a game called “Do You Believe It?”  I would tell them something, and they would get to vote on whether they believed it or not.  I came up with some things that were easy to agree with, and some that were really silly.

THEN, I said, “A chicken tried to eat my cereal this morning, do you believe it?”  Of course they didn’t.  Then I said to them, well, I have witnesses – and I asked each of my kids individually if they believed it, and of course they said yes.  I asked the group again, and they still didn’t believe it.  THEN I pulled out the picture – and asked them again.  The point was made – even with a picture, this situation still seemed unbelievable.


That picture was taped to the pastor’s door for a long time.  It was a funny and memorable children’s time!!

When I encounter something that seems unbelievable, I try to keep an open mind.  I could have a life-changing experience that is even hard for me to believe, I could know it to be “true” with every ounce of my being, but it may be all but impossible for even a close friend to believe it.  And I have to remember, that when someone tells me something that seems unbelievable, I can’t judge what they know to be true.

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  1. Seasonsgirl says:

    You were right I did like this post 🙂 Thanks for recomending I read it.

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