Seeing the best in life's challenges

A Poem about being connected

on November 21, 2011

Life is a puzzle


The pieces always changing

Forever rearranging

Each piece grows

Each one of us flows

Into the others


Love is the tie that binds us

Always reminds us

Are we ever gonna find us?

Fear is the shadow that blinds us

Let it go


You touch me in some small way

It might not happen every day

But where there’s love we’re bound

That “Perfect Fit” is found

Forever and timeless


We can change (it’s ok)

Forever rearrange

Constantly moving

Always grooving

Forever One


(Just a poem I wrote in about June of 2010.  Makes me think about the movie “I AM”.  The message is, we are all connected.  “Perfect Fit” is a Van Morrison song I like.)

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