Seeing the best in life's challenges


on November 28, 2011

Faith is accepting the idea that God is in control of everything, and that, under His control, life will unfold in a way that is best for everyone in the long run.

The purpose of life is to experience it and grow from it.  If you view life as a learning experience, absolutely nothing in life needs to be considered “bad”.   No position in life is any better or any worse than any other – each person is in the perfect place for that person.  All the challenges and sorrows are there for a purpose.  All the joys and blessings are there for a purpose.  It is hard to imagine, but each little occurrence that might affect just a few or hundreds or millions of people is just the perfect thing for all of them to experience in their own unique way.  Now THAT is amazing!

First, we have selfish thoughts.  We want things the way we want them, and if they’re not, we get frustrated and angry.  Our view of cause and effect is short-sighted, and gratification is immediate or else.  When events or other people are not participating in the way we want, we get mad.

Next, we figure out ways to influence and control situations.  We don’t want anything bad to happen to our children, so we try to build walls around them to protect them from anything remotely bad.  We learn how to market to others to convince them to buy from our company, attend our school, and we convince them that our way is good and the others are bad.  Eventually, though, we realize that we just can’t control everything.

If we are lucky, next, we let go.  We stop worrying.  We know that God will not give us anything we can’t handle.  We know there is always something to learn in every experience, that there is an opportunity to grow and understand.  We stop planning and start observing.  We go back and become like a child, and let God take care of things.

We’ve made life way too complicated, when it’s really very simple.

“Our purpose is to be just who we are.” — Zach Gill, The Water Song

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