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Strong Opinions

on November 30, 2011

I can have a very strong opinion about something, but that doesn’t mean I think anyone else has to agree with me.

For instance, I can love the color purple.  I can decide that I want to wear only purple clothes, and paint my room purple, and drive a purple car.  But of course I wouldn’t expect others to do the same.  They can like whatever color they choose!

Then again, I might discover a really great hair product, say a shampoo that I think smells really great and is inexpensive.  I might love it so much, that I would tell all my friends (or maybe anybody that would be willing to listen!) about how great it is, and that they should try it.  But I would also realize that what works for one person might not work for another, so of course I wouldn’t get offended if they didn’t drop their current shampoo and start using my favorite.  But, I would be glad that I shared my discovery, because maybe one of my friends might find it to be a favorite, too!

For some reason, though, this kind of “sharing” becomes a little more tricky when the subject matter gets more “serious.”

There are people who believe something very strongly, and can’t stop “evangelizing” about their beliefs or opinions.  And there are others who refuse to listen to anything outside of their current belief system.

The example I think of, is my experiences with the health benefits of going to a chiropractor.  I used to get headaches that would last 3 days, and it seemed I got them every 2 weeks.  I would get really grumpy, and I was taking a lot of Advil, which I wasn’t happy with either.

So really, I got to the point where I thought, I’ll try the chiropractor, it can’t hurt anything.  Well, to make a long story short, I have eliminated my headaches, and I feel so much better in so many ways.

I had such a good experience, of course I tell people about it!  Of course, I hope that others give it a shot (if they have issues that might be helped), and I hope that they have a similarly good experience.  But, they might not, and that’s ok.  I figure sharing my experience can’t hurt, right?

But I don’t push others to go or persist in telling them what to do.

There are some people who will just not consider a chiropractor.  I know some who say they just can’t get comfortable with the idea of someone “cracking” their back or neck.  Hey, that’s their prerogative.  I might think it would be worth it to get over that fear, but that’s their choice to make.

But there are others who will quickly jump to preconceived judgments – chiropractors are quacks, alternative medicine is weird, whatever.  There are deeply rooted assumptions of what is “right” and what is “wrong.”

If I have a strong opinion about something, and it only affects me, and I don’t impose my opinion on someone else…….should anyone else spend their energy deciding whether I am “right” or “wrong”?

What do you think?

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