Seeing the best in life's challenges

The Blame Game

on December 5, 2011

I am noticing, when anything “bad” happens, how quick we are as a society to find someone to blame.  And to me, it seems that as soon as people find someone or something to blame, they stop thinking about anything else but how bad that someone or something is.

This seems like a trap to me.  It seems like a really good way to avoid facing a problem and understanding it and finding a solution or learning a lesson.

And, haven’t we been told not to judge?  Blaming = Judging.

Maybe things happen for a reason.  I don’t think they happen so that we can play the Blame Game.  I think they happen so we can learn and grow.

And if that’s the case…..shouldn’t we try to catch ourselves when we are spending too much (or any?) time blaming?  Shouldn’t we try to find the lesson instead?


What do you think?

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