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Out of the Box and into the World!!

on February 10, 2012

I just set up a Facebook page for this blog, and will be interested to see what happens.  As is obvious, I am interested in all this stuff, but you never know if anyone else will be!

Lately I’ve been writing a lot about what’s in the Bible.  I consider myself a Christian, yes.  That may be comforting to some, and it may put others off.  If you are at all curious, I would say, stick with me for a little while.  You will be surprised at some of the stuff I come up with!!  The box has been unwrapped, it is opening up, and you never know what is going to pop out.  Haha!!

For those who see the Bible as their one and only source for truth, I am going to be pushing your buttons.  Let me ask you this:  If you are secure in your faith, what are you worried about?  Thinking about and considering some crazy idea doesn’t mean you have to reject what you believe – it’s just a mental exercise.  For me, the exercise helps me to find clarity, to understand my perspective and beliefs better.

If you are uncomfortable with people who call themselves “Christians”, I understand.  We are all human, and, try as we might, even those who intend to follow Jesus and live in love, well, it doesn’t always appear that way to those outside the fold.  But will you reject the teachings of Jesus, just because some humans have distorted them?

I will never intentionally tell you how to think or what to believe.  I just want to share some ideas that might help people delve more deeply into what they believe, why they believe it, and to think about what they should do with all that.  If you think this is a useful exercise, we might have some fun with it!  If not, no problem!

Let’s see what comes out of the box!

One response to “Out of the Box and into the World!!

  1. Alyce Vollmar says:

    You GO, Meg!

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