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Why Doesn’t God Stop Tragedies?

on March 26, 2012

Why does God allow such horrible tragedies to occur?  The senseless killing of women and children in Afghanistan, the shooting of Trayvon Martin in Florida, eight killed in a house fire in West Virginia, the unexplained suicide of a young man…..the list goes on and on.  These tragedies hurt, and even if we want to trust God, and believe that all is for the best, still, the answers do not come.  We just want to understand.

Following are excerpts from an article that attempts to explain all this in the context of the shooting of Gabby Giffords in Tucson in January of 2011. 

The complete source article is here.  Read with an open mind.  It will definitely make you think.

You Don’t Know How the Frog Jumps

Humans want answers, and there are so many answers from so many places that don’t satisfy, and this might even be one of them. The reasoning of God escapes all of you because there are no linear reasons for things you experience. It is not pre-planned, since there is no predestination. There was no certainty that on that day on the eighth of January that these things would take place. There are, instead, only potentials.

So if you had the mind of God, you would have a layer of what we would call quantum logic, which is far larger than anything that you can conceive of. It’s nothing that any Human will ever be able to understand for it is the mind of God. Yet Humans carry in them the seeds of God and also that which is the Creator energy. So sometimes, just sometimes, we can make explanations that may not fit the logic puzzle of your reality, but you still understand at some level the appropriateness of all things even though you don’t have the mind of God. There is a part missing from what you understand and what you know. It even goes beyond your intuition of what you could possibly think about. To us, your reality as we see it in a quantum state is a series of potentials that are all together, happening all at once. The lines that connect them are free choice, and these are not known, but only are layers of potentials.

So therefore, even as we speak, we know of the potentials that may occur that are both positive and negative in what you would call a future time. To us it is not the future, but simply a soup of potentials in a circle. So sometimes when we see a Human Being with free will and free choice who is going to create something that you would call a tragedy, it is to us a potential on that which you might call the canvas of what could happen. There’s no guarantee that it will. Are you starting to see the catalyst here? It’s Human free choice.

Yet the layers of the logic of Spirit often create something positive out of what you might see as negative. There are often offsetting energies that would be positive and good for the planet and this is the puzzle before you, because it looks like God is involved in these things, even though God did not create them. Therefore, many would say, “God is involved in the tragedy. How could this happen? Why would God let this happen?” We get this question constantly, with Humans on their knees in sorrow with tears. “If you’re really God, you would not have let this happen.” But the puzzle before you that is outside of your logic is this: The potentials are known by God, but there is no predestination. Humans can walk right into whatever they create. However, since we see the potentials of this, Spirit also can create something around it.

Spirit is in a quantum state where time does not proceed like it does for you. Even the date was unknown to God – when the Human would decide to pick up that gun and go to that place for whatever reason and accomplish that potential. Free choice is the axiom of the rules of Spirit and the Human. So it is that that which you would call the creative energy or God works with humanity and free choice together. It is the test of the planet. It always has been. It is the crux of the energy that was developed right here in Tucson. But you still don’t know how it works, so you come into judgment outside of the purview of all the knowledge you need to make a decision like that. You only look at the 3D, the energy of the tragedy.

I know this is complex for you and much of what I have said is not understandable. So let’s just say that the logic of God is beyond your understanding, since it does not fit with what you think are the way things work.

The Logic of the Jumping Frog

I’ll give you an example. Here is a classic story that is given in your logic classes even in your schools today. It is given to reveal how humanity often reasons when they don’t have all the information or even the concepts needed to come to judgment.

This is a parable. There was a championship frog. And this championship frog was taught to jump when the owner of the frog yelled, “Jump!” The cause and effect was established. The frog jumped every single time the owner yelled, “Jump!

An experiment was done and the question was asked, “What would happen if you removed the legs of the frog?” And so they did. The master yelled, “Jump!”, but the frog did nothing. He just sat there. No legs.

Therefore, all of the scientific journals of the day wrote up the experiment and said it proved conclusively that, “removing the legs of a frog makes him deaf.” End of parable.

Now, perhaps this is silly to you, but Humans might actually do that if they really didn’t know how a frog jumps. And you’d accept that and over time you’d move on with that notion. As silly as it is to you, it exemplifies that you don’t know what you don’t know. And therefore, your logic is not the logic of God. You don’t have the mind of God, but you do have the love of God. You’re learning, for the love of God is a great teacher…

Events such as (the shooting in Tuscon), whether they are positive or negative, seem to wind up on an international stage where everybody can see them. That’s for a reason. There are reasons for things and this is one of them – so that you can see the effect of compassion…

Spirit did not create this Tucson tragedy, but because Spirit knew of the potentials of it, there were certain kinds of things synchronistically that would work for the planet. You don’t know how a frog jumps. It’s going to sound like Spirit planned all this, but we did not.

Let me tell you about the rules. Before we even speak of the event, let me speak of the rules of God.

God loves all unconditionally – rule number one.

Number two, God does not punish humanity. This city did nothing wrong. The people who were involved did nothing wrong. Yet Human Beings want to go to their knees in guilt and say, “What is it that would have created such a thing in our backyard, to our people, to the child, the religious leader?” And to the six who are not here anymore, what would you say to them? “What did we do wrong and why us?” That is always the question, is it not? And so you wring your hands and ask for answers. Because we knew of the potentials of a Human Being with free choice doing what he did, it was not that difficult for us to work with it. We could not stop the Human Being, and we never will. We won’t stop a Human any more than we could have stopped those who boarded the airplanes and flew them into buildings where 3,000 people died horrible deaths, crushed. It wounded the very heart of the nation! And many cried out, “You could have stopped them. Oh, the humanity,” they say. “Spirit, you could have stopped them.”

You don’t know how the frog jumps.

This is what you should know. Human Being, free choice will always trump the actions of God. But because we knew it might happen, synchronistically we had those ready with cameras on that 9/11 day. Synchronistically, everybody caught it. Synchronistically, the entire nation could participate in the compassion that went right into the Crystalline Grid, which will never be the same. And the 3,000 knew it in New York and so did the six in Tucson.

Standing on the other side of the veil years ago in your time, we saw the potential. We see the potentials of what even those unborn will do! They are only potentials, but they are in the soup of our reality, our quantumness. You don’t know how the frog jumps, so you cannot fathom what this must look like. It’s not predestination. It is, instead, predisposition. You are predisposed to follow a karmic path – for that energy that has you come to the earth with the parents that you have, with an unbalance that might occur, with the actions that may result, is that which propels Human choice. And we knew it. We knew it before he was ever born.

What this means is that we knew at a level you cannot fathom, the ones who went there that day to receive the bullets. They knew, too! Not consciously, but quantumly. I spoke to them before they came in. Did you know that?

I said to them, “Here’s the potential. See it? You’re a piece of God right now, about to become a Human Being and give away the power and all the knowledge that you have. Yet you wish to go down there once again and serve this planet, almost blind to the dimensions that you know so well here, working only in 3D, running into walls thick with drama and misunderstanding and death. Look at the potential! You might not last long.” Spirit asked the nine year old, “My dear, you may only have nine years, maybe a little more. Do you really want to risk this?” And you know what she said to me? “If it will help the planet, that’s what I’ll do.” 

And you wonder why we wash your feet? It’s not up to God to stop these things, but we could do everything that is within the purview of what we are allowed around Human free choice to make the best of it – and so we did.

Why Tucson?

I want to make a statement so that you’ll understand this, for one of the questions is, “When can we really, truly, start the healing of Tucson? When can we say we’ve turned the page and now we’re healing? We’ve mourned enough and now we’re ready to heal these lands and these hearts and all – when will it start?” I’ll tell you and you’re not going to understand. It started on January 8! This was so that the earth would have compassion for what happens here on an international stage, to the point that it would help peace on Earth come quicker. And you wonder what the six departed want to tell you? I know, for they are with me right now. They’re on the other side right now, looking back at you and they’re saying to you, “We did our part. Make it worth it. Make it worth it. We stepped right into it.”

Why Tucson? Why here? Oh, dear ones, listen to the synchronicity of this and understand. This is a healing place. It’s a clean place. … If this tragedy was going to happen anywhere, let it be here, for this is the energy of wisdom and this city will be able to generate a compassion that no other place would understand but this one. For those who deal in art and music and beauty and sound and light are wise old souls and there’s a lot of them here!

Now, let me give you something to think about and I’ll just get right to the elephant in the room. Was it political? It doesn’t matter. You cannot assign judgment or blame and Spirit will not, but here is an interesting fact. Because of the target that he chose, and that which is political in this tragedy, the attributes of it brought the president here. Then it was international, wasn’t it? Then for a moment, it became the compassion of the planet and not just the compassion of Tucson, or even of the United States. Do you see what happened? We couldn’t control the shooter, nor would we ever. Free choice. But the synchronicity around it, we helped with. You don’t know how the frog jumps, and some of you are still confused.

I want to take you back to 1999 to show you how unusual this is. In 1999, two young men walked into a school in Colorado and they were loaded with weapons. They proceeded to shoot their classmates and a lot more than six were killed. Can you imagine being a parent that day? You send your child to school and you expect them to come home. But they didn’t. The grief was great and the compassion was great and the tragedy was there to see, yet there was no presidential visit. Are you starting to see this?

In 2006, a very unbalanced man walked into a precious place, an Amish schoolhouse, and killed the children. There could be no greater dichotomy than this. The Amish are already sacred, compassionate, gentle, and harmonious people. In walked that which was pure evil to them, and the whole community reeled with sorrow, yet the president did not visit.

So here’s what I’m telling you: Politically, it took center stage. It did so for one reason, so that what a Human Being did here in free choice would actually create compassion for the planet. This will be something that creates an energy that will be far greater than any tragedy that you might assign to it. And that is the logic of God.

“But Kryon, if Spirit knew that, then they were part of all of this.” You don’t know how a frog jumps. And all that phrase means is that there is so much here hiding that you can’t assimilate with Human logic, or even love. Quantum energy is that way; it appears to be chaotic when it actually isn’t at all. There is, indeed, a system here.

The six who left you, you will mourn. … And all will be back sooner than you think. …

As these souls return, as they grow up, they will grow up in an energy that they helped create because of the compassion that was felt at their departure. That is the logic of God and it’s about the slow creation of peace on Earth. It’s about that which you are creating, which is changing the paradigm of your reality. Compassion is the key. So, Human Being, what are you going to do with that?


Compassion and unity are the new keywords of the planet. Tucson is part of it. I want to congratulate those in the room who already knew all this and who have been working these puzzles since January 8, and who have been healing the land and sending compassion to those who remain. There is love here. There is appropriateness here. You’re all working the same puzzle and there’ll come a day when you’ll understand it all.

When I see you on the other side of the veil, briefly, before you return to the planet, you know how the frog jumps. In that precious moment, we’ll look at each other and smile, and you’ll go, “Send me back. I’ve got work to do.” Did you know that’s why I’m here? Kryon exists to explain these things to old souls. I give these things to you in pure love. There are no conditions here, whether you believe me or not. Whether you believe this is real channelling or not, whether you agree with me or not, I see God in you. And that’s good enough for me.

That’s good enough for me.



2 responses to “Why Doesn’t God Stop Tragedies?

  1. Alyce Vollmar says:

    Oh, my…yes, thank you for posting this, Meg. It is a puzzling subject that I’ve been turning over and over in my mind for quite some time.

  2. Lynda says:

    Very interesting. Thank you for sharing it Meg!

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