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An Open Mind Challenge

on June 20, 2012

Think of this one as a game to play, a mind exercise, an opportunity to observe yourself.

Some people like taking on challenges more than others.  Many people like to” play it safe.”  How much are you willing to push yourself, to go outside of your comfort zone?  How soon will the fear of the unknown stop you in your tracks?

WHAT are you really afraid of?  How uncomfortable are you with venturing out into the unknown?  How different is TOO different?

An open mind is invaluable.  But a completely open mind is rare.  The few who in the past have dared to question the status quo have suffered the consequences.  The examples from science seem obvious to us now, but hindsight makes it all seem too easy, i.e. the earth is not flat.

So, are you ready to “play scientist?”  Take a look at something with only curiousity, and no fear?  Consider, then make your own conclusion?  Put yourself through an “experience” and arrive at the other side, saying only “hmm, that was interesting.”

Can you watch this with an open mind?



Yay!  I got it to work!  So, what do you think?



What do you think?

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