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That’s Not My View!

on July 9, 2012

I collect people on Facebook.  If someone makes a comment that catches my eye, I’ll friend them.  If a page has something interesting to say, I’ll like it.  Yes, I have had some mishaps, but only a couple, and I just un-friend that person.

I have a friend in Turkey who is definitely on the same page as me.  I have a Bulgarian friend who posts the most beautiful pictures and quotes about love.  There’s a guy I’ve never met who writes the most amazing poetry.  A friend in England that I found via his blog, who is a visionary on the subject of educating our children.  A woman in South Africa that is working with dolphins.  Many new friends here in the U.S. that I’ve not met in person.  And some friends I hadn’t seen in a long time and we have reconnected.

I have some friends who post things that most people would think were weird, or just plain out-there.  Others post stuff that is completely opposite of my political views.  Sometimes I even comment on those (I got unfriended once because of that!)  One of my best friends is someone who just plain likes to stir it up.

I don’t want to isolate myself so much, that I become unwilling to consider the perspectives of others.  Yet, I do want to surround myself with positive, thoughtful people.  So, it’s a balancing act.

I can tell you that by reaching out to people I don’t know, especially in different countries, I have gained a much richer view of the world through them.  I have also discovered that we have more in common than we might have imagined.

My daughter leaves today for 19 days in six countries in Europe.  I am so excited for her.  I know how my 3 months in South America at age 16 made such a lasting impression on me.

We ARE all connected.  And the fact that we have all different views of the world makes it so much more fun!  I have had views of this blog from 34 countries since the end of February!  That’s crazy!!

Despite the fact that we all have different views, we are all the same.  This is the paradox that is worth grappling.  Because our differences, when shared and respected, make us as a human race wiser.  I’m not just talking about differences in geography….when we stop thinking of one opposite as “good” and the other as “bad”, then we can fully appreciate all perspectives and how they add to our understanding of the world.  Rich and poor, educated and not, liberal and conservative, loud and quiet, shy and outgoing, optimist and pessimist…it goes on and on and on.

Do you want everyone around you to act and think just like you?  Or can you appreciate someone who is your opposite?

2 responses to “That’s Not My View!

  1. Judith Robinson says:

    Sounds like me, but not spread worldwide yet! My unmet friends and I have “agreed to disagree!”

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