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Is Purpose on Purpose?

on July 17, 2012

Well, my challenge surfaced yesterday, right on time.  But before I write about that in the coming days, I have to tell a little story.

Someone I know very well recently had the occasion to name a couple of streets in a new development that was already named Cascades.  This is a thoughtful person with a fun sense of humor and a love of trivia/facts, who loves to travel and learn about different places.

We have these discussions about naming streets from time to time, trying to find the perfect names.  It’s somewhat of a game, somewhat of a challenge to get just the right one.

Anyway, the names of the two streets at Cascades are going to be “Lassen” and “Bachelor.”  This creates a riddle, and we both wonder if anyone who ends up living there will ever wonder where these strange names came from and what they mean.  Will anyone ever do just a little bit of digging to figure it out?

As an aside, one thing to know about naming streets, is that you have to get approval from the Post Office.  You can’t pick a “foreign” sounding name that is hard to pronounce (“Rainier” was out.)  You can’t pick anything that already exists nearby or is too similar to another name.

A simple google search of “Cascades Lassen Bachelor” solves the riddle in a flash. Mount Lassen and Mount Bachelor are mountains in the Cascades Range, which stretches from northern California up into Canada.  The result for the person doing the searching might be a chuckle and/or the realization that whoever out there named the streets was thoughtful and knew about geography.  This person might get the sense that maybe there is more to the story, and if they really wanted to dig, they could track down who it was that named the streets, and ask about why these names were chosen.

And of course there’s more to the story.  There’s ALWAYS a story, isn’t there?

(Did you know that you can see Mount Shasta from the top of Mount Lassen?  It’s pretty cool.)


Most of the time, most of us don’t have the time, or the inclination, to dig in and figure out the purpose to the riddles we encounter in life.  I happen to believe that God (or the Creator, or Source, or the Universe, or Love, or whatever you happen to call the Ultimate Purpose) is thoughtful, has a sense of humor, puts hints everywhere, and wonders if anyone will ever notice.  It’s the Great Game of Life!

Check out these pictures of Lassen and Shasta!


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