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MEMO: “Why Isn’t This Manifesting Stuff Working for Me?”

on August 18, 2012

Angela Peregoff offers free “Morning Blessings” via email at her website.  I ran across this one and thought it was so clever!!

The Morning Blessing     08.16.12


TO:                                  You Divine Spark

On Location:             Planet Earth, Milky Way Galaxy, The Universe

FROM:                          Ralph, Executive Assistant to God,

                                          Secretary in Charge of Manifesting and Magical Movies

CC:                                  Cosmo, Head of Divine Timing Department

BCC:                              GOD

REGARDING:          Your recent letter of complaint titled:

                                         “Why Isn’t This Manifesting Stuff Working for Me?”

Dear Spark,

So, you have recently found out that life is like a movie script that you are writing moment by moment, in which you can design for yourself an abundance-creating, soulmate-attracting, self-realizing existence. You’ve watched The Secret and enthusiastically pinned a check to yourself on the ceiling, and stuck a vision board on your bedroom wall. However, here you are months down the track completely at your wit’s end, wondering why your manifestations aren’t working or what’s wrong with you that you can’t “do it”!

Cosmo, Head of Divine Timing, assures me that as always all is happening right on schedule. He has received all of your emails about the presence of Fear on the set, and is applauding the way you have been handling the situation. Word out up here is that you have been having a few talks with Fear, letting him know you are the star! The crew have been standing back in awe as very few people have ever dared to confront that overpowering egomaniac. Congratulations, someone had to do it! Fear’s agent says he is getting less and less attention every day and really only likes to hang around when he is the star. Fear is getting “over it” as he says, and is thinking about a career change. This is good news for everyone!

The Director is aware of some of your concerns about the next stage of production, likewise we have some of our own, so I’m here to address those:

You’re a Co-Author in this Movie

We all like to think we are completely in control of our life, but when it comes to manifesting our movie we are always merely co-creators, producing the show together with our higher self and the higher self of any other people involved in any particular scene.

Always be conscious of the fact that there is a higher plan of which you may not be aware. Ask that all your prayers, vision board wishes and manifestations vibrate to their highest and best potential, and let go of what you think this looks like.

While you may have a preference for a certain outcome, it is always a good idea to ask that all situations unfold in alignment with the highest good of all concerned – otherwise you may be asking for something that may not be in alignment with what you or others truly need!

Divine Timing

Timing is more important than you can consciously perceive. Cosmo receives thousands of letters of complaint a day and can’t handle the stress much longer. He is considering issuing a global press release to remind the people of Earth that thinking you are above divine timing is like thinking you can control nature. Divine timing has a rhythm and a flow that is perfectly co-ordinated and much peace comes from really accepting that. Your soul knows what it is doing on a higher level even if from your perspective things are going way slower than you would like.

Learn to go with the flow, and if something doesn’t go according to your plans or preferred schedule trust that this is for a good reason. Do all you can to make your dreams turn into reality, while simultaneously letting go of the need for the process to go a certain way. Let go of the outcome, trusting it will turn out the best way possible.

Are you Ready?

We don’t just deliver what you ask for on a silver platter unless you are truly ready. We make sure you go through all the steps you need to take first so that you can handle what you’ve asked for. Imagine if you asked for a Ferrari but you had never driven a manual transmission let alone a high-powered sports car! You would probably crash it on your first drive. Insurance across the Universe is at an all time high and we just can’t afford to make any mistakes these days. If you ask for a Ferrari we are going to make sure you have done your advanced driver training first, it’s that simple!

Find the Gift in the Present on your way to your Ideal Future

If you are visualizing a soul mate relationship and you keep getting relationships that are less than ideal, this is not Aphrodite ignoring you. Rather, there is something about the relationships coming your way that have a message for you. If you are attracting unavailable people, is there a part of you that is unavailable?

If you are attracting people who don’t value you, is there a part of you that doesn’t value you?

The universe always hears your requests, and it always answers you in ways that are the most effective for what you truly want, even if it doesn’t immediately appear that way. It may well be that for your particular path, in order to be ready for your soul mate you have to be completely emotionally available and value yourself totally. Hence the relationships that are being sent your way are there as a form of preparation, reminding you to connect with these aspects of yourself. It doesn’t mean you have to stay in these relationships. Sometimes it’s just about getting the lesson then getting out, onward to what it is you really want.

Is there a part of you that doesn’t want it?

Your conscious self can wish for a certain reality all it likes, but if you have self-sabotaging beliefs, memories, old emotions or subconscious aspects within you that associate that reality with a deep fear or wound, they will do all they can to thwart your every move. The more you try to move toward a certain direction, the more things will come up, so pay attention and do what you need to do to address your inner energies. Journaling, healing therapies, meditation and creative expression can all help. Feel it!

Start feeling excited and passionate about what it is you want, as opposed to using all your energy toward feeling frustrated about what you don’t want. Really feel your excitement, joy and passion, and anticipate positive change coming to you at any moment! This will affect your energetic vibration as it starts drawing to you what you most need right now, be it an opportunity, experience or insight.

Have Gratitude, Act as if it is Here Now

We are working our auras off up here, and sometimes it’s nice to get a little thanks! Just a little: “Thank you, Universe, for this great relationship/work/abundance etc. It is totally in alignment with my true essence and best possible path and reality.” That would be great, thanks.

The Universe always has a bigger plan for you than you could ever consciously imagine yourself, yet you constantly limit yourself by what you think is possible, or not. Don’t limit yourself! If you want love, imagine the greatest love relationship possible for yourself and let go of trying to control who it is, or how and when it will happen. If you want job fulfillment, see yourself doing what you came here to do, and let go of thinking you know what that perfect job is. Let yourself be surprised! Affirm that you are on your highest path, fulfilling your highest purpose, and see what magic happens!

On a final note, your script writing team of advisors wish to confirm that they have filled your story with lots of bliss, happiness, abundance, passion and fun! They let their creativity unleash with this movie and promise you a most exciting ride!

Don’t worry so much, just read your lines as you go, and we’re sure you’ll like what’s in store! There is a team up here working steadily with you on this movie, so please do not hesitate to contact us at any time should you have any further questions.

With sparkles of stardust,

Yours in Spirit,




I live in a universe that is by nature abundant; this universe is by nature loving, and it is by its very nature whole. I choose today to realize what’s always been true: that I am One with this Universe, that I always have been one with it, and that I have access to all its good, whenever I open my mind to receive it. Today I awaken to my noble self, realizing that I am a powerful center of creative energy in this universe, a place where life is delighted to flow and flow with ease. I stop playing small, and realize that I can gift myself anything in the world, and I do it with joy and with the knowing and believing that as imagination flows through me, I align with creation, it’s not of my own creation, but of Spirit. I receive each gift, whatever its form, freely. Whether it is presents from my children, offering my best in my work, loving my partner with all of my heart, or finding abundance, I do it with the full and complete understanding that Spirit and I playfully conduct this action through me. I relax in the knowing that everything is just fine, that the power of Spirit is thought+full+ly flowing through me, that this universe is a safe and wonderful place to be. And my life blossoms in joy. And so it is.


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© 2003 – 2012 Angela Peregoff | All rights reserved. Please feel free to copy and share these copyrighted Blessings with your friends, letting them know the source and inviting them to visit my website.

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