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The Harmonics of Consciousness (for 13 Dimensions)

on November 9, 2012
For anyone who is interested in understanding what it means when people talk about different “dimensions” and being “multi-dimensional” this is a really interesting article:


“Creation is the Highest Expression of Love”

Material transmitted from the Elohim consciousness, May 2001-January 2002.  This article can be found at under the Articles tab.

“This information is given to facilitate understanding of how energy pulses through the eight tones of the octave to manifest as seven dimensions returning to the One.”

We have focussed on the aspect of Love as the true vibration of the consciousness of the One. We seek here to demonstrate how you – as creator beings and masters of energy – have access to all the expressions of energy at any given time. It is up to you to decide at which level(s) you will choose to resonate. We urge you not to remain in the third level – but to seek to express the highest levels of the energy of the One within yourselves.”

This article also seeks to explain how we, as humans, function on an individual level through the first seven chakras, and then as a group, or through a group mind at the level of the five new chakras.

The five new chakras enable the next stage of human evolution, as they provide not only access to the group mind on Earth, but also to higher levels of consciousness, including the Planetary, Solar and Galactic levels of consciousness.

Entering the Octave: The Journey Begins

At zero point the creative intelligence enters a new spiral of growth and evolution. In order to explore the octave it must separate from the source and journey out. This phase echoes with the original creation myths such as the Egyptian and the Christian, where the One divides and becomes Two, creating movement and duality. From this point exploration and creation are possible.

The First Dimension :          Color- Red, Note- C, Shape – Circle

The pure white light of spirit that enters the octave shifts its frequency to the colour Red, and its tone to the note C. In geometric terms, the shape is the sphere or circle.

At this level the sphere produces a high degree of identification with the source (original sphere). There is a strong magnetic attraction to that which is like or the same. The Love vibration manifests as a strong sense of connection, of oneness and identity.

In human terms we find this energy located primarily in the Base Chakra. Here the definition of love relates to family, tribe and clan, those who are “like”, and you are attracted to these. When you are in perfect resonance with this vibration you understand your connection to the One, and that all energies and beings are your family and all are “like” you.

However, in this journey outwards and away from the One there is also a tendency to wobble or distort in the intense learning/exploration, and to forget your true nature. At this point an illusion called fear enters, and you begin to imagine or believe that there are others who are “different” to you, and that to protect your group you must repel these others. You imagine that their difference threatens you, and so you seek to eliminate them to create a “sameness” again. And so the illusion produces negative vibrations called fear, hatred, aggression and war. We urge you to understand these emotions as responses to the illusion of separation. We ask you not to judge them, but to understand that they are tools for intense learning and exploration and part of finding the way back into resonance with the One. (Note: this is particularly true since the events of Sept 11, 2001) If you spin off into illusion you may always choose to return to the true vibration of the One, at this level manifesting as an intense love of family, of all that is, because we are all related.

The Native Americans called the manifest plane of material matter the Red Road, understanding the intense creative vibration of the Red energy, and how close to source you really are when you acknowledge all of your relations and all things as “family”.

The Second Dimension :          Color-Orange Note-D Shape- Icosahedron

At this point consciousness moves further out on its journey of exploration. The frequency shift is to Orange – a mixture of Red and Yellow, and the shape, the Icosahedron, indicates a much more complex and complicated dimension.

The awareness at this level builds on the first dimension, but it moves beyond the family and now generates an intense magnetic attraction to the “other” energy, which is interpreted as “emotion” or “intensity”. This may be an intense identification with the other energy which is called “love”, or an intense fear/revulsion, which is termed “hate”. These are not reasoned, but purely instinctive or animal/chemical responses. At this level both of these seemingly contradictory emotions are based on the consciousness still seeking to explore the nature of the “one” and its separation from itself – which are termed “love” and “hate”.

At this level consciousness discovers sexual attraction and the ability to fall in love, with all its intense feelings of passion, connection and, negatively, rejection.

Consciousness seeks the ecstatic experience of merging with the other and returning to a sense of Unity through sexual connection. This may be briefly experienced in sexual orgasm – but the consciousness is always returned to the state of “separation” and the illusion of “aloneness”.

This explains why romantic or sexual rejection has such a devastating effect on some individuals. The consciousness, seeking to merge with the other and rediscover the One, is seemingly prevented and turned away. This is why depression and suicide can be the result of romantic disappointment.

This is also the point where consciousness discovers its own inherent creative power, and that by union with another there can be a productive manifestation. This is most evident in sexual union – where a third being can be created. But consciousness also learns here to use this power of connection to create the material and emotional necessities of its being.

The intense creative power of the expression of love at the orange energy is equally matched by the destructive nature of the fear illusion at this level. If the consciousness falls into the illusion of being separate and alone, its survival might mean it has to use or manipulate the intense energies at this level to eliminate others who threaten its needs being met. Because it has forgotten the One, it imagines that it is alone and thus has to fight and plot and manipulate to get its needs met. Once it returns to a recognition of the One, it is able to use the orange frequency to create a loving and abundant reality where all its needs are met, and where it can share with others.

Mastery of the Orange energy and the intense creative energies found here is indeed mastery of the material level. It is probably one of the reasons why Tibetan monks wear orange robes, and why orange is a sacred colour in the East. The Icosahedron geometry and shape is a complex form that also represents the 7th level, or the return to spirit. The Icosahedron is also the crystalline shape of water, and so the energies of orange are fluid, active, changing and dynamic. This can be a very volatile level, and it requires a strong sense of inner peace and connection to the One to master the energies at this level.

The Third Dimension:          Color- Yellow Shape-Octahedron Note-E

At this point in its journey through the energies of the octave the consciousness shifts to the next level, represented by the colour Yellow and the Octahedron shape.

At this level the Divine essence of love seeks to move away from the intensity and complexity of the second level, and to know itself in a calm and structured way.

In the human, this represents the mental energies, where the individual becomes aware of the aspects of time and space, and the need to order these to allow the energy of consciousness to flow in the most productive way.

At this stage of the octave, love is expressed in a rational and reasoned way – beyond the intense experience of the second level. This is the love termed “agape” by the Greeks to distinguish it from the “eros” of the second level. Agape is love of one’s fellow humans, the philanthropic urge to create a better environment for fellow humans. It understands the principle of the One as related to humans, who are seen as the highest level of inteligence, since they have left the second level and “risen” to the third. This is the ignorance created by beings so far out on the journey away from source – to imagine that the progression along the scale of consciousness creates a hierarchy of being. When one is fully in the Consciousness of the One, then you are truly aware that the concept of hierarchy is a third dimensional construct that has been created in ignorance of the nature of the One.

In its true vibration of resonance with the One, the third dimension is a place where humans can create structures to flow their energies and assist them to manifest whatever they wish in the plane of matter.

However, when consciousness moves into the illusion of fear at this level, it becomes suspicious of the motives and thoughts of others who are different. It then begins to set up structures that will control and manage thought and energy, to the benefit of those who manage the structures. Thus in 3D you see the rise of institutions such as Churches, Universities, Hospitals, Schools, Banks and Charitable organizations. All set up within the philanthropic motivation of the third density desire to structure, but when subjected to fear these distort and become instruments of control and personal enrichment for a few at the expense of the many.

The only way to break out of the illusion of separation generated at 3D is to enter the Fourth Level and begin the journey back to the One. But the illusion of separation can be very strong at 3D, since the rational mind sees only difference, it does not intuitively feel the energies of the One. And because the energy is so structured – there is no dynamic force to propel the energies into higher levels of consciousness.

The impetus to break out of 3D and move towards home again must come from within the individual. He or she must experience a deep yearning to experience life beyond the confines of the material structures of the third dimension. When this deep yearning for meaning and connection with spirit is registered in the Angelic realms, the angels step forward to assist the person to make the shift forward and begin the journey back to the One. This is usually affected by synchronicity, a chance encounter, a book, a workshop, something that places the individual onto the higher path and the journey back to the Law of One.

The Fourth Dimension:          Colors- Rose Pink/Green Shape- Star Tetrahedron Note – F

At this point the consciousness begins to re-awaken and yearn for its former connection with the One -the source. This yearning, when it becomes a deep passion for love and one-ness lifts the consciousness to the level of the 4th dimension and the Heart Chakra.

Here the Octahedron of 3D transmutes into the Star Tetrahedron, a more complex and balanced shape. At this point the journey home has begun. The consciousness learns to move beyond the rational structures of 3D and its definitions of love based on fear and distrust to a definition of love based on the Law of One and Unconditional Love.

The Law of One states that we are all One – we derive from the source and we are all interconnected. What we do affects all others and vice versa. This is the reason for the teachings of the Christ – do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

At this level the consciousness understands fully that fear is an illusion that denies the oneness and believes in separation and so perpetuates feelings of isolation and loneliness. At this level we know and experience the concept of “family” – understanding that we are all related and in relationship, no matter who or where we are in place or time.

As consciousness begins to take on the Law of One – the colors move from radiant green, the colour of abundance and of nature, to a beautiful rose pink, the colour of love – unconditional love and the ascended “Christ Consciousness” of “service to others”.

Here the embodied consciousness must learn to deal with relationships from this higher perspective. Here the concepts of the Mirror and the Shadow are invaluable.

According to the Law of Resonance, we attract or magnetise to ourselves experiences at a similar frequency to our own. Thus everyone who shares our “hologram” or “experiential space” is an aspect or reflection of ourself in some way.

Using the “mirror” technique, we understand that others are just ourselves, and that they reflect our issues. The concept of the “shadow” allows us to understand that the unpleasant, angry or violent people with whom we connect are also aspects of our shadow or repressed self. This acknowledgement allows us to deal with them in compassion and unconditional love. Without approving their actions or behaviour, we can relate to them with forgiveness and tolerance. We learn not to take anger and violence as personal issues, but to see them as unresolved aspects of our mutual shadow selves. The master of the Fourth Dimension knows how to mobilise the energies of the shadow for constructive and creative purposes in love and healing.

At this point the consciousness learns how to manage relationship energies without fear, and without the need for pain, suffering and sorrow as a means of learning. The journey home has truly begun. Now, peace, joy and harmony are possible.

The Fifth Dimension:          Color-Blue Shape-Cube

At this point the consciousness, having begun to re-awaken to the mysteries of creation, desires to gain wisdom and experience of the Creator. The consciousness seeks to fully experience itself as a Co-Creator of its own holographic reality in partnership with the Creator.

The Star Tetrahedron of the fourth level transmutes to theCube or Cubecahedron, and the color frequency is Blue.

The consciousness that wishes to move to the fifth-dimensional level is, again, guided in its search by the Higher Self and the Angelic Guides. Here the being encounters the various teachers and wisdom schools, both on the third dimension and higher. Third dimensional sources include books, workshops, teachers, while fifth dimensional sources may be channelled via a third dimensional teacher.

At this level the student consciousness is expected to show discernment. There are some schools and teachings which are not fully integrated into the Law of One, and seek to gain control and power over others because of the fears that still exist unacknowledged at the ego/shadow level. Those who work in 5D are often more intensely confronted with shadow energy than at other levels.

At this level the consciousness is taught the principles of duality: Yin/Yang, and comes to understand that shadow/dark is merely undeveloped potential. Most wisdom traditions teach that Light/Consciousness comes out of Dark/Unconsciousness, and that the one cannot exist without the other. There is a constant “pulse” between the two energies, also known as “Eros” and “thanatos” – or the life wish and the death wish. The master consciousness learns to hold these two impulses in balance. The principle of Non-judgement applies here. Contrary to what is taught by religious controlling bodies – there is no judgement attached to the “dark”. The Law of One teaches that all is of the Creator – hence light and dark are equally aspects of the creator and need to be experienced as such, without judgement. The point is not to swing into light only- where one would need another person to carry the projected dark – or into dark, where the destructive and negative energies are uppermost and the light is lost. Finding the balance is the goal of the initiate or student consciousness, not ignoring the dark to migrate into “love and light” which can be dangerous since it creates elitism and separation consciousness, and ultimately, conflict.

To fully gain the mastery of the Fifth Dimension the student consciousness must master what the ancient Egyptian Wisdom Master Thoth/Hermes called the Ogdoad and the Ennead.

The Ogdoad – or the principle of the Eight – can be briefly summarised as a knowledge of the creative principles of energy, light, sound, color and sacred geometry. These are the basic principles of creation – which as fractal mathematics suggests – are repeated ad infinitum throughout the Universe – “as above so below”.

The Ennead – or principle of the Nine – also refers to creation dynamics. Here the Nine Principles include knowledge of the Four elements – Fire, Water, Air and Earth- and of the laws of magnetism and resonance that apply when the One becomes the Many. When these lessons are mastered the consciousness fully experiences the Law of the One and the Many, and the Many and the One – and is ready to live that understanding. The gift of this is the wisdom and the ability of the Adept, who may use these basic laws to co-create.

Much of the wisdom relating to the Fifth Dimension has been transmitted to Earth from Sirius and the Pleiades via the Ancient Egyptians and the Mayans, as well as the Greek and Renaissance philosophers and the Arcane Hermetic schools of Wisdom. The Wisdom School tradition was always an elitist one, aimed at holding power and authority with a select and chosen group. Since 1987 and the expansion of Harmonic Convergence, the ancient secrets of the Wisdom Schools and their access to Fifth Dimensional mastery are becoming available to all humans who choose to enter into the journey of Multi-Dimensional consciousness and Consciousness Growth – as was always intended by those who brought this wisdom to Earth.

The Sixth Dimension:          Color-Indigo Shape-Icosahedron Note-

Once the consciousness has mastered the wisdom of the Cosmos through study and practical initiation – the urge to become creative and play becomes paramount. Whereas love expressed in the Fifth Dimension expresses itself as wisdom and the power to co-create, in the Sixth Dimension it expresses itself as joyful playfulness, as the expanding consciousness begins to complete its journey home.

The Sixth Dimension is the realm of the Magical Child or the Eternal Child – a state of innocence and joy that has its foundation in “experience” or “wisdom” gained through experience. The color here is Indigo, a color long identified with a Master Consciousness, and more recently, with the exceptional and spiritual children that are being birthed on the planet today, called Indigo Children.

The shape is the Icosahedron, the shape identified with the water molecule. Water is significant since it “imprints” information, and can change shape and potency depending on circumstances. Water that has been “blessed” or meditated or prayed over holds the high level energies of that prayer in its crystalline shape. This indicates how at the 6th Dimensional level the master consciousness “imprints” thoughts and patterns into the waters/energies to manifest a high level of holographic joy and abundance. This is done with the ease and insouciance of a child.

At this level the consciousness fully appreciates the implications of the Law of One and the One and the Many. It understands that the Creator/Source is Love, and that each individual consciousness unit/entity is a portion of the Creator (the One) expressing itself as an in Individual (the Many).

Because love is what motivates the Creator – then the 6th Dimensional consciousness understands that the entire Universe is based on love, and that this love is a creative and supportive element that seeks the “highest good” of all.

The energy of love always “imprints” our intentions as creators and supports our creations, whether positive or negative. At the 6th dimension the consciousness is both self-aware and wise enough to monitor its creations and to ensure that it creates from a place of love, joy and abundance. The 6th dimensional creative energy rests in the wisdom of 5D, but encompasses the joyous certainty of the upward evolutionary spiral back to the Creator.

At this level the consciousness seeks to express its playful reality and knowledge of the sacred geometry of the Cosmos through artistic and creative endeavors – dance, music, art, poetry and other forms that echo the cosmic activities of the Creative Mind – as above so below.

Music is the art form that probably expresses in the most immediate form the essence of the concepts of Sacred Geometry: the octave, resonance, vibration, tone and harmonics. A musician and composer is of necessity a true master of the sacred geometry expressed as sound.

Light also expresses the same geometries through the Colour Wheel and the concepts of the Prism and Crystallography. The Artist who truly understands the medium of color, shape, form, and the play of light and dark is also a master of this aspect of sacred geometry.

Dance, on the other hand, combines aspects of both sound (music), color and shape through the intricate patterns of the body creating its own patterns or sacred geometries through space and time. Here the basic tool of expression is the body – creating patterns in tiem through a relationship with music, light and color.

Poetry is another creative form – where language shifts from a logical communication tool of the left brain to play with symbols and metaphors and to create new combinations and harmonics based also on rhythm. metre, resonance and combination. The Ancient Egyptians were masters of the art of metaphoric/symbolic language – even using pictographs or hieroglyphs to suggest a richly layered texture of meaning to the reader/creator. Their aim was never the one to one correspondence of meaning we venerate today as “clarity of thought”, but rather a rich and generative play of possible meanings to be created by the reader according to their combined wisdom and creativity. This is similar to the “parable” technique used by the Essene master, Jesus, where a simple story generated its own multiple layer of meanings – never a simple one to one correspondence. Again, the wisdom was available to those who could play with the symbols and metaphors. As Jesus said – Let him who has ears hear-, indicating the need for a finely tuned awareness to “hear” what is being said and co-create the different levels of meaning.

The creator consciousness at this level no longer experiences fear – since separation is understood for the illusion that it truly is. The consciousness understands itself to be supported in love, and so is able to keep creating and re-creating its reality in harmony with that of the Source and in accord with evolutionary processes of the planet.

Life on Earth at this level is a constant game of creation and play – expressed at ever finer levels of expertise and awareness as the consciousness journeys into higher levels of the sixth dimension.

The Seventh Dimension :          Shape: Icosahedron Colour: Violet/White

The seventh dimension is that point where the consciousness completes the octave of experience and is ready to begin a new octave or journey home to the Creator. This is the home of the spiritual master/warrior and the “boddhisatva”, or one who incarnates spiritual light and love into the world.

It is the dimension of spiritual service, and is represented by the sacred twelve-sided shape of the dodacahedron and the colours violet and white.

At this level the energy of the Source expresses itself in the desire to both create and to serve. The 7th Dimensional master knows him or herself through his/her creations of love and service. Here the consciousness has fully integrated all the Laws of the Cosmos – and understands the purpose of creation and evolution: that the source seeks to know itself and grow through its creations. Hence the master consciousness serves the purpose of the Creator by becoming a Co-creator and assisting others to a full awareness of themselves and their creations, so that they can in turn be known to the Creator and know the Creator within themselves.

The Seventh dimensional consciousness expresses the ideals of service – service to others – as the highest expression of love and the purpose of the Creator. It is at this level that the consciousness seeks to express the Archetypal energies of the master and the wise man/woman as a sacred healer/teacher or shamanic medicine man/woman. Because at this level the consciousness has experienced a mastery of all other levels – these can be drawn on in the process of assisting others in the process of growth and self-awareness

The dodachahedron shape represents the fifth element – “ether” or energy, and the seventh dimensional healer/teacher is also a master of techniques of energy healing and manifestation of resources.

The seventh dimensional level is overseen by an angelic force known as the Elohim, who are the “creator gods” of the Planet. It is their function to supervise and assist the evolution of consciousness on the earth in its journey towards light. At the seventh dimensional level the consciousness unites with its “Elohim” aspect and assumes co-creative responsibility for the evolution of consciousness on planet Earth. Thus a fully developed multi-dimensional being/consciousness will be at the forefront of conscious evolution, its task to serve others on their journey towards multi-dimensional awareness and mastery on this planet.

This work is carried on in co-creation with the Divine plan and angelic forces, allowing the manifestations of spirit to direct the form of service as agreed upon by that initiate/master before incarnation.

The Eighth Dimension:          Colours : Magenta Orange/Pink

Realm: Archetypal

The five chakras discussed in this section are the “new” or “re-activated” chakras, and they represent the “Rainbow Bridge” to the next octave. The energies of these chakras are to be used in the Ascension process, and have only been made available to us since Harmonic Convergence in 1987. The Full Spectrum of Twelve Colours has only just been made available to all at the end of 2001, at the Solstice of 21 December 2001.

The Realm of the 8th dimension or chakra is called the Transpersonal Chakra. It is so-called because at this point we are moving away from “individuation” as represented by the first seven chakras or dimensions, and into the place of the group mind, where we share the creative energies and colours of the intelligent consciousness of Planet Earth.

The 8th chakra is the repository of the patterns, sounds, colours and dramas of the stories by which we shape our lives when we incarnate on planet Earth. We call these Archetypes – and they are found in the myths, legends and sacred stories of all peoples who reside on planet Earth. Those of the ancient peoples were richer than ours, since they were closer to source and to the earth and their ability to dream and to create. But as we move back up towards source we can access this place of dreams and stories once again.

An Archetype is a story that we tell or create that forms a pattern or template for human evolution and behaviour.

At its most simple level – the way we structure our social life is based on the archetypal pattern of the family. Within the family are archetypal roles: the Father, the Mother the Daughter, the Son, the Grandmother and Grandfather etc. Each of these biological definitions (you can only be a daughter or a mother if you are female) is correlated with a set of values and behaviours that are defined in archetype (8th level) and then crystallized and given energy by being lived out on the first seven levels.

On the symbolic level an archetype applies to the different facets of an individual’s psyche. For example, we all have within us the energies of the nurturing mother, the benevolent father, the wise grandmother/father, and we can access these energies at various times in our own personal journey through life.

Unfortunately – when an archetypal pattern crystallizes into biological definition, it tends to take on an energy of its own that controls humans, rather than facilitates their growth. This is particularly evident in the structure of the family – where the male takes on the Father/authority role and the female the mother/nurturer role. This is imbalanced because it does not allow the individual to explore other aspects of their being. In recent years, humans have attempted to shift through Feminism and the “liberation” of the woman. In many cases, this has just meant a shift in the roles – women taking on the strong male and men migrating to the softer feminine role. This also is no solution, for the imbalance of the psyche still remains.

The only way to shift the crystallized archetype is for individuals to live their balanced potential of both male and female within the sacred bond of marriage and family. At this level we break out of the crystallization and the biologically defined roles and reclaim our right to fully live all aspects of our inner family without giving away our power or demanding the power of others.

At a group level we also use archetype to define our social and spiritual evolution in the form of the stories that we tell.

For example, in the west the story of the “search for the Holy Grail” defines the evolutionary search of the human psyche for the “meaning” of life. At its basic level the grail itself is the cup that was used by Christ at the Last Supper, and in some stories was also used at the Crucifixion to capture his blood. The grail/cup is taken to Europe(France) where it is lost/hidden.

In the Grail legends a quester/knight has to visit the castle of the Fisher King to seek the grail. The land of the Fisher King has become a waste land, and the king is wounded/diseased in the groin area. In order for the quester to heal the king and the land and so achieve the grail, he has to ask the right question – the question being: “Whom does the Grail serve?”

This indicates that success is achieved not by strength and determination or will power, but by passing through the veils of illusion by questioning each illusion until we reach the key question through the Growth of Consciousness. In this archetypal story the cup/grail that contains Christ’s blood represents the feminine/goddess energy. The Fisher King represents the male energy of the Age of Pisces (fishes) who has reduced the earth to a waste land of scarcity and disease because connection with the Grail/feminine has been lost. The key question is “Whom does the feminine serve?- or rather what is the meaning of life on earth and who is the abundance of the Earth meant to serve. The answer is, of course, all who live on the Planet, not just a select few who are able to grab power and enslave the rest.

When we, as questers, reach the point of consciousness where we can move beyond fear which manifests as greed and self-interest and the need for power, to an understanding that the goddess/feminine serves all individually and that she provides a place for each being to grow and learn in the most appropriate way. We individually must choose to grow in love and abundance – as determined by the principle of Free Will. This is the key Archetype of the Piscean age. When each of us achieves this consciousness we are ready to move into the Age of Aquarius – where the retrieved grail cup becomes the overflowing urn of the Water-Bearer, and the blood of Christ, representing suffering, transmutes into the life-giving waters of the new era. Then we will create new Archetypes to express the abundant flow of the Age of Light. The colours here are Magenta – which is a mixture of red and violet, and indicates a blend of the 1st and 7th Chakras, or a spiritualization of experience. The individual is ready to ascend to the higher levels because he or she has come to know that all experience on Planet Earth is sacred! That the lower dimensions and their experiences are equally of value and belong to the Creator. We have moved beyond judgement to the place of the Sacred.

The Orange-Pink colour is the New Colour for the Age of Light – and indicates the intense Co-creative energy of the Sacral Chakra in the new Age blended with the Christ Consciousness energy and the Law of One of the Heart Chakra. It is a Joyous, Loving and Abundant energy.

The Ninth Dimension:          Colours: Emerald Green/Violet

Realm: Earth Consciousness/Elemental

The Ninth Dimension represents that part of the Group Mind called Earth Consciousness or Elemental consciousness, and its colours are Violet and Green.

At this point, the energy of source entering the realm of planet Earth divides into two forces, called Male and Female or Masculine and Feminine, and then into the Four Elements of Earth, Wind, Fire and Water.

At the Ninth Chakra or Dimension the individual has to achieve total clarity of intent and integrity in order to function as an Earth Guardian and Steward. To do this we have to balance the masculine/feminine energies and hold the four elements in sacred balance.

The Ancient Egyptians understood this sequence of events in their story of the Eannead, or the Nine. From the Source or Atum came Shu and Tefnut, who represented Fire and Air, and they in turn gave birth to Geb and Nut who represented Earth and Water. These were the Elemental Family who in turn gave birth to Isis and Osiris and Set and Nepthys who represented the opposing polarities of masculine and feminine in their light and dark aspects.

This “story” was meant to teach humans the sacred nature of the four elements, and how each element is a consciousness in itself, and that these four elemental consciousnesses are the creative building blocks or materials of life on earth. By holding each sacred and communicating with each in love, we connect with the consciousnesses of life on the planet, and so become clear agents that can function as stewards of the planet and its resources.

But apart from understanding the elemental nature of Earth consciousness, we also need to understand and respect the polarity of universal consciousness on the Earth into male/female or electrical/magnetic.

We are, in this age, becoming more aware of the Goddess energy, which we identify with “Mother Nature” and abundance. But we have forgotten the male polarity, the electrical energy that the ancients called Pan or the Green Man. He is the masculine equivalent of the magnetic Goddess energy.

The Goddess represents the receptive and nurturing aspects of nature, but Pan represents the force of growth that thrusts a green shoot through the soil, opens a bud or unfurls the wings of a butterfly.

Pan id represented in Greco/Roman myth as half-human/half-goat – a satyr with an intense sexual/creative energy, and playing music on his own pipes or flutes. This correlates music and sound with the electrical energy of Pan.

The Egyptians also understood this polarity, and they called the consciousness Horus and Maat. Horus was the masculine force, represented by a hawk. He was swift, predatory, aware and active. Maat, the feminine force, was the balancing force, the gentle, receptive and loving female energy of nature, represented by a feather. But the feather, which represents lightness and softness, also sustains the flight of the hawk, showing the interdependence of the two.

In our age we have a crisis of the male energy in both men and women because we have forgotten the energy of Pan and have become fixated in the energy of the Macho “Economic” Warrior who accumulates wealth and power but has become alienated from the Earth. It is only by rediscovering the energy of Pan and the masculine energy of creativity in its purely abundant state, without greed or self-interest, that we can reclaim our role as Earth’s guardians.

The Pan energy is sexual, creative, it disseminates its seed widely – as nature does – without self-interest or favour or fear. We likewise, need to learn to simply express abundant creativity without preconceptions or expectations of desired wealth or power. In this way we “seed” the abundance that we desire by sharing ourselves with others. We heal the need to be rewarded and affirmed and approved by others and celebrate our creativity which we share with all regardless, and so we experience the unconditional love and support of the source energy as manifest in and through the abundant forces of nature.

The colours are Green, which represents the forces of nature and the Heart Chakra, and Violet, which is the cleansing power of the Violet Flame at the Seventh Chakra. This beautiful Emerald Green/Violet energy cleanses away all old patterns so that we can operate in total clarity and integrity of purpose.

As we begin our role as Earth Keepers we must begin with ourselves and our bodies. The Human Body is the Temple of the Spirit, but it is also the microcosm of the macrocosm, or put simply, it is the Earth! If we love, nurture and heal our physical body by honouring its need for food, sleep, exercise and respect it by living in such a way as we keep it healthy and the pranic energy clean and vital, then we are healing the Earth. We are now qualified to be a guardian or keeper of the Planet.

Remember, as a function of the Ninth Chakra, to follow the Native Americans and make a daily ritual of honouring the four directions or four elements, fire, water, earth and air, and respecting both the God and Goddess in nature by honouring our nurturing and receptive side equally with our active and dynamic side. In this way we assist the group mind to achieve balance on our beloved Planet.

The Tenth Dimension:          Colour: Blue/Green

Realm: Angelic/Elohim

The tenth dimension accesses the Solar System portal at the Sun, and is known as the Sun Gate or Portal. In Egyptian and Mayan cosmology sun portals are pyramids are an important feature of ascension ritual. The Sun portal represents the doorway to Higher aspects of being on the evolutionary spiral, and the trajectory to other galactic civilizations and the galactic centre itself.

The colour here is a beautiful blue/green turquoise or aqua colour. This is the colour of the Ascension ray and the Body of Light. It represents joy, love and harmony. The body of light or ka, which we develop as our consciousness grows, is also called the Mer-ka-ba, or light vehicle,vibrates to this colour and is used to enter through the Sun Portal to the Higher realms of consciousness.

In Egyptian tomb paintings, the god Osiris is often depicted with his face this turquoise blue/green colour. Turquoise was sacred to the Egyptians, because it represented the stairway of Osiris by which humans could ascend to the stars and reconnect with their immortality while still in human form. Osiris represents the dynamic male energy that seeks to rebirth itself in the stars via the Sun portal and its Blue/Green energies. In Mayan cosmology this colour is also revered. The “Death Mask” of Pacal Votan at Palenque was made of Jade, a sacred stone which also carries the blue/green vibration. This also indicated that Pacal Votan had ascended via the Sun portal to his home in the Higher Realms of being.

When we approach the Sun Gate at the Tenth Dimension we seek to know ourselves as beings of light – or in our Angelic or Higher Forms. We seek to become One with our Higher Self. At this stage there is a blending of the personality or ego self with the Higher Self. This is a gentle and loving union, akin to a divine or Sacred Marriage. The Inner male and female unite in perfect balance, as do the Higher and Lower aspects of Self. The individual now functions as a union of higher/lower energies, and is fully multi–dimensional. He or she can now live their master energies and their sacred mission to the full.

At this level we also encounter the Elohim, the creator gods/angels who made the earth and its biological diversity, and who maintain a loving and supervisory role over their creations. At this level we realise that we, in our higher aspects, are Elohim. We created this planet, and we function now to continue the ongoing project of co-creation into the aspect of ascension. As Elohim/masters on Earth, it is our role to hold the Blue/Green ray of Joy and allow others to find the Sun Portal to their Stellar and Divine nature.

The Eleventh Dimension:          Colour: Silver

Realm: Galactic Centre/Great Mystery/Universal Mother

Entering the Sun Portal/Gate and taking on the garments of light propels the individual to the highest points on the trajectory of consciousness in our galaxy – the journey home is complete at the integration of the Silver and Gold rays of the eleventh and twelfth dimensions.

At the eleventh we enter the Great Mystery or the Womb of the Cosmic Mother at the Galactic centre – and experience the soft and subtle gentle light of the Silver Ray. The Silver Ray represents the highest spiral of the feminine energy, and the most difficult to hold or experience. As we approach the Queen of Heaven, crowned with stars, we have to be in complete inner harmony with ourselves. We must be able to enter the Great Void and experience the loneliness and emptiness, before we can encounter the pure love and joy that is the Cosmic Mother.

There is not much that can be said to explain the experience of the Silver Ray – since it is beyond the reach of the Left brain and verbal explanation. It is the peace that passes understanding and is experienced by a part of you that is much older and wiser than your left brain with its insistence on rational explanation. It requires extreme courage to bypass the fears of the left brain and encounter the void within – the cold empty stretches of space and nothingness – to discover the ultimate truth of the Silver Ray. That even the void is consciousness, the consciousness of the Prime Creator/One not yet activated into Light. It is sacred – and all that is required to spark the void into action and creativity is love – or the desire to fully know oneself through one’s creations.

Most creation myths tell of a Deity residing in the void – and that it was a desire to know the self that brought matter into existence. As we reverse the journey, from matter back to divine source, we have the courage to confront the void and to own it as our own. Further we need to love it, not fear it or fear being overwhelmed by it. Just the smallest spark of love/curiosity/desire is enough to transform the darkness into creation.

But out journey is in the other direction – we seek to move beyond the creation to the intelligence that created. And at the Galactic centre we enter the Womb of Pure potential from which all things are born. Here the most beautiful and loving of all Goddesses resides in the Silver Ray.

Her message is that we love and embrace the void – the dark – for it is our gentle, loving and nurturing aspect – the place of rest and equilibrium before we once more engage our creative will. Never again will we fear the dark, our shadow, for within there is only the soft, loving consciousness of the Great Mother. For all is love – the fabric of the Universe is Love. The emptiness and the coldness of the void are illusion, for all is the pure breath of love passing in and out of manifestation. This is why the Great Mother/feminine aspect of God is also referred to as the “Holy Spirit” or Shekinah in the Bible.

At this level we finally shatter the illusions of suffering and loss, for we understand the nature of creation/birth, and that nothing ever dies for everything lives within the mind of God, within the womb of the Great Mother. We are just ideas that flow through the mind of God and are birthed into matter through the womb of the Mother at the Galactic centre. We are the mind of God.

The Twelfth Dimension:          Colour: Gold

Realm: Centre of Universe

At this point, we have achieved total integration of the colours and rays of the octave of our Universe, and are ready to move to new levels of consciousness, perhaps new universes.

Or we may choose to stay within our present octave or universe and share our understanding with others who are still on the evolutionary spiral.

At this stage we have achieved the Holy Grail – the Cup of Gold, to use the Grail legend, or entered the Room of Gold, to use the Egyptian analogy. In the Grail legend, the point of Enlightenment and understanding was known as having “achieved the Grail”. The person never kept the Grail, for this was not necessary. The Grail remained to be achieved by others who would follow, and also recognise that the Grail was merely a symbol for the achievement of Higher consciousness in its perfected form. The Egyptians kept the “room of gold” as the most holy place in their temples. Sometimes they indeed created a room of gold, similar to the sumptuous decorations of Tutankhamen’s tomb in the Valley of the Kings. But often it was just a simple room, for the initiate who reached the room understood that they were not in search of “real” gold, but of the wisdom and understanding of the Gold Ray of inner enlightenment.

The Gold Ray is the key to the Age of Light.

When a planet’s entire population reaches this level of integration, then the planet and its people reach a new level of Consciousness based on harmony and love, and an understanding of how to create in integrity, purity, and without fear. Then, a society based on love and peace can truly be created, for the enlightened who bear the gold ray know how to balance light and dark within their psyche, not to project the darkness on others and not to create conflict and suffering. This is the moment when a “new heaven and a new earth” are birthed. Because of the shifting of many galactic and planetary cycles, that moment of integration of the gold ray on a large scale is very close. It will happen within the next decade if all continues as it is intended.

The Thirteenth Dimension

This is the hidden place of mystery that must be entered if one wishes to proceed to the next level on the spiral of understanding and enter other Universes.

At this stage, it is not of major importance for Earth’s people, since the Divine plan for our galaxy is to perfect consciousness on Earth, and then those who have achieved this will be given new missions to seed this consciousness onto other planets in the Galaxy, along with the biological diversity of life that has been recorded in Earth’s data banks.

This mission will be co-created with the Pleaidians, the Sirians, and the Galactic council, probably in co-operation with the Nibiruans who have also evolved to new levels of consciousness, as have we.

Earth’s mission is to create a “blueprint” for the future populating of the galaxy. This in turn will create a “golden galaxy”, which in turn will balance our galaxy with its “twin flame”, the Andromeda galaxy, which has already reached an advanced state of consciousness, and is assisting our galaxy to reach the same point.

And so the journey continues!

Enjoy Light, Love, Sound and Energy – for you are a/the Creator!

© 2004-5 Celia Fenn
Creative Commons License
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