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Human Nature, Buddha Nature: Growing Up and Waking Up

Here is a link to a wonderful, long interview with John Welwood at  You can find his biography here.  Following are some excerpts from the interview that I found interesting, and just might make you want to read the full article!


Growing Up and Waking Up:

We need a larger perspective that can recognize and include two different tracks of human development— which we might call growing up and waking up, healing and awakening, or becoming a genuine human person and going beyond the person altogether. We are not just humans learning to become buddhas, but also buddhas waking up in human form, learning to become fully human. And these two tracks of development can mutually enrich each other.


Absolute Truth and Relative Truth:

The great paradox of being both human and buddha is that we are both dependent and not dependent.  Part of us is completely dependent on people for everything—from food and clothing to love, connectedness, and inspiration and help with our development. Though our buddha nature is not dependent— that’s absolute truth— our human embodiment is — that’s relative truth.

Of course, in the largest sense, absolute and relative are completely interwoven and cannot be kept apart: The more we realize the absolute openness of what we are, the more deeply we come to recognize our relative interconnectedness with all beings.


In the field of developmental psychology known as “attachment theory,” one form of insecure attachment is called “avoidant attachment.” The avoidant attachment style develops in children whose parents are consistently unavailable emotionally. So these children learn to take care of themselves and not need anything from others. That’s their adaptive strategy, and it’s an intelligent and useful one. Obviously if your needs aren’t going to be met, it’s too painful to keep feeling them.  It’s better to turn away from them and develop a do-it-yourself, detached compensatory identity.

But I want to be clear that I’m not trying to pathologize anyone. All of this is just something to understand with kindness and compassion. It’s one of the ways we try to cope with the wound of the heart. Not needing anyone allows one to survive and manage in an emotional desert. But later on, in adulthood, the avoidant attachment type has a hard time developing deep ties with others, and this can lead to a deep feeling of isolation and alienation, which is a very painful state.

Becoming a Genuine Human Being:

…becoming a genuine human being through working honestly with emotional, psychological, and relational issues that prevent us from being fully present in our humanness. To be a genuine person is to relate to ourselves and others in an open and transparent way.

Spiritual Practice:

If there’s a large gap between our [spiritual] practice and our human side, we remain unripe. Our practice may ripen, but our life doesn’t.  And there’s a certain point when that gap becomes very painful.

One way [spiritual bypassing] blocks ripening is through making spiritual teachings into prescriptions about what you should do, how you should think, how you should speak, how you should feel. Then our spiritual practice becomes taken over by what I call “the spiritual superego”— the voice that whispers “shoulds” in our ear. This is a big obstacle to ripening, because it feeds our sense of deficiency.

Trying to live up to an ideal instead of being authentically where you are can become a form of inner violence if it splits you in two and pits one side against the other. When we use spiritual practice to “be good” and to ward off an underlying sense of deficiency or unworthiness, then it turns into a sort of crusade.


In terms of human evolution, nonattachment is an advanced teaching. I’m suggesting that we need to be able to form satisfying human attachments before genuine nonattachment is possible. Otherwise, someone suffering from insecure attachment is likely to confuse nonattachment with avoidant attachment behavior. For avoidant types, attachment is actually threatening and scary.  So healing for avoidant types would involve becoming willing and able to feel their need for human connectedness, instead of spiritually bypassing it. Once that happens, then nonattachment starts to make more sense.

The late Dzogchen master Chagdud Tulku made a powerful statement about the relationship between attachment and nonattachment.  He said, “People often ask me do Lamas have attachments?  I don’t know how other Lamas might answer this, but I must say yes.  I recognize that my students, my family, my country have no inherent reality… [Here he’s speaking absolute truth.] Yet, I remain deeply attached to them. [Here he’s speaking relative truth.] I recognize that my attachment has no inherent reality. [absolute truth]. Yet I cannot deny the experience of it” [relative truth].  And he ends by saying, “Still, knowing the empty nature of attachment, I know my motivation to benefit sentient beings must supersede it.”
I find this a beautiful articulation of nonattached attachment and the both/and approach.  It joins absolute and relative truth while situating it all in the largest possible context.  Everything’s included.

This is what is often missing in dharma communities: acknowledging and embracing our humanness alongside our aspiration to go beyond ourselves.  Bringing these two together can be tremendously powerful.

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Kids: Physical Age vs. Soul Age

A post from Soulful Intentions on Facebook.  This definitely applies to the three old souls in young bodies in my household!  

“Physical age versus soul age…

Through my son’s ‘development’, the part that has always perplexed me is the categorization of children through development; such as it being “normal” for an infant/child to do a particular thing at a particular age.

Since we are all souls living out a physical experience, the physical age would not define what progress they make. It is hard to group children under a black and white stats print out and say if they are delayed or advanced, as one does not know how old their soul is.

A child that excels extremely fast has more experience/lifetimes (old soul) to help them progress, whereas, a new soul may take a lot of time to figure out the dynamics of their earth life and the confounds of the little box drawn around their development.

Parents often take on the child’s development as their own accomplishment, as if they are physically doing something themselves, and compare their child against others. This just adds one more feat for the child to live up to in order to satisfy the parents need to boast or add to their identity as a parent. 

Children have their own timeline to which they will unfold. The beauty lies within each of them. Their spirits are so much more alive and delicate before they are conformed by societal norms. We teach them at an early age that if they don’t add up, then they are not doing it right. Why disable them when we can encourage flourishment?”

♥ Much love and light ♥
Soulful Intentions- Food for thought

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Out on a Limb and Deep in the Valley

A post from Jennifer Hoffman from Enlightening Life:

“Have you been feeling blissful one minute and scared out of your skin the next? Do you see your life as a wonderful flow of potential and then wonder how it’s all going to happen or are sure that it won’t? Have you come to the awareness that nothing in your life is stable, secure or dependable any more? Congratulations, you’re out on the limb of the last vestiges of the old paradigm energy and deep in the valley of your fear and everything that reflects your current limitations. The good news is that it is temporary, the bad news is that you, and we, must all go through this period before we get to the other side of it.

I believe that when we see life on earth from other dimensions, we think it is going to be easy. If we didn’t, we would never agree to come here. Then once we are in the density of  3D and we remember (or realize) how hard life can be and we get stuck in the density by design because this is what we have to overcome, transform and evolve.  The process begins with a desire for change and then we’re out on a limb, moving away from what we believe is creating our pain or disconnection. We feel unsupported, alone, isolated and confused. But the fun is just beginning.

Once we move away from what is familiar, we are out on a limb, reaching for the new energies we want to align with. But instead of bringing us joy, peace and comfort, they initially serve to illuminate every fear, doubt and limitation that we have been unable to see until this moment. Higher energies allow us to know where we are disconnected from our own power and divinity and this is where we go deep into the valley.  Now we’re struggling with the fear we have been connected with but have never been able to identify or see for what it is. We stay in the valley of our fear until we embrace the new energies and allow them to carry us out of the valley and into the dawn of our new paradigm.

This process is one we will cycle through from this point forward. Transformation, ascension, and evolution were never designed to be a single, quantum leap into a new reality. It is a process of illumination where we become aware of a new potential, then clearing, where we clear the fear, alignment, where we release enough fear to align with a new energy or higher vibration or frequency, integration, where we integrate the energy into our being and then, evolution, where the new energy becomes the foundation for the new paradigm that becomes our new reality.

Wherever we are in the process, we can find peace when we remember that it’s a cycle and keep reaching for the next step. The fear is real but it is only a representation of our disconnection, where we have allowed our belief that we are ‘not’ override the truth of who and what we ‘are’. We are worthy of miracles, a wonderful life, love, peace, joy, abundance, success and everything else that our heart longs for and reminds us is possible for us. Evolution is both our mission and our birthright and as long as we stay on that path and keep reaching for the light of truth and love, we will achieve everything we desire and more.”


Copyright (c) 2012 by Jennifer Hoffman. All rights reserved. You may quote, translate, link to and repost this article, in its entirety, as long as you include the author name and a working link back to this website. Any other use is strictly prohibited.

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Welcome to the New Earth

This is an article I ran across that just might stretch your mind!  It’s long, but the “New Age” explanation of the role of Jesus and Mary Magdalene is something I find very interesting.  While the jargon is different than most Christians might be used to, I don’t find the concepts at all contrary to what is taught in the Bible.  What’s more important, semantics or the underlying truth??  What’s your reaction??


Welcome to the New Earth

By Patricia Diane Cota-Robles – January 8, 2013

Congratulations! Through the unified efforts of Heaven and Earth, we have God Victoriously Birthed the New Earth in the 5th-Dimensional Realms of CAUSE. During the unprecedented celestial alignment that took place on December 21st and 22nd, 2012, our Father-Mother God Inbreathed the Earth and ALL Creation up the Spiral of Evolution into the next octave of our learning experiences. This event, which was called the Shift of the Ages, is a natural part of our evolutionary experience that occurs only once every so many million years.

This shift involved not only the Sons and Daughters of God evolving on Earth, but also the Sons and Daughters of God throughout Infinity. Each and every Child of God is now in position to co-create with our God Parents the next phase of our journey back to the Heart of our Father-Mother God. This will be a unique process for every Child of God throughout the Universe, but on Earth it will be glorious beyond our wildest imagination.

In order to grasp the magnitude of what the Birth of the New Earth in the 5th-Dimensional Realms of Cause means for each of us, we must understand that the 5th Dimension is a frequency of Light that transcends separation and duality. Within this higher frequency of vibration the gross mutations of disease, poverty, hunger, war, greed, hatred, or pain and suffering of any kind cannot be sustained.

The 5th Dimension is a timeless, spaceless frequency of God’s Infinite Light and Perfection. It is the frequency that we have always known as the Heavenly Realms. Now with the Shift of the Ages God Victoriously accomplished, the Heavenly Realms have Ascended up the Spiral of Evolution into the 6th-Dimensional Realms of Light.

Within the 5th Dimension Divine Love and the consciousness of Oneness and Reverence for Life are the ONLY reality. The Sons and Daughters of God abiding in the 5th Dimension are destined to co-create experiences that enhance life with every thought, word, action, feeling, and belief we express. We will co-create win-win situations for everybody as we perpetually focus on Love, Light, and the highest good for ALL concerned.

This may sound too good to be true, but actually it does not even begin to describe the wonders and joyous things we will be co-creating once we accept that the New Earth has been Birthed, and we daily and hourly live out of that profound Truth.

I know the events of the 2012 December Solstice have created a lot of confusion. That is because of people’s expectations, and because it is difficult for people to step back and see the bigger picture. For aeons of time our fragmented, fear-based human egos have manipulated us into believing that our physical body is who we are and that the physical plane is our only reality.

Nothing could be further from the Truth, but that illusion is a hard habit to break. We look at the outer world and come to erroneous conclusions about events that have taken place in multidimensional levels of our existence. Our conclusions are wrong because we are multidimensional Beings of Light abiding within many dimensions simultaneously. The physical plane is the least real of all of the dimensions we abide in, and it is the very last dimension to reflect the changes that have taken place in the Realms of Cause. The Company of Heaven is very aware of the challenge we have with our egos, and they are doing everything they can to help us perceive the Truth of the miraculous Birth of the New Earth. Ask your I AM Presence and the Company of Heaven for clarity as you take the following information into your heart of hearts.

You are already aware of the wonders that have transpired. That is true even if you do not remember these events on a conscious level. You have been an instrument of God during this Cosmic Moment, and you were an intricate part in the fulfilment of this important part of the Divine Plan.

On December 21, 2012, during the moments of Earth’s alignment with the Galactic Core of the Milky Way, our Father-Mother God Inbreathed this planet and all Life evolving upon her up the Spiral of Evolution. During that Cosmic Moment, this precious planet reclaimed her rightful place in our Solar System. That sacred event paved the way for another activity of Light that had to be victoriously accomplished in order for the New Earth and ALL Humanity to be successfully Birthed into the full embrace of the 5th Dimension.

Over 2,000 years ago, Jesus, the Avatar of the Piscean Age, revealed an activity of Light that would take place during these “end times” which would serve as a catalyst for returning the fallen Sons and Daughters of God on Earth to Christ Consciousness. The event he revealed was a Baptism by Sacred Fire that would be initiated by our Mother God, the Holy Spirit, on behalf of awakening Humanity. This miraculous event was God Victoriously accomplished on December 22, 2012, thus paving the way for the successful Birth of the New Earth in the 5th Dimension.

In order for us to comprehend the enormity of what has occurred for Humanity and the Earth, the Company of Heaven asked me to reiterate some important information they gave to us about events that paved the way for the wondrous Birth of the New Earth. There are thousands of new people on our newsletter list, and this background is very important. This article is a little long, but I promise you it is well worth your time.

Baptism by Sacred Fire

In the beginning, we were a full-grown Being of Light, and an Immortal Victorious Threefold Flame enveloped our Earthly bodies. The Blue Flame of our Father God’s Power activated our left-brain hemisphere and the rational, logical portion of our brain. It also activated the masculine power centre within our Throat Chakra. The Pink Flame of our Mother God’s Love activated our right-brain hemisphere and the creative, intuitive portion of our brain. This Sacred Fire also activated the feminine love centre within our Heart Chakra. Our Mother God is the feminine polarity of God. She is the Holy Comforter and expresses the Love Nature of God. She is the Being we came to know as the Holy Spirit within the Holy Trinity.

Initially, the masculine and the feminine polarities of our Father-Mother God were perfectly balanced within us. This allowed our Father God’s Blue Flame of Power and our Mother God’s Pink Flame of Love to merge into the Violet Flame of God’s Infinite Perfection.

This perfectly balanced Violet Flame activated our spiritual brain centres, which are our pituitary, pineal, hypothalamus glands, and the ganglionic centres at the base of our brain. When these spiritual brain centres were activated, our Crown Chakra of Enlightenment opened to full breadth allowing the Yellow-gold Flame of Christ Consciousness to Birth the Child of God that we are into the physical plane of Earth. This Yellow-gold Flame completed our Immortal Victorious Threefold Flame and the manifestation of the Holy Trinity within us.

After our fall from Grace, we created overwhelming pain and suffering for ourselves. We used our gift of free will and our creative faculties of thought and feeling to create patterns of imperfection that resulted in all of the maladies that are now existing on Earth. When we began experiencing pain for the first time we were afraid, and we had no idea how to cope with what was happening in our lives. We were so buried in our self-inflicted strife that we could not raise our heads above the mud puddle of our miscreations enough to see the Light. This prevented us from communicating with our God Self or from perceiving viable solutions to our problems through Christ Consciousness. All we wanted to do was make the pain stop.

We knew that our Heart Chakra was the portal through which our feelings were expressed in the physical plane. We thought that maybe if we blocked this portal, the pain would stop. So the Children of Earth, in a desperate attempt to stop our pain, made the fateful decision to close our Heart Chakras.

The Beings of Light revealed that when we closed our Heart Chakras, we blocked the portal through which our Mother God’s Love entered the physical plane of Earth. This catastrophic occurrence forced our Mother God to withdraw her Love to a mere trickle of its original intensity. This created monumental problems that catapulted the Earth and all her Life into a downward spiral of darkness, pain, and suffering.

Once we closed our Heart Chakras, the infinitesimal amount of Divine Love our Mother God was able to project through our right-brain hemispheres, was barely enough to sustain brain consciousness. This caused our right brains to became almost dormant. When that occurred, the Blue Flame of Power from our Father God and the Pink Flame of Love from our Mother God no longer merged into the perfectly balanced Violet Flame of God’s Infinite Perfection.

Our Father-Mother God’s balanced Violet Flame was the catalyst that activated our spiritual brain centres and opened our Crown Chakra. Without the support of the Violet Flame, our spiritual brain centres began to atrophy. This forced our Crown Chakra to close, which prevented us from communicating with our God Self and the Company of Heaven. We were no longer able to maintain Christ Consciousness.

When we lost conscious awareness of our God Self and the Company of Heaven, we started to perceive the physical plane as our only reality. We came to the distorted conclusion that our physical body is all that we are and that the gratification of our physical senses is our purpose and reason for being. As we plodded through our Earthly existence making choices that took us further into separation and darkness, we developed a fear-based alter ego. This fragmented aspect of our personality is known as our human ego. Our human ego usurped the control our God Self was supposed to have over our Earthly bodies.

Without the balance of our Mother God’s Love, we began abusing our masculine power. We made power-oriented decisions that did not take into consideration how our choices would affect other people, or if they reflected Love or a Reverence for Life. When we were in male bodies we abused our power by being violent and aggressive. When we were in female bodies, we abused our power by suppressing it and allowing ourselves to be dominated and oppressed. The more we abused our power, the deeper we fell into the abyss of our human miscreations. As time went on, our plight became much worse.

Then, 2,000 years ago, during the dawn of the Piscean Age, an evaluation was made by our Father-Mother God and the Company of Heaven to see what the greatest need of the hour was for Humanity. The Shift of the Ages was coming and our hearts were still closed. We were oblivious about the Love of our Mother God, and we no longer functioned with Christ Consciousness. It was clear that without powerful Divine Intervention Humanity would not be ready to make the shift into the 5th Dimension.

The Children of God on Earth had fallen into an abusive and power-oriented patriarchal consciousness. We were being totally manipulated by the “dog eat dog” attitude of our fragmented and fear-based human egos. We were oblivious of our Mother God and her Divine Love. We knew that there was only One God and that we are all Children of God, but it did not occur to us that this all-encompassing Presence of God was both masculine and feminine. Amazingly, we assumed that as Children of God we had a single parent, and we believed that parent was male – a Father God. What child is ever birthed without a Mother? “As above, so below.”

During Earth’s evaluation by our Father-Mother God and the Company of Heaven at the inception of the Piscean Age, it was clear that the greatest need of the hour was for Humanity to reclaim our Divine Birthright as Sons and Daughters of God. The only way to accomplish that goal was for us to return to Christ Consciousness. And the ONLY way to return to Christ Consciousness, was for us to open our Heart Chakras and the portal within our right-brain hemispheres through which our Mother God could return to Earth.

In other words, without the Love of our Mother God there was no way to regain Christ Consciousness. Humanity would have to open our Heart Chakras and balance our Mother God’s Flame of Divine Love within our Immortal Victorious Threefold Flame. Only then could our right and left brain hemispheres become balanced, and our spiritual brain centres reactivated, thus opening our Crown Chakra and returning us to Christ Consciousness.

In order to accomplish this mighty feat, a Divine Plan was set into motion. Our Father-Mother God summoned a Beloved Son and Daughter of God from the Great Silence. These precious Beings were Twin Flames who had been in the Great Silence for a very long time learning how to anchor the archetypes for both the return of our Mother God and Humanity’s return to Christ Consciousness.

They are the ones we have known as Jesus the Christ and Mary Magdalene. These selfless Beings of Light volunteered to embody on Planet Earth to demonstrate to the fallen Children of God the reality of our Mother God, and the path of Divine Love Humanity must follow in order to return to Christ Consciousness.

Jesus and Mary Magdalene knew that because of Humanity’s ingrained belief in the patriarchal authority of a single Father God, Mary’s role would initially be as a silent partner. Her part of the Divine Plan was cloaked in secrecy to prevent the plan from being blocked through the abuse of power being wielded by Humanity’s patriarchal human egos at the time. Jesus and Mary Magdalene were equal partners, and together they God Victoriously accomplished the Immaculate Concept of their Divine Missions.

During what is referred to as “the lost 18 years,” Jesus and Mary Magdalene studied in the mystery schools of India, Tibet, and Egypt. When it was time to begin their mission of anchoring the archetypes for the return of our Mother God and Humanity’s return to Christ Consciousness, Jesus demonstrated for all the world to see the imperative first step – the return of the Divine Feminine, our Mother God, the Holy Spirit.

At the age of 30, Jesus and Mary Magdalene came to the banks of the Jordan River, where Jesus immersed himself in the sacred water element. Water represents the emotional strata for the Earth as well as the emotional bodies for Humanity. Once Jesus was in the water, he participated in a Divine Ceremony that anchored the archetype for the return of our Mother God. In that ceremony, John the Baptist washed away the sins of the world by Baptizing Jesus with the Love of our Mother God-the Holy Spirit.

We have all seen pictures of Jesus standing in the Jordan River with the Dove of the Holy Spirit descending into his Crown Chakra. In that moment, Jesus’ right-brain hemisphere was brought into perfect balance with his left-brain hemisphere. His spiritual brain centres were activated, and his Crown Chakra was opened to full breadth. When this occurred, Jesus became the Christ grown to full stature and his mission of modelling Humanity’s Divine Potential as a Beloved Child of God began in earnest. Simultaneously, Mary Magdalene experienced the same anointing through a Baptism of the Holy Spirit. At that moment, Jesus and Mary Magdalene became the Avatars of the Piscean Age.

For the next three years Jesus modelled to the world the path of Oneness and Divine Love that each of us must follow in order to regain Christ Consciousness. Day in and day out, Mary Magdalene supported Jesus with her love, and held the sacred space for the fulfilment of their Divine Missions.

The path of Oneness and Divine Love is the only way the Children of God will return, through Christ Consciousness, to the Heart of our Divine Father and Mother. Jesus demonstrated this path and our Divine Potential through various activities of Light and the miracles he performed. Both he and Mary Magdalene clearly revealed the Oneness of Life through their dedication to each other and their reverence for ALL Life.

At the age of 33 Jesus accomplished the final facets of his Divine Mission. Thirty-three is the master number that reflects the Christ made manifest. There is a lot of discussion at this time as to whether Jesus was actually crucified and whether or not he resurrected his body. The Company of Heaven has confirmed that both of these events were vitally important to the fulfilment of Jesus and Mary Magdalene’s Divine Plan.

Contrary to the guilt-inducing things we are often told, the reason Jesus was tortured and crucified was not to atone for Humanity’s sins because we are such worthless sinners and worms in the dust that someone had to save us. In Truth, our Father-Mother God gave each of us the gift of free will and NO ONE is allowed to interfere with Humanity’s experience, or the ramifications, of our free-will choices. We are responsible for how we have used our gift of Life, and we must experience the consequences of our thoughts, words, actions, feelings, and beliefs whether they were positive or negative.

Jesus agreed to be crucified because he wanted to prove to the world that there is nothing the fallen human ego can do to the physical body that will destroy the Divinity within us. His crucifixion and resurrection proved that even if one’s body is reviled, tortured, and crucified, the Divinity within is eternal and lives on in our Light Body.

Jesus and Mary Magdalene came to anchor the archetypes for the return of our Mother God and to demonstrate the path of Oneness and Divine Love that each of us must follow in order to return to Christ Consciousness. Jesus knew, however, that our human egos were powerful and that our lack of trust in ourselves was overwhelming. He was very aware that the potential was great that we would misunderstand his mission.

After all, many Avatars had come and gone since Humanity’s fall from Grace, each one with the intent of teaching Humanity the path of Divine Love that would lead to Christ Consciousness. In every attempt, Humanity separated ourselves from the Avatars and Deified them with the hope that they would save us. Jesus was determined to not let that happen this time, so he created a plan that would clearly demonstrate to Humanity that we are each responsible for our individual return to Christ Consciousness.

In the final act of Beloved Jesus’ mission he wanted to clearly reveal to Humanity that he cannot do this for us and that we are not saved simply because he was here. Jesus left a powerful archetype to prove that no matter how dedicated we are to him, we are each responsible for our return to Christ Consciousness. In order to create this archetype, Jesus invoked the assistance of his Beloved Disciples.

After Jesus’ resurrection in his Light Body, he remained on Earth for 40 days. During that time he expanded his Light Body and lifted the Disciples into Christ Consciousness, so that they could experience the return of our Mother God and what it was like to reconnect with their God Selves. In Christ Consciousness the Disciples were able to perform all of the miracles Jesus performed. They quickly learned the lessons that would enable them to continue the mission that had been started by their beloved brother, Jesus. They prepared to spread the Truth of our Mother God, the reality of Humanity’s Divinity, and the Path of Oneness and Divine Love that would lead to Christ Consciousness for every evolving soul.

At the end of the 40 days, it was time for Jesus to Ascend into the next phase of his mission. When the Heavens opened and Jesus Ascended into the Realms of Illumined Truth, he withdrew his Light Body from the Disciples. Since the Disciples had not attained Christ Consciousness through their own endeavours they began to falter and they lost the ability to sustain Christ Consciousness.

The Disciples realized that in spite of their great love for Jesus and their dedication to him and his mission, he could not save them or sustain them in Christ Consciousness. It was not enough for them to love him, or for them to accept him as their personal savoir. Reaching Christ Consciousness was something each of them would have to accomplish on his own. The most Jesus and Mary Magdalene could do was anchor the archetypes for the return of our Mother God, and demonstrate the path of Oneness and Divine Love that we must each follow in order to return to Christ Consciousness.

For ten days the Disciples struggled with their predicament. On the 50th day after Jesus’ resurrection, the day we now call Pentecost, the Disciples realized what they must do in order to attain and sustain Christ Consciousness. On that day the Disciples entered what was called the Upper Room. This was a higher state of consciousness that they each attained by consecrating their lives to the path of Oneness and Divine Love. In that elevated state of consciousness, each of the Disciples opened his heart and from the depths of his Being invoked the return of our Mother God through a Baptism of the Holy Spirit. This time the Baptism was by Sacred Fire instead of water.

In that instant, the Disciples’ right-brain hemispheres were brought into perfect balance with their left-brain hemispheres. Their spiritual brain centres were activated, and their Crown Chakras were opened to full breadth. This allowed the Disciples to regain Christ Consciousness and to reconnect with their God Selves. We have all seen depictions of the Disciples after their Baptism with Sacred Fire by the Holy Spirit. They are shown with a Flame pulsating from their Crown Chakras indicating that they had regained Christ Consciousness. Even with all of the archetypes that were carefully anchored during the Piscean Age, Jesus and Mary Magdalene knew that it would be millennia before Humanity would really understand their message and reclaim our Divine Birthright as Beloved Children of God. It was obvious that our human egos were not going to relinquish their patriarchal control easily.

The resistance would be great, and every possible effort would be made to suppress the role of Mary Magdalene and the Truth of our Mother God. Jesus confirmed this knowing in Revelations when he stated, “In the Day of the Seventh Angel, when he shall begin to sound, the mystery of God will be fulfilled and time will be no more.” He said this would involve the Second Coming of the Christ through a Baptism by Sacred Fire.

The Piscean Age was the Day of the Sixth Angel. Jesus is known as the Prince of Peace because of the Divine Qualities associated with the Sixth Solar Aspect of Deity, which was the predominant influence during the 2,000-year cycle of the Piscean Age. Jesus’ symbol is the fish, because he and Mary Magdalene were the Avatars of the Piscean Age, which is represented by the symbol of the fish.

The Shift of the Ages and the Birth of the New Earth

Now we have entered the Age of Aquarius and the 7th Angel is beginning to sound. During the next 2,000 years, the 7th Solar Aspect of Deity which pulsates with the Violet Flame will be the predominant influence on Earth.

During the past 25 years, Humanity en masse reached a tipping point that allowed for the return of our Mother God in profound and unprecedented ways. The I AM Presence of every man, woman, and child on Earth has made the choice to reclaim our Divine Birthright as Sons and Daughters of God and to return to Christ Consciousness. On December 21, 2012, we God Victoriously passed through the Shift of the Ages. On December 22, 2012, Humanity received a Baptism from our Mother God-the Holy Spirit-that bathed Humanity and the Earth in 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Sacred Fire. This paved the way for the God Victorious Birth of the New Earth into the 5th-Dimensional Realms of Cause.

On December 22, 2012 literally millions of awakened Humanity around the world focused the power of our attention on the Birth of the New Earth. Together we created a Force field of Divine Light that moved the Earth and ALL her Life through an unstoppable shift of energy, vibration, and consciousness. Now every particle of Life on Earth is abiding in frequencies of Divine Light that will transform this blessed planet into the patterns of perfection for our new Planetary Cause of Divine Love as we focus on them through our thoughts, words, actions, feelings, and beliefs. This is the beginning of the Renaissance of Divine Love Humanity is destined to co-create in the physical world of form as we live, move, breathe, and act out of this new reality. Pay attention. Focus ONLY on what you want to co-create on the New Earth through Love and Reverence for ALL Life.

With the Birth of the New Earth we have moved into a Higher Order of Being. Love is the Order of the New Day on Planet Earth. This is not just a lofty platitude or wishful thinking. This is the reality of the New Earth we are now living upon. A supreme consciousness of Love is filtering into the heart and mind of every person on the planet. The masses of Humanity will soon “see with new eyes and hear with new ears.” Daily and hourly keep this inner knowing in your heart and mind. Pay attention to the Loving experiences manifesting all around you. You will be amazed at the things that are happening within Humanity that reflect a new consciousness of Love, Oneness, and Reverence for ALL Life.

Just for a moment, take a deep breath and enter the Divinity of your heart. Feel the elation pouring forth from our Father-Mother God and the Company of Heaven in response to the unprecedented Victory in the Light the I AM Presences of Humanity have co-created. Never in the history of time has the collective energy, vibration, and consciousness of Humanity taken such a quantum leap into the frequencies of Light.

Throughout 2013, 2014, and 2015 the Company of Heaven will guide us through amazing opportunities that will accelerate the process of our tangible manifestation of the New Earth.

All we have to do is ask. Those patterns of perfection exist right here, right now. These are wondrous times. Stay focused in the Light and pay attention. This is the beginning of our glorious New Reality. And so it is!

Patricia Diane Cota-Robles


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A facebook post from Elizabeth Peru:


Why? Because so many people use money as an excuse for HUMAN BEHAVIOUR. 

Money of itself is neutral. Now let’s really get this. 

It is the PERSON or THING that uses the money that transfers their energy to it, OK! So what is CRITICAL, in how you relate to money, is how you relate to YOU & everyone else, without money in the picture. 

For example: A person who holds back & gives nothing of themself, or is fearful or angry often, will be like that whether they have little or lots of money. 

It’s not the money that makes the person that way, it is what they already are. 

Many people use money as a TOOL or WEAPON to wield power, that they themselves do not believe they have or are not willing to put the effort in & personally create. It gives money a bad wrap. 

So money isn’t bad or good of itself, it is the person who touches it that transfers their energy to it. 

So consider how you USE & relate to money & consider how you conduct your life (outside of money). It is all about YOU, not the money. Money will respond to YOU, OK. 

Put it into action & find out for yourself !”

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“Disputes are about judgment, about who is right and who is wrong.  They are competitive events involving egos, and egos seek only to destroy, never to cooperate – unless for personal gain – because they see all others as separate from them and threatening to them, and thus they always lead to suffering. Disputes cannot be resolved at the level at which egos are involved, and at the levels beyond egos they are no longer disputes but are differences of perception that can always be resolved.  Attempting to make one party to a dispute right and the other wrong ensures that resolution is impossible, because that is operating at the level of ego, where resolution is never possible.

This does not mean paying no attention to disputes when you happen to become a party to them; it means moving out of your egos to enable resolutions to be found and put into effect.  If you are involved in a dispute it means that you are not perceiving the situation clearly, but are judging it and possibly taking sides. Resolution can only be found when the parties involved agree to clearly state their aims, identify what it is that needs to be resolved to their satisfaction and then cooperate meaningfully to create a situation that satisfies each party, and that can only be done when they move out of their egos.

When they do so the dispute will often be found to be about something that neither party had adequately addressed or explained to themselves, let alone to those with whom they were in dispute.  The whole atmosphere will then lighten as it becomes apparent to all parties concerned that the real problem is just one of perception that can be clarified by amicable discussion.

There are, of course, occasions when disputes are caused to ensure that conflict results.  However, it is normally readily apparent when that is the situation you are dealing with, and it is then best not to engage, as very little can be achieved when the intention for resolution is missing.  Many of the political issues on your planet fall into this category because politics is generally about power and control, and the importance and significance of the negotiators involved is removed or severely undermined if the issues are resolved.  They then make enormous efforts to create new ones.”

-John Smallman’s blog

full article can be found here


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Just a little something to lighten up your day 🙂


Sept. 6, 2003. 01:00 AM

Toronto Star

Feeling fine? You obviously need medication


The makers of Normallix would like you to take a moment and do the following quiz. It could change your life:

1. Do you find that some days you want to lie in bed, and other days you get up feeling refreshed and can’t wait to start the day?

2. Have you ever, after working a gruelling eight or nine hours at your place of employment, come home feeling exhausted?

3. Do you find that you go to the bathroom, and then, several hours later, have to go again?

4. When you are lost in the middle of the woods and are being chased by a large bear, do you feel overwhelmed by anxiety?

5. Do you ever keep reading the newspaper, even when your spouse is talking to you, and then have to ask: “What did you say?”

If you answered yes to any of these questions, maybe you need to speak to your doctor about Normallix, the new prescription medication for people who don’t have anything particularly wrong with them.

Do you see your friends taking medication every day to combat heartburn?

Are more and more of your adult friends taking drugs because they find it hard to pay attention for sustained periods?

Is just about everyone you know taking something to level out his or her moods?

Are you tired of the guy in the next cubicle bragging about what he was able to do the night before after taking one of those little blue pills?

And don’t you feel left out that you’re not on a prescription?

That’s why there’s Normallix.

Just because you’re not showing any signs of acid reflux disease, erectile dysfunction, attention deficit disorder, mood swings and anxiety, or even hair loss, is no reason that you shouldn’t be on something.

Normallix is designed with you in mind.

Just one Normallix a day will keep your life exactly the way it is now and, once you’ve been on it for two or more weeks, you’ll be convinced that if you stop, all hell will break loose.

Normallix, of course, is not for everyone.

You should not take Normallix if you raise elephants in your backyard, have large green scales on more than 90 per cent of your body, sneeze from any orifice other than your nose, wish that someone would make a movie of the life of John Manley, or have ratatouille more than three times a day.

There are some side effects. When you are prescribed Normallix, the share price of the drug conglomerate that produces Normallix may go up, and dividends to shareholders may increase, which means they will be able to buy more things, which is good for the economy.

As well, the chief executives of the company that makes Normallix will receive huge bonuses, and maybe even have a little money left over to develop other new pharmaceutical products that, 10 years ago, no one even knew we needed.

And, finally, Normallix may cause diarrhea, abdominal cramps and constipation, but then, really, what doesn’t?

Your drug plan may not yet cover Normallix, but that’s no reason not to get it.

Your drug plan doesn’t cover food, either, but you buy that, don’t you?

Should you subsequently determine, through the guidance of your personal physician, that you need a prescription for one of the other conditions described above, you can still take Normallix.

Normallix has been developed not to interact with other medications. That’s because, to the best of our knowledge, it has no active ingredients.

That’s what makes it one of the safest medications available today.

So, if you’ve been feeling left out of the pharmaceutical revolution, consider Normallix.

Just one a day, although, if you feel like it, you can take more.

Linwood Barclay’s column appears Monday, Friday and Saturday. E-mail him at





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“If you cannot be the example, do not teach the words . . . “

Thought-provoking material can be found everywhere!!!  The fun of “figuring things out” includes the scavenger hunt for wisdom, not just in the pre-approved places someone says you “should” look, but also and especially in the random places that catch your eye.  
I found this to be an interesting read, from this website:
And if you want to know more about Maitreya, Wikipedia is a start…

“If you cannot be the example, do not teach the words . . . “

“The love of God is truly the love of Life. The love of Life is truly the extension of your striving as the true Initiate on the Path. Beloved, I – Maitreya, have known the trials and the tribulations of the day to day activities that you find yourself engaged in. I have known the concerns of your heart – of how you will hold fast to the Law and yet accomplish all that you are called upon to fulfill, all of the daily labors.

“Let us speak of the love of labor, not simply the work that one may do to supply the needs of their families, of their self, but of the striving on the Path. Is it a drudgery? Does it take every erg of energy to pick up your foot and place it into the next step to accomplish what you perceive the need of the hour?

“It is obvious to your mind what I AM about to say. Of course the labor can be light, of course the labor can be joyous – if there is love of God. But what of love of labor? How do you manifest the fullness of the love of that which brings you discomfort, that which makes you tired, creates hunger after a long day’s journey? What is it then that would spur you to love that which makes you ready to go home, shut the door behind the world and still yourself till the new day?

“Do you run from the Dharma? Do you run from that which you are called upon to do, or do you run to greet the day with a renewed Spirit, an understanding heart, and a love for Life?

“No it isn’t easy when you are in the physical octave and there is the gravitational pull and weight on your person. And yes, there are times when it is more difficult to pick up the foot and place it before you. But where of the joy and the love for the Opportunity?

“Many do not understand that in their daily work, in their daily labors, is the Opportunity to learn. There is no labor that does not give you a new perspective of how to master the God Qualities you desire to have become a full and complete part of every aspect of your life. The labor does not have to be a drudgery when one looks at this as an Opportunity to hone and to finely tune all of the skills of the Spirit into the matter plane.

“Many who have had many embodiments of leisure did not accomplish as much in those embodiments spiritually as they have in those where they have had to toil the fields, cut the wood, plow the fertile grounds. For in plowing the fertile grounds, the fertile Christ Consciousness was able to move into Action. As the muscles were flexed, there was not the putting off for another day to receive the Enlightenment of the Christ. Many times in the fatigue of the physical body, it is the Opportunity for your Christ Self to move into Action when you take the rest that the physical body so needs, and you sit in contemplation, in meditation. First you think it is to rest the body, and before you know it, you have engaged in a more complete Rejuvenation in the Light of your God Presence.

“Your Holy Christ Self would come into Action in all of the activities of your life to bring greater Joy and greater Love into the very smallest of the activities of your life – if you would accept and know that this is so.

“How does knowing accomplish the feat? I tell you, beloved hearts, where the consciousness goes, there is an engaging in a reinforcement of the Light of your God Presence. When that engagement is guided by the Christ Mind, there is the fulfillment of Love in all aspects of your life. When you place your attention fully and completely throughout your day on the Light of your God Presence, it is a complete and automatic invitation for the Release of that Light through your activities – to guide them, to guard them, to make the footstep lighter, to allow you to return home at the end of the day – not simply wanting to shut out the world – but wanting to run to give gratitude at the altar, to have the meditations on the Spirit uninterrupted by worldly activities, for the renewing of your Spirit and your Light.

“‘These seem to be so practical’ you say. ‘Why, Maitreya, would you come and discourse on this matter?’

“Because, beloved ones, how much of your day is given to worldly activities? How much of your time and energy do you devote to preparing for all that is necessary to maintain the physical? And how much time do you spend in contemplation on God?

“So if there is the necessity of the spending of so much time in the physical activities of the Earth, why not bring God into that activity? Why not lower into the physical plane all Aspects of the Light of God, bring Joy into the Earth, bring Joy and Love into your labor?

“This is what is meant by ‘Heaven on Earth’. It is not going to be some pristine cycle and time that an Ascended Master will wave a wand and suddenly the Earth will change. Your lifestyles, your habits, your surroundings will change, beloved ones, as you are able to bring the Manifestation of your God Presence into the physical octave.

“There have been devotees of the Light for many aeons who have tried all manner of approaches to the integration of Light on Terra. There have been those who have gone off to the caves in the mountains, have sat for many, many hundreds of years barely sustaining the physical body, but holding fast to the Spiritual Planes. What did they accomplish? Do you know?

“There was a certain balance held for the planet. There was a certain Release of Light relative to their activities – and it was necessary.

“But has it brought the solutions to hunger? Has it brought the solutions to war? Has it brought the need of the hour to the striving families who feel very pulled apart by all of the demands upon everyone’s attention? This is not simply something that is isolated to any one country or one people. This is a planetary problem, beloved hearts, and it is necessary for the very practical application of the Law to be understood.

“Labor is an Opportunity, not a hindrance. Right now today on the planet, most individuals have greater amounts of time available to them to place their attention on God than ever before since the past Golden Ages. This is due to the release of many of the technologies into the physical by the Ascended Master Octave for just that purpose: so that the students of the Light would have more of the time necessary to prepare in the Spiritual Work toward the Ascension.

“However there are those who have not used that time wisely and have squandered that time. There are those who have not known when to stop the work of the world and do the Work of God. And there are those who have gotten so caught up in the work of the world, they have forgotten God completely and their work has been all-encompassing in their lives – and they wonder: ‘Where is the Comfort Flame of the Holy Spirit? Where is the love of wife, of family, of home, of country? It’s all so dim and in the far past.’

“And yet, beloved ones, it hasn’t gone anywhere. It is all right there within the grasp. But that individual has chosen to ignore it – in the ‘ignore-ance’ of the Law.

“Do you see how subtle it could be? There may be those of you who have found yourself so caught up in a particular cycle of labor that you have forgotten to give the attention necessary in that day to God.

“As you are able to place your attention on God, the labor takes on a whole new perspective and you are able to engage in those times of work and toil with the renewed Spirit that lifts it up and it is no longer the secular labor – but becomes your Sacred Labor, for it is imbued with the Light of your heart – touching every aspect of your activity.

“You will find then, that those who you interact with, even if they do not know of your spiritual beliefs – and why should they; this is not the cycle and time. You are there to perform a work. You perform your work graciously, joyously, efficiently. And at the end of the day you leave with a glow on your face, and your co-workers say: ‘How can this be? Why are they so joyous?’ And you come again the next day and you enter the work place, and there is still that Joy on your face and in your step, and it remains to the end of the day – and on and on, day in and day out. What a mystery to the co-worker. ‘How do I achieve this?’ they say.

“When they ask, you may tell. For they will be ready to receive, and they will have seen the example of the Law. Setting the example as the true Initiate on the Path is the greatest Work that you can do.

“If you cannot be the example, do not teach the words – for they are hollow and without meaning. If you cannot imbue the Teaching with the Love of God from your own devotion to God – do not expound. For without the Love of God, again, the Teaching is empty.

“There are those who will become teachers of the world – of this Instruction. How will you teach it if you have not manifested Joy and Love in your labor. When each task you are called upon to do brings a fulfillment, and even if it seems to be menial, can you not hold in the vision of your third eye the Light of the Christ as you move forward? Can you not hold the Immaculate Concept for some calling that you desire to aspire to – in your third eye?

“This is not wishful thinking. This is transforming your life, your surroundings, your home, your relationships. This is how you practically apply the Law. You do not simply place your attention on it one day a week, or one hour of the day – but twenty-four hours a day every single day of every single year.

“There is always looming in the forefront, behind, at the top and the bottom of your consciousness – somewhere the thought: ‘my Mighty I AM Presence’, ‘my Holy Christ Self’, ‘the Light of God’, ‘I love God’, ‘I love God in Life’. And as you extend that love, you will find the transmutation of all that has weighted the shoulders, all that has been the burden that you have carried. There will be a new sense of Joy, and you will find that you will no longer try to hold on to all that the world has to offer. For you have seen the Light of God, and you understand that the true Dharma is the love of God in Life – in all its aspects. When you manifest the specific talents that you have in the outpouring of the Love of God, you will be fulfilling your Mission. And your Mission having been completed will be the Opportunity to move on to Higher Realms of Service, and be Victorious in the Ascension.

“The Mission, as so depicted by so many stories that you have read and seen, will always be there until completed. It will not let go of you. You may try all manner of other works, but in some lifetime you will have to complete that Mission. Why not fill that Mission with Love? Why not have it be the Joy of giving of the Love of God?

“If you do not know where to begin, start with the first step – of every day setting aside a specific time where you are uninterrupted, where you have the quiet and the moment to receive the Light of God. It need not be elaborate. It need not be formal. But there must be silence. As you progress in this activity of preparing for the silence, you will be shown greater and greater Opportunities to have that Light fill all of your life.

“Do not keep it in a special place for only certain times when you feel that you must have reinforcement. Do not propose that it is only on a holiday or special occasions that you should be in devotion to God. If you are to manifest the fullness of Love in your world, it must be the foundation of your world.

“The Light of the Christ shines forth through you far more than you are aware. Do not hide it. Do not keep it locked up – but allow it to flow into all that you do, and you will be those Christed Ones that the planet is so hungry to receive. For you will have the True Message. You will have the True Light that will Light the world.

“Go in Peace, and go in the Labor of Love for God.


Beloved Maitreya
through the Anointed Representative®, Carolyn Louise Shearer,   January 3, 1999,   Chelsea, Vermont U.S.A. (6)



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