Seeing the best in life's challenges


on January 11, 2013

A facebook post from Elizabeth Peru:


Why? Because so many people use money as an excuse for HUMAN BEHAVIOUR. 

Money of itself is neutral. Now let’s really get this. 

It is the PERSON or THING that uses the money that transfers their energy to it, OK! So what is CRITICAL, in how you relate to money, is how you relate to YOU & everyone else, without money in the picture. 

For example: A person who holds back & gives nothing of themself, or is fearful or angry often, will be like that whether they have little or lots of money. 

It’s not the money that makes the person that way, it is what they already are. 

Many people use money as a TOOL or WEAPON to wield power, that they themselves do not believe they have or are not willing to put the effort in & personally create. It gives money a bad wrap. 

So money isn’t bad or good of itself, it is the person who touches it that transfers their energy to it. 

So consider how you USE & relate to money & consider how you conduct your life (outside of money). It is all about YOU, not the money. Money will respond to YOU, OK. 

Put it into action & find out for yourself !”

What do you think?

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