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Out on a Limb and Deep in the Valley

on January 14, 2013

A post from Jennifer Hoffman from Enlightening Life:

“Have you been feeling blissful one minute and scared out of your skin the next? Do you see your life as a wonderful flow of potential and then wonder how it’s all going to happen or are sure that it won’t? Have you come to the awareness that nothing in your life is stable, secure or dependable any more? Congratulations, you’re out on the limb of the last vestiges of the old paradigm energy and deep in the valley of your fear and everything that reflects your current limitations. The good news is that it is temporary, the bad news is that you, and we, must all go through this period before we get to the other side of it.

I believe that when we see life on earth from other dimensions, we think it is going to be easy. If we didn’t, we would never agree to come here. Then once we are in the density of  3D and we remember (or realize) how hard life can be and we get stuck in the density by design because this is what we have to overcome, transform and evolve.  The process begins with a desire for change and then we’re out on a limb, moving away from what we believe is creating our pain or disconnection. We feel unsupported, alone, isolated and confused. But the fun is just beginning.

Once we move away from what is familiar, we are out on a limb, reaching for the new energies we want to align with. But instead of bringing us joy, peace and comfort, they initially serve to illuminate every fear, doubt and limitation that we have been unable to see until this moment. Higher energies allow us to know where we are disconnected from our own power and divinity and this is where we go deep into the valley.  Now we’re struggling with the fear we have been connected with but have never been able to identify or see for what it is. We stay in the valley of our fear until we embrace the new energies and allow them to carry us out of the valley and into the dawn of our new paradigm.

This process is one we will cycle through from this point forward. Transformation, ascension, and evolution were never designed to be a single, quantum leap into a new reality. It is a process of illumination where we become aware of a new potential, then clearing, where we clear the fear, alignment, where we release enough fear to align with a new energy or higher vibration or frequency, integration, where we integrate the energy into our being and then, evolution, where the new energy becomes the foundation for the new paradigm that becomes our new reality.

Wherever we are in the process, we can find peace when we remember that it’s a cycle and keep reaching for the next step. The fear is real but it is only a representation of our disconnection, where we have allowed our belief that we are ‘not’ override the truth of who and what we ‘are’. We are worthy of miracles, a wonderful life, love, peace, joy, abundance, success and everything else that our heart longs for and reminds us is possible for us. Evolution is both our mission and our birthright and as long as we stay on that path and keep reaching for the light of truth and love, we will achieve everything we desire and more.”


Copyright (c) 2012 by Jennifer Hoffman. All rights reserved. You may quote, translate, link to and repost this article, in its entirety, as long as you include the author name and a working link back to this website. Any other use is strictly prohibited.

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