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Kids: Physical Age vs. Soul Age

on January 15, 2013

A post from Soulful Intentions on Facebook.  This definitely applies to the three old souls in young bodies in my household!  

“Physical age versus soul age…

Through my son’s ‘development’, the part that has always perplexed me is the categorization of children through development; such as it being “normal” for an infant/child to do a particular thing at a particular age.

Since we are all souls living out a physical experience, the physical age would not define what progress they make. It is hard to group children under a black and white stats print out and say if they are delayed or advanced, as one does not know how old their soul is.

A child that excels extremely fast has more experience/lifetimes (old soul) to help them progress, whereas, a new soul may take a lot of time to figure out the dynamics of their earth life and the confounds of the little box drawn around their development.

Parents often take on the child’s development as their own accomplishment, as if they are physically doing something themselves, and compare their child against others. This just adds one more feat for the child to live up to in order to satisfy the parents need to boast or add to their identity as a parent. 

Children have their own timeline to which they will unfold. The beauty lies within each of them. Their spirits are so much more alive and delicate before they are conformed by societal norms. We teach them at an early age that if they don’t add up, then they are not doing it right. Why disable them when we can encourage flourishment?”

♥ Much love and light ♥
Soulful Intentions- Food for thought

One response to “Kids: Physical Age vs. Soul Age

  1. ekhava says:

    Reblogged this on ekhava and commented:
    I have come to see and believe this as well. It may be hard to at time to not “group children under a black and white stats” but we must persevere because we are only hurting our children, their future growth and ourselves as parents.

    Love Unconditional

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