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The Big Stretch

on February 6, 2013

I am feeling stretched these days.

On the one hand, I have a busy, regular life full of taking care of a household and family.  An old house that always needs something.  Kids to listen to, to drive places, who push me to constantly develop my parenting skills.  Lunches to make, dinners to plan, clothes to buy.  A relationship to work at, extended family, with issues of their own, to be there for as best we can.  Dogs to snuggle with and to feed, dog hair to vacuum, and other related, not-always-so-pleasant cleanup duties.

On top of that, work issues.  Bills to pay, taxes to prepare, questions from the accountant to answer, meetings to attend.  Applications to finish, deadlines to meet, negotiations to deal with, budgets to finalize.  Tenants that lose heat, lights that go out, regulations to be met.  Snow to shovel, trash that shouldn’t pile up, conflicting expectations and needs.

Look, I have a great life by anyone’s standards.  I am not complaining – just pointing out that the everyday activities of our lives can keep us pretty busy.

And the busy-ness can keep us occupied enough that we forget that there is more.  We assume that we have no choice, “That’s Just the Way It Is”, we continue blindly onward, not really seeing ourselves, and never questioning the Box of Rules that surround us.

For women, especially, we can forget to take care of ourselves.  We put our families and our kids first, and work, and it seems selfish to make time for ourselves.  I’m sure I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know.

But it’s the whole spiritual side of who I am and the reasons we are all here that calls to me more and more.  And this is the Big Stretch.


You know, when you are tense, it’s much harder to stretch.  It helps to relax and let go.  This is true for your physical body, and your emotional body, and for your Soul.   And it’s hard to stretch if you are inside of a box.  I’ve put the silly Box of Rules in the recycle bin, because I find I have no use for it anymore.

The more I focus on my Soul and think and learn about Love, and the ways of God, and the beauty of Life and the miracles that occur all around me all the time, the less motivation I have for the silly busy-ness of everyday life.

More often, I enjoy each moment.  I focus on what is happening RIGHT NOW.  I think less about how things used to be.  I worry very little about what is coming next.

This can feel uncomfortable, paradoxical, new, backwards.  I’m stretching into a new shape that feels very different.

It’s not that I don’t care.  Everyday life just seems less consequential.  I feel removed from it, like I am one person, a Soul, who is observing the other person, a Body, going through the motions.  I do what must be done, but the attachment and emotion is gone.  The fear and worry are gone.

How long will I stretch, and how far?  What shape will I become?  Is there a snapping point?  It’s interesting, I have had conversations with several people recently who say almost the same thing:  they are trying to figure out who they are going to be in Part B of their lives.  And the common theme seems to be uncertainty of the details yet a knowing that something will be different.  Out with the Old, in with the New.

Just when I think I can’t stretch any further, it seems that I do.  So, onward and upward.  We shall see.

What do you think?

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