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Who Do YOU Think You Are?

on February 28, 2013

“Tell me about yourself.”

Where to begin…..I think it is easier to start with who I am NOT:

I am NOT what you see.  Oh, it’s easy to identify me that way.  I have a distinctive body type.  I have a certain preference in the clothing I wear.  I may or may not wear makeup.  I changed my hair recently.  Probably the most authentically “me” thing I wear as much as possible is a smile.  What you see might give you some clues about what I like and what matters to me, but none of it is really ME.

I am NOT what I DO.  I could tell you about how and what I did in school.  I can tell you about my hobbies.  Contrary to popular opinion, I am not what I eat, LOL!!  I can tell you about the different jobs and volunteer work I have done.  I can tell you that I am a mom.  You might pick up some more clues about who I am, but still…..what I have DONE is not who I am.  You might learn more about me by watching how I interact with other people and in certain situations.  More clues.

I am NOT what I have.  The things around me don’t define who I am either.  It’s all just stuff.  Because of the stuff I have, you might make some assumptions about me – and they might be true and they might not be.  I am not the car I drive, or the toys I play with, or the house I live in.

I am NOT what I KNOW.  Yes, I have an active mind, and I am interested in a variety of things.  This is a reflection of who I am, but these things still don’t define me.

I am NOT my successes and I am NOT my mistakes.  Yes, I have learned from these things, but they are just experiences I have had.

I am NOT my religious affiliation or my belief system, my zodiac sign, my numerological profile, my age, my birth order, my IQ, .. .

You might know all kinds of things ABOUT me, yet still not KNOW me.

Are you getting disinterested or frustrated yet?

I struggle with how to answer this question “Who am I?” because words cannot describe to you the soul that I am, the ME that I have come to know.

The only accurate answer I can come up with is this:


This process of discovering who I am NOT, is what has led me to the understanding of that statement.

Now, I get it.

To KNOW me, is to KNOW without words.  To know me is to feel me and understand me on a deeper level.  I am a soul of energy, of love and light.  I am quirky, serious and playful, and I yearn to connect and be understood.  I am ME.  I had to get to know ME first, before I could show ME to others.  Part of getting to know ME, was letting go of any remaining attachments to the superficial things that I am NOT.  So, I’ve been practicing that.   And I am extremely lucky to have other Souls that are letting me get to know THEM, as they go through their own unique process of knowing themselves in a deeper way.  It’s great fun!

So, now, let me ask, because I want to KNOW…..

Who are YOU??


6 responses to “Who Do YOU Think You Are?

  1. I shared this too…I put it on Twitter, I try to put new stuff up on each of my social media accounts. This was really good : ) Oh and I am the light. I am what the universe is made of. I am love.

  2. David says:

    I am everything I am not.

    Who am I not? Everything I ‘think’ I am.

    I am who I am, not who I ‘think’ I am.

    Words are so cumbersome, aren’t they?! 🙂

  3. Mercedes says:

    Meg, I just L O V E this. Period.

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