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Being In the Question

I am so fortunate to have friends that go deep.  One of these friends used this phrase “Being In the Question” the other day, and I have been thinking a lot about it since.

This is a friend who knows me, knows my family, and knows so much of my experience.

When we sat down to lunch, one of us said something like, “How is everything?” and we completely skipped the small talk and went right into the deep.  We both noticed it and talked about it – how we went straight there.  It’s a wonderful bond to share.  She is a friend that I met by chance (haha!) and even at that first meeting, she instinctively shared with me something that was sensitive information.  She told me later how she worried at the time that she shouldn’t have done that!

We have worked on a common goal together, in the roles of women who care about teaching kids.  We created together with others, at a time when the world didn’t quite support what we were doing, but we forged ahead anyway.  We both observed along the way.  We talked it through.  We learned a ton, about life, about ourselves, and about each other.

And through it all, we have maintained a safe zone.  We can tell each other anything, we can ask any question, we can face defeat, all without resorting to making someone wrong or retreating into fear.  Oh, if you could see her in action…..she is amazing!

We have shared our challenges and helped each other, mostly just by listening.  Because of her, I know how valuable it is just to hash things out with someone who is willing to just be there.

So I was telling her more about my ponderings, the concepts I question, the dilemmas in my head.  Really, truly, most people would think I am off my rocker.  Instead, she comes up with a zinger.  When she said, “you’re In the Question” and “the answer doesn’t matter” she hit the nail on the head.  YES!!!

We’ve all heard It’s The Journey, Not The Destination.  I think most people get that — it’s the process that’s important, not just where you are going.  But this is definitely linear thinking – there’s a path to be followed, it might twist and turn, but it’s still one step and then another, and there is a final place to get to.  A beginning and an end.  It’s a great saying, and really helpful, because it says to pay attention to those steps, to what you are doing now, because it is all important.

But as we move beyond linear thinking to conceptual thinking, we need to understand that idea on a different level.  And to me, Being In the Question describes that equivalent concept.

I have always been a person who likes to analyze and understand things.  In various capacities, it seems I always end up collecting lots of data, researching, organizing it, and analyzing it to come up with conclusions or common threads, or nuggets of wisdom.  It’s just me.  It’s why I am so all over the place with this blog.  It may seem random but I am always working to see how it all fits together.  And for me, this is being In the Question.  It’s quantum thinking/being.

The answer is irrelevant.  There is no destination.  You might get to the answer for one question, but by then you are already In another Question.  And the truth is, it’s not just one Question I am In at a time, it is several intersecting and interacting Questions.

Being In the Question, for me, describes how one’s mind can play its rightful part in the process, while I am BEING totally in the NOW. It’s freedom — my mind plays with the details while my soul dances with the possibilities.

The motivation for the questioning is curiosity.  It has nothing to do with having to control an outcome.  It has nothing to do with worrying about an answer that is good enough or doesn’t fit what is “supposed” to be. It’s more a frame of mind, an approach that includes no fear, no expectations, no assumptions that can’t be questioned.  There is no longer a place or reason for “right” or “wrong” rather, it is all about understanding.  I am In the Question for the pure joy of understanding, and the satisfaction of clarity that comes with seeing the big picture.

As I have spent time In my Questions, I can tell you that everything does become clear and the pieces do fall into place.  I can see how a challenge in one aspect of my life has taught me the exact lesson or given me the exact experience I needed to be able to interpret something that is a central part of another Question.  I am here to tell you, you CAN absolutely know your soul’s purpose, you CAN know the bigger picture… is all there, but there is a lot of seeking and stretching outside the box and leaping off cliffs before you can get there.  All metaphorical, you know.  You can’t expect to understand it in a linear fashion, it will never make sense that way.

And I also want to say, this approach might seem to be intellectualized and logical as I have described it.  But it has as much to do with paying attention to the data that comes from your heart (feelings and intuition) as the data that comes from your head.  It’s about trust and faith and knowing, all things that can only come from the heart.

M and I don’t spend that much time together.  We have separate lives and backgrounds and sets of friends and that’s just fine.  We are working on different Questions.  And to me it has always been so interesting that we seem to have gotten to the same place and come to the same conclusions, from very different angles and sets of experiences.  We both have the skill set and the openness to be there for each other.  We have that safe zone when we need it.  Having that, we empower and encourage each other.  And we SEE each other and love each other for exactly who we are and for the Questions we are In.

Just another one of the many reasons I am a very lucky girl. 🙂

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In the World, Not Of the World

“You May Know Me..
But You Have No Idea

When the soul has learned to handle its instrument, through the medium of the mind and the brain, direct contact and interplay between the two becomes increasingly possible and steady, so that a man at will can focus his mind upon earthly affairs and be an efficient member of society, or upon heavenly things and function in his true being as a son of God.

When this is the case, the soul utilizes the mind as a transmitting agent and the physical brain is trained to be responsive to that which is transmitted.

The true son of God can live in two worlds at once;
He is a citizen of the world and of the Kingdom of God.”

via Indigo Larry Penigar Jr

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A Process with a Purpose

I have come to accept Reincarnation as an integral part of the way things are.  That being said, understanding how it works is a process, and my understanding has grown and changed.  When we talk about “past lives,” that implies a linear understanding or perspective on the subject, where a conceptual understanding would incorporate different thinking about the existence (or non-existence) of time and space.  In the paradigm we are moving into, All happens in the Now, there is no Past or Future.  Let’s just know that, and know that for the sake of ease of discussion, we can talk about reincarnation and past lives using linear language, mostly just because we are used to it.  Hey, everything is more complicated and wonderful than our linear, 3D language can describe, but in order to think about and discuss these things in words, sometimes you just have to go with the tools you already have and are used to.

Read the words, but know the concepts at a deeper level.

For this discussion, there are assumptions we would agree on, that logically build to some conclusions:

  • I am not my body, I am an eternal soul.  My body can die, but my soul is forever.
  • My time on Earth is temporary.  While here, it seems like this is “everything” but that is not “true.”  It’s all set up to be this way, that’s just the way the experience of being in a physical body on Earth is.
  • We keep coming back to Earth, to experience a different life with different circumstances.  These experiences stay with our soul.  It’s a Process with a Purpose.
  • At the level of our soul, we cannot be “bad” or “unlovable.”  There is absolutely no judgment at the level of the soul.  “God” or “Source” or the “Creator” created everything and said it was “good.”

When Souls were created, it was similar to the process of cell division.  The Beginning started with the (erroneous) idea that something separate from God could exist, and this possibility was explored in an instant.  In a way we can understand, this has been described as occurring in steps, as the Breath of God (energy embodied) separated and split in two, over and over, multiplying exponentially, becoming denser and denser, more and more separate and individuated.  The Creation of Souls.

(Please, please understand that my description of this in words is not “right” or accurate, as it is impossible to describe using words.  My words are really not important.  I hope they trigger in the reader, a remembrance of understanding that is already there, in the reader’s soul.)

The groups of souls that resulted after most of the separation occurred have been called Soul Families.  Some describe the numbers that are included in specific types of Soul Families.  Others say that a soul can be a member of multiple soul families.  As hard as we try to describe this, we always have to remember it is beyond words and beyond the grasp of the human brain.  The words help us get close, but they are just a hint of what really is.  The Soul Family Connection is experienced in Earth life when there are certain individuals that instantly feel like family (familiar) and we just “know” and “feel” connected.

The last separation or split of the soul, into the embodiment of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine, is described as having been the most painful split – one soul into two equal and opposite half-wholes of the same soul.  These are referred to as Twin Souls, Twin Flames, sometimes Divine Complements.  This concept is at the heart of the longing of each individual to “find their other half” or to feel “completed.”  Again, a concept that words cannot begin to describe.  The story of Adam and Lillith parting, and the resulting loneliness experienced by Adam, who tried to “solve” his wound by finding a suitable companion is a story which describes this process.  See Adam’s First Wife.

Human souls had to “fall” down to the depths of separation in order to explore the idea.  (“Sin” is separation from God.)  Relationship is what we call the experience of souls interacting with other souls in Separateness (in Sin).  Each soul was thrust into the idea and experience of separation.

Separateness/Sin brings up all kinds of Issues.  If we believe we are all separate, each has to look out to protect his/her own self.  The idea of lack or scarcity means that I have to make sure I have enough by getting more than you.  This leads to greed, anger, all the manifestations of Sin, all kinds of competition.  Relationships at this level are all about survival, protection, safety, fulfilling needs, being justified, being better than another.

All the while, relationship after relationship, Souls have explored all kinds of possible scenarios in Sin. There are as many possible scenarios as there are souls, multiplied by the number of “tries” (lives).  Sounds kind of scary and overwhelming, huh?

While we were at it, we asked:  What are the possible “solutions” to separation, and the possible, logical “conclusions” of separation?  Belief systems came into Being… if we could just Believe and follow the Rules, that would make it all “work.”

Institutionalized ideas emerged that focused on what is “right” and what is “wrong” in order to protect society.  Society (or group consiousness) had to determine what behavior was justified and what was unacceptable.  Attempts to “control” others and the behavior of the masses made total sense, because in this paradigm of separation, if Sin got out of control, that would mean Disaster.  The world going to hell.

Fear, in a nutshell.

What to Do??  What to Do??  There was so much to figure out!!  How to parent your children, how to interact with your spouse, how to treat your in-laws, how to be a good friend, how to protect yourself from negative people, how not to make mistakes in a potential love relationship, how to get your kids to hang out with the right kind of friends, how to be giving yet not taken advantage of, how to do business, how to make a living and survive, how to manage your time…

Each Soul has had to experience many, many aspects of separation (sin) before they could exhaust the idea and “work their way back” to Union.

In the end, when a soul has exhausted the possibilities, explored every angle, tried every method to manage separation, there is only one conclusion:

Separation is Impossible.  It does not exist.  There is only Home.

Individual relationships with “other” souls are really just pieces of the “relationship journey” which in reality is the relationship with Self.   Separation cannot exist in a world lovingly created.  It is an illusion, a dream that never was.

TS elliot

At this point, the Soul awakens.  The lightbulb goes off.  Everything becomes clear.  There is no longer Fear, since no-thing is separate and there is no “other”.  There is no judgment, no right or wrong, no better or worse.  All of the misconceptions fall away or are stripped away, leaving nothing but the only destination.


After such a long (and instantaneous) process of exploration throughout many lifetimes, the only path is Home to Union.  The path of Re-Union works its way backwards, with the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine healing their split, first in each individual soul which attains balance, then by the Twins healing their own painful split by eliminating “sin” or separation between the two.  And then?  The Adventure continues…

When I read about The Gathering of God, I read between the lines and know the mystery.

Union.  It already IS and always WAS.

We’re all “Workin’ Our Way Back to Union” — maybe that’s why I always liked this song!  (excuse the bad joke 🙂 )


Journey off the Beaten Path (reblog)

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Understand, Accept, Know, Give

To be understanding and to be understood.

To be accepting and to be accepted.

To know and be known.

To be giving and to receive.

This is a process of seeking that has occupied me for a lot of my life.  For a long time, this has been a mental exercise, but not totally.  It’s also a feeling exercise, because when you get deep enough into it, words are not adequate.  You have to transfer the exercise to your heart, and feel.  You have to learn to listen to that inner knowing, some call it that inner voice, but it doesn’t come from your mind.  I believe it comes from your soul.  And getting to know your soul is a process.  It takes practice and experience.  Seeking is an active verb.

This seeking is counter-intuitive to the process the world has taught us.  The old paradigm taught us we should all play by the same rules (even though different groups would fight about which set of rules was “right” and which was “wrong”).  “How to be” had everything to do with what you “should” do.  It was all about responding to external instructions – The Rules.

(Example:  Remember when Jesus healed someone on the Sabbath, and certain people were upset?  Because He broke The Rules.)

But look, the world is not black and white.  Situations are complicated.  We are not all the same.  In fact, each one of us is wonderfully unique.  So why would the same rule apply to the vast, wide array of humanity?  It just doesn’t make sense.  Christians are told in the Bible that we have been given the Holy Spirit, a counselor – doesn’t this internal guidance from God seem like the best place to look for the answers??

I’m fortunate to have found others that I can connect to and talk to about this stuff.  We are not all at the same place, and we certainly do not all have the same perspective.  We are all seeking in our own way.  It’s not easy to share this with everyone.  Each of us has our own approach, and some approaches don’t mesh too well with others.   This is not an indication that someone is doing something “wrong” – it’s just different.  It’s easiest to practice, at first, with those I feel comfortable with.  Some people would call this your Soul Family.  Whatever you call it, you know in your gut, who “clicks” with you and who doesn’t.

A really important aspect of this process is this:

Before you can really, really “know” an-other, you have to know yourself.

You have to be willing to step back and see yourself.  The “good” and the “bad” and even the “ugly.”  Not only must you see it, you must accept it, understand it, and love it.  You must come to know that you are perfect and loved just the way you are.  How can you accept and love another, if you haven’t first accepted and loved yourself?

I see this process as cyclical, and if you move forward, it’s really a spiral.  You look inward and understand something about yourself, and you accept it.  Then you look outward and get feedback and test it out and see how it feels to embrace this part of yourself while living in the world.

Then you take that info and feedback and go back inward, and process that.  You discover more about yourself and embrace what you have found.  Then you go back out and repeat the cycle.

Sometimes we get stuck.  You may be very, very attached to a certain belief, or an experience that affected you strongly, and you may encounter something that seems insurmountable.  You might not want to acknowledge it’s even there.  If you observe others, these are things that are usually very obvious – but not to the person who is stuck!!  In these cases, have compassion for those others, and for yourself – this is hard work!

After you have gotten enough experience with those who see it how you do, you can stretch yourself further and connect with a wider range of people.  Once you really become comfortable with accepting other perspectives, you can focus on listening and understanding and knowing a wider cross-section of souls.

Some might not be interested in the process.  Or they may approach it in a way that is very difficult to see.  It’s all ok.  The important thing is not to impose your method on someone else…..and not to let an-other impose their method on you.

If you can connect to others and share your journey, it makes a HUGE difference to have their support when you are facing these things.  It can be scary to open up to another and share your challenges, but what a relief to find someone who understands and accepts you anyway!  And, you find out that they have their own challenges, and the whole process becomes less lonely and scary.

The best way to find others who will be open and accepting, is for you to BE open and accepting first.  Demonstrate that you are a safe person to open up to, and others who are looking for the same thing will find you.  Observe how you feel, and your gut will tell you who to share with.  Say a prayer and set your intention to find “helpers” to share your journey, keep your eyes and ears and heart open, and they will show up – just understand they might not be who your mind (or the world) would expect!

Your mind thinks, but your heart knows.



Pope Francis: No Surprise Here!

The events of the last month regarding the resignation of Pope Benedict and the election of Pope Francis were not a surprise to me.  I’m not even Catholic, and I don’t really keep up with this stuff, but still, no surprise, and I’m going to tell you why.  I knew something like this would happen sooner or later.  I didn’t know any details, just had some clues.  And the icing on the cake was a great bonus that I hadn’t thought of until I noticed it yesterday!  But let’s start back before Benedict was elected…

I discovered Lee Carroll and Kryon a couple years ago.  If you aren’t familiar with them, Lee channels Kryon, a benevolent entity.  Read this blog post which talks about channeling and Lee’s perspective on it.  If you are interested in knowing more, go to

Kryon’s words ring true for me.  They just do.  Reading his words have made so many things make sense for me.  That may not be true for you, I’m just telling you how it is for me.

Kryon does not make too many predictions.  He explains that from the spirit world, they see things very differently than we do.  Time is not linear for them.  They see things as a “soup of potentials.”  When the potentials are very high, Kryon can give us a pretty good idea what is going to happen, but there is never a time given.  It just doesn’t work that way.

So I want to give you an idea of the kinds of things Kryon says and talks about.  Here are some examples of what he has said about the Pope.

The Last and Next Pope  (April 10, 2005)  from here

[Note that this was channelled right after the death of John Paul II, and before the conclave of Catholic Cardinals had selected the next pope.]

“Kryon, we just lost what appears to be a great religious leader, Pope John Paul II. What are the ramifications of this?” My partner eluded earlier to the man called Karol who became the pope [spoken of earlier within the seminar]. He discussed what his goals were and what he did on this planet that really had nothing to do with his religion. Oh, perhaps the hat he wore did, and the places he walked did, and the ceremony around him did. But this was only given to facilitate what he could do.

But you see, like you, we knew Karol. He leaned into the wind of birth, too – just as you did. He was no different. And Spirit said to him, “You’re going to have a chance to change the earth because the energy of this planet has the potential of being very different. There are potentials when you get to be a certain age where there’ll be something called the Harmonic Convergence on the planet, and things will begin to change. You can fit into this as a world leader. Are you ready for that?” And he said yes.

No angel asked Karol if he wanted to be a Catholic, as he leaned into the wind of birth. That was simply the vehicle that got him into the position where he could change the planet the way he did. You couldn’t have had the absence of the Armageddon that you’ve experienced without Karol. Did you know that [speaking of his direct involvement in the influence of the fall of communism]? So his belief system not only served him well, but it propelled him to a special place that was his alone to be in, and one that allowed him to touch billions all at once. And so it was that this great religious leader, who also knew intuitively what he was doing, had a love of humanity. His favorite thing was to be among common people – and he was, every time he could be. When he got to the position where he could make a difference, he did.

Now, there’s something you don’t know about Karol. The last decade of his life, he was very frustrated. Go look at the pictures. Go look at the pictures of the first 16 years. Then look at those from the last ten. The last ten, he was suffering – not just with his health – he was anguishing over a situation that none of you truly know about. For in his last ten years this man wanted to make some more changes while the time was ripe, but he knew he was too old.

Karol didn’t have the energy to make the changes he really wanted to make, and those around him fought him to keep things the way they were. It was all very political, and someday this information may come out into the open, and you’ll hear about those who influenced him in the last ten years and helped to keep things on an even keel. He was too old to make a difference and he knew it.

Karol was not of a consciousness to make some of the changes that many cried out for – about poverty and the role of women in his organization (that will come later). But Karol cried out in his heart for the children that were abused by the priests, and he wanted to do something about this and make a difference. He believed that his Savior wanted him to make a difference, but he couldn’t do it. So what might look to you like inaction was instead the pope suffering, for he was not allowed to do what he wanted – due to his lack of energy and those around him who made certain he didn’t.

“Kryon, here we sit with conclave of cardinals about to meet and select a new pope. What’s the potential based upon the energy right now of the selection? What’s going to happen?” I’ll give you two potentials of what might take place in the next few days, because your future is always about free choice. There is no entity who can tell you about the future, since it’s totally in the hands of the free-choice of humanity. However, based on the energy of the moment, here’s what we see: (1) You’re either going to have an interim, temporary pope for only a short amount of time (relative to the last one), who will lead to a radical pope; or (2) You’re going to go right to the radical pope. Either way, you’re going to eventually end up with a man who’s going to do things to shake up the establishment.

Let me give you some of the potentials of what the radical pope may be involved in: This religion he leads on earth has doctrines that no longer “square up” with what humanity is seeing around itself. He absolutely has to address this issue, for the sophisticated Humans will leave the church otherwise. There will be those who may even call him “the evil pope” because he’s going to go against tradition when he slowly starts a process that honors the Virgin Mary more than any pope ever has – therefore honoring women within the church, elevating them to higher positions… even to priests.

He will speak about family planning, and start processes that will slowly justify it in the eyes of God [this will take awhile], but it must come from the man who “sits in the chair” [ex cathedra] to change the doctrine of the whole organization. Because of this, he will also be in danger and will have to have constant protection.

Then he’ll talk about what to do with priests who abuse children. Watch for this. Even if you receive the interim pope, he’ll set the stage for the radical pope in this area. For this is in the energy aura of what we would call the potential future around this grand event. The earth is filled with free choice and it can go any direction, but I’ve just given you the potentials of what is here and now.

From Second Quarter 2005:  (found here)

(41) QUESTION: Dear Kryon, I’m sure you’ll get lots of questions regarding the new pope. He seems “old energy” to me. He’s not the cardinal that my guidance pointed to as the new pope. Please comment!

ANSWER: From Lee: Read on this Website. This is a channelling done in Washington, D.C., before the new pope was elected. Kryon described one of two scenarios we would have through free choice, in terms of who the new pope would be. The one we got is exactly one of the choices Kryon described: a short-term, interim pope who is a placeholder. Timing is everything.

From a channel found here speaking about Spirituality (March 3, 2012)

Number one: Spirituality. The systems of spiritual design on your planet are starting to change. This is not telling you that certain ones are going to go away. They’re simply going to change. Some of the largest spiritual systems, which you would call organized religion on the planet, are shifting. They’re going to shift away from that which is authority on the outside to authority on the inside. It will eventually be a different way of worship, slowly changing the rules while keeping the basic doctrine the same.

The doctrine of the Christ has always been to find the God inside. The teachings were clear. The examples of the miracles were given as an example of what humans could do, not to set a man up for worship as a God. So when that has been absorbed, the teaching of the Christ can remain the teaching of the Christ. It simply changes the interpretation.

The teachings of the great prophets of the Middle East (all related to each other) are about unity and love. So once the holy words are redefined with new wisdom, the Human changes, not the words of the prophets. In fact, the prophets become even more divinely inspired and their wisdom becomes even more profound.

You’re going to lose a pope soon. I have no clock. Soon to us can mean anything to you. The one who replaces him may surprise you, for his particular organization will be in survival mode at that point in time. That is to say that fewer and fewer are interested in starting the priesthood. Fewer and fewer young people are interested in the organization, and the new pope must make changes to keep his church alive. That means that his organization will remain, but with a more modern look at what truly is before all of you in a new energy. It is not the fall of the church. It is instead the recalibration of the divinity inside that would match the worship that goes on. It’s a win-win situation. The new pope will have a difficult time, since the old guard will still be there. There could even be an assassination attempt, such is the way the old energy dies hard. That is number one. Watch for it. It’s a change in the way spiritual systems work. It’s a realignment of spiritual systems that resound to a stronger truth that is Human driven, rather than prophet driven.

There’s another subject that Kryon has been talking a lot about, and it is relevant to the choice of the new pope.  Kryon has been talking about how the energy of the planet has been changing, from primarily masculine in the past moving toward feminine in the future.  (The idea is that we are moving toward balance.)  Rather than explain it all here, the best way to get what he’s saying is in this channel from November 2011 that was given in Lima, Peru.  Bottom line is, it is the Southern Hemisphere that has a more feminine energy.  If the “balance of power” is moving toward the feminine, and the feminine is in the Southern Hemisphere, it makes all kinds of sense that the new Pope would be from there, right?

Now for the icing.  From a completely different angle, I have become aware of another attribute of this new Pope.

First, the background.  In January of 2011, it was announced that a 13th sign was being added to the Zodiac.  Believe it or not, I have never really been “into” horoscopes, but I did always know I was Sagitarius, born on December 11.  When the new sign, Ophiuchus was announced, it was interesting to me, because I fall into those dates – November 29 to December 17.

The symbolism and significance of Ophiuchus is very impressive, and a very amazing woman named Donna Provancher has put a staggering amount of information together on this, that you can find here: an intro and a whole book full The Quintessential Ophiuchus.  She also has more on the new Pope here.

So of course, I just giggled when I found out that the new Pope’s birthday is….

December 17th !!!

OF COURSE he’s an Oph!  You just have to read about what that means, and you will see why.  Very encouraging, I must say.

But remember, no one can predict the future.  We live on a planet with free will.  It is all about potentials.  But I will say, the potentials are looking pretty darn good!


If you want to dig further, dig this:

And more metaphysical Pope-talk here:

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A Celebration of Life (reblog)

The Council of Nine – A Celebration of Life – 10 March 10, 2013, by Tazjima

We are the Council of Nine and we come to you today to welcome you to a celebration of life. Life and its vibrant energies surround you at all moments of your life. How do you respond to its presence? Do you turn away and deny the life that flows through your own body or do you embrace it? We encourage you to let go of your resistance and allow your awareness to expand.

Do you see the birds flying through the trees, singing their spring mating songs, rejoicing in the increased warmth of the sunshine? Do you feel the late winter wind gentling with the warm moisture of oncoming spring? Of course, if there is a blizzard outside your house you will not be responding to the wind but hiding from it, shivering and perhaps feeling confused. Is spring just around the corner? Or if you live in the southern latitudes, fall is knocking at your doors and the birds are migrating to warmer climes. Are you willing to stay put or will you follow them on their journey, at least in your thoughts?

It is not hard to see that your world is changing. Just observe the changes in the weather patterns. What was predictable no longer “fits”. The same can be said of how you were first conditioned and trained to deal with the “world” around you, by your parents, your extended family, teachers and religious leaders. Do you fit that world any more or have you grown beyond its narrow borders? Do you despair of leaving friends and family behind as you continue to grow beyond the garden’s walls and out into the world around you? Do you know yourself anymore?

Are you afraid of what you are feeling these days? Are the pat answers that your mother or father or teacher gave you as a child no longer applicable, no longer serve to console you or to at least put to bed your desire to step into the unknown and uncontrolled? What and who are you becoming? What are you releasing?

These questions and others that may be popping up in your minds during this period of intense transition are perhaps unsettling, but necessary. The old bonds of control, conditioning, and judgment are in the process of being broken down, within your own bodies and awareness and in the world around you. Everywhere you are asked to be witness to the breakdown of institutions, where what was held to be immutable and unchangeable, even incorruptible, is now found to be lacking in substance and reliability. All is in a state of flux and a process of being revealed, a process where the layers of hidden lies and untruths that were the foundation of our world construct are now being ripped away and exposed.

It is kind of like witnessing the fact that the house your father built is standing on a bed of quicksand. It is a breathtaking moment of discovery that all that you once identified or resisted is now being obliterated through a process of intense change. And you may find that you are quite willing to step away and begin afresh, slowly learning to let go of the control of time and stepping into the moment, into the ever present Now.

You can choose to resist the change that is occurring, but it will overtake you and pass you by if you do so. Or you can flow with the wave and ride the surf, landing on a whole new beach, a whole new frequency level that will find you discovering and remembering the truth of your greater multidimensionality, your beauty, power and wisdom. And most of all, you are beginning to remember that you are Love and are connected to the great web of Life that surrounds you in the world, both the invisible and the visible, as represented by the forms you see, the bodies of your fellow humans, the animals, the plants and the physical earth.

Many are the challenges to old mindsets that you have inherited from your parents and through your upbringing as a child. Many of the wayshowers have been struggling to release from these constrictive patterns for years, letting go of layer after layer of construct, only to discover yet another layer, like a nightmare layer cake or endless onion. More recently, though, you have perhaps discovered that it is becoming easier to work through and release what comes up for transmutation. The increasingly strong cosmic energies emanating through our world is supporting your process, allowing you to move through the release process with more ease and sureness.

You may be rediscovering and utilizing basic spiritual tools that allow for you to ground, center and expand your inner vision of what your world consists of, both within and without. You are perhaps slowly coming to the realization of just how much your intention and attention affect how events in your daily world happen. Your emotions and thoughts are powerful. It is time to recognize that simple but profound fact. You do indeed create what is in your world and the period in which it takes to bring a thought into manifestation is swiftly decreasing. You can choose to struggle with this realization or to embrace it and come into acceptance of the powerful being that you truly are.

In balance to learning to live with an increased awareness of your true power, you also must need to learn to trust your heart, to listen within to your rhythm, to your particular soul note and symphony that your soul has written for you to perform during this lifetime. What is your purpose in being here? Not everyone is a Mozart or a great artist or actor, a writer or successful businessman or great military leader. Not everyone can be president, but everyone can gift the world with their presence, the full presence and beauty of their particular soul.

As the constructs of the third dimension continue to disintegrate and collapse, the chaos spreads, but beneath the chaos there is a new pattern emerging. Nature is made up of patterns based on sacred geometry. All life emerges from thoughts, through waves and motion. The patterns that are emerging through the storm of change are already there, pre-existing as the fifth dimension and higher frequencies that already interpenetrate your world. They have always been there; you have just not been open to their vibratory level.

Your fears and identification with the thought constructs of the third dimension have, until now, prevented most of you from moving into the higher frequency levels of being through your own thoughts and feelings. Your fears, perpetuated by constant outside pressures through controllers, in the guise of family, leaders, teachers and peers, as well as manipulation of your emotional and physical environment, have acted as an invisible fence or cage in which to keep you from expanding into your true soul potential. That fence, that cage has now been cast down; it is up to you to move beyond and into the great unknown that is truly what and who you are.

As you continue to deconstruct your attachment to the third dimension, you will find that you can see more, feel more, sense more even that, which you cannot see, touch, hear or feel with your present physical senses. You are opening up your other higher bodies in response to the higher frequency levels that you are now beginning to access. With practice, you will be able to experience sensation in totally different way than you do now. You will be able to think with your heart and to feel with your mind. You will see unseen worlds and speak through your mind with unseen beings. These gifts and abilities are natural, as natural as rain and will be yours; again, as they were long ago before you came into physical embodiment.

See the changes that are occurring in your life with more rapidity as the changes that naturally occur when there is a transition, whether it is as in the world of nature, the green leaves of summer growing brown and crispy and falling to the ground. These transitions are designed, through divine intent, to allow you to move gracefully into the new world, if you so choose. It is your choice to allow or to resist and none others.

We realize that change presents challenge to human nature. Many humans are highly resistant to change, preferring to follow ancient patterns of behavior or what they deem to be ancient patterns of behavior. However, we see that none of the patterns now being dissolved in your world are ancient, but have been artificially placed over the top of more ancient, grounded cultures. Much of the rhythms of life lived by your ancestors has been overlain by a shallow, poorly rooted culture of competition, consumerism and militarism. Still, these structures are being broken apart by the beginning of new roots of cooperation, right living, mutual respect and acceptance of diversity and the blessing of conscious living on a living planet.

Old ways of living with the earth will be re-discovered, presented to all by the record-keepers of the planet, the indigenous people who have carried the secrets of the old ways despite great hardship and danger. And these old ways will be complemented and built upon by new technologies that work in concert with the planet, not in opposition to life. The great forests and grasslands will grow, again. The deserts will bloom and the climate will stabilize, becoming warmer and wetter in some areas and drier and warmer in others.

As the emotional and mental bodies of the inhabitants of the planet come into balance and are infused with soul energy, so, too, will the body of the planet glow with new light, emanating from her center out into space like a glowing ball of light. Great crystal cities of light and more isolated farms and small communities will be scattered out across the globe as people come to work together to create a dazzling, life-enhancing new world. Your planet will be a beacon of light for those worlds who still struggle to overcome their own trial through darkness and separation. You will be teachers and mentors for those people and those worlds, if you so choose.

The process of ascension is ongoing and will continue through many stages of transition. This is but one. Not all humans will ascend in the coming months and years, but will continue to grow and learn in a more allowing atmosphere in the next generations, leading up to another window of opportunity for planetary ascension in some 3,000 to 3,600 years from now. This is the way life proceeds, quickly for some, slower for others. There is no judgment as each soul determines for its soul extensions what experiences it wishes to undergo while in physical form.

There are those among you who will choose to move on beyond the boundaries of physical existence to return in your great light bodies from whence you came on this mission to assist the population of this planet to approach ascension. And there will be others of you who choose to stay, ascended yet able to retain physical form in order to assist those who are still opening up and learning. There will be much to do and much to be. Discover for yourself what your path will be and follow it, out of joy and out of a desire to serve others.

Release judgment of yourself and most certainly free yourself of the need to compare your “progress” to that of others around you. Each of you is precious and loved by the Creator, by your Father/Mother God; there is none who can replace you or who has your unique qualities. Discover what these qualities are by allowing yourself to immerse in playful exploration and celebration of everyday life. Release yourself from a need to perform up to standards; discover your own standards, your own rhythm and flow of learning and letting go. You may discover that your note, your rhythm does indeed move with the rhythm of your soul family and true multidimensional self.

There is so much for you to discover in this new world that surrounds you. By engaging this exploration in a gentle way, suited to your own pace, you will find yourself opening up like a flower responding to the light of the sun, gracefully and joyfully.

Be aware of the chaos around you, but know that you no longer have any need to engage with it or to pursue it. You can be in this world and observe the chaos as theater, as it is unreal and not a part of what you truly are, a beautiful being of light experiencing a life in a physical body. You do not need to perform according to the expectations of others. Find your own note, your own calling, what brings joy to your heart in your own way and go forth with a wide-open heart. Do not seek to hide or protect yourself from others but to learn to embrace life in all its grand diversity and multiplicity.

The birds sing up the Sun every morning and carry its light with them through the night. Can you do any less? Learn to celebrate life around you, every moment, every day, and observe the changes within and without with an eye free of judgment and limitation. The vistas are expansive, the possibilities and potentials are endless. With cooperation and sharing of resources and gifts, your world will be remade in a new image, in a new way. And you can choose to be a part of that celebration right now.

Our blessings flow out to you. Call upon us or whatever guide or mentor you wish to assist you to move through the challenges that still lay ahead. Go forth in joy and with wide-open eyes and hearts; go forth as little children taking in the delights and challenges of the world with equal enthusiasm.


Thank you, beloved Council of Nine.


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Collecting People

This morning I had what felt like a mini-revelation to me as I was sitting in the living room looking at the world atlas.  This started because yesterday I saw a picture with a quote from Peter Deunov (1864-1944) who was from Bulgaria.  Well, I thought of my friend Bina, who is from Bulgaria.  I always forget how I found her exactly, but we definitely are connected.  So I shared that picture with her, and she wrote back with some info on the dance of life – Panevritmia in the Rila mountain, that happens each August 19 in Bulgaria.

So, I’m looking at Bulgaria, thinking of Bina, and then I look at Romania and think of Martin, and Turkey and I think of Mahasti.

Then I’m reminded of how Isa from Portugal and Mike from Greece helped me find something yesterday.  It just took us a few minutes to figure out where I had read something, but it was a post I wanted to share with Mark, who lives in Australia, who had made a comment on Laura’s page.  She lives in Nova Scotia.

So then I was reading Aisha’s blog on WordPress, and she is talking about how people are connecting and becoming community.  Which made me think about my own blog, right here, which I’m still a little shy about.

Even so, I have had views from over 80 countries in the world.  For the most part, I have no idea who visits, and most don’t leave comments, so I am not sure what they think.  And that’s all ok – a connection was still made.

I like the analogy that life is like a finely woven tapestry of threads.  Each thread is unto itself, yet with twists and turns and knots they all work together, and in the end, there is a beautiful picture that can only be seen by stepping away from it all and taking a big picture view.

How do we connect?  It might be as simple as a smile shared with a stranger, passing by quickly.  It might be that we worked together, at a job or as a volunteer.  I might see you often, or I might never see you at all.  We might have shared a vision that we were working on.  It might be that our kids were doing something together.  It might be a quick comment that you make, that makes an impression or gives someone a momentary boost.  And you might never be aware of the impact of these occurrences.  Then again, these interactions might lead to more conversation, sharing, a sense of camaraderie, a sense of relief that you’re not the only one that feels that way or experienced that.  For me, in many cases, it feels like finding people.  Long lost friends.

I had a reason to be south of DC not long ago, in the town where Lynda lives.  I messaged her and we met up and I got a hug.  Just a quick time together, but what a treat!!  I found my friend David in London, back when I was googling for info on alternative education.  Izzy is someone I greatly admire who is a brilliant writer and thinker.  He and Lenore don’t know each other, but they both live in New York and they are both forward-thinkers when it comes to how we raise our kids.  Which makes me think of Andrea, who is blogging from Ecuador about living there with her twins.

Then there’s Jalal from Yemen.  Ronny from Israel.  Naresh in India.  Donna in San Diego.  Gloria and Cintra.  Alyce and Verna and Joc.  J & V.

It can go on and on.  Old friends and new ones.  Close friends and mere acquaintances.  Family and in-laws, cousins and ancestors we only read about in books.  Famous people we have had the opportunity to meet.  Musicians that touch our souls.  I’m going on… get the idea.  It’s a web of connections.  With each connection I make, I get connected to that person’s web.  The old six degrees of separation, if it’s even that many.

I’m collecting people.  I’m finding my soul family.  Sure, not everyone will “click” and that’s ok – but the more open I am to getting to know all kinds of random people, the more treasure I will find, the more of the tapestry I will see.

It really is great fun.

why share

The last prophecy of Master Peter Deunov

Also known under the spiritual name of Beinca Douno, the Bulgarian Master Peter Deunov (1864-1944) was a being of a very high level of consciousness, at the same time an incomparable musician, that gave during his whole life an example of purity, wisdom, intelligence and creativity. For years he was established close to Sofia where he lived surrounded by numerous disciples, he, by his radiance awakened the spirituality of thousands of souls in Bulgaria as well as the rest of Europe.

Some days before his departure to the other world, he was in a profound mediumistic trance, he made an extraordinary prophecy in regards to our troubled epoch that we are crossing today, a prophecy about the “end of time” and the coming of a new Golden Age of humanity.

Here is this deeply moving testament. It is current and so vibrant that one doubts that these words were spoken almost 60 years ago.

~=~ -:- ~=~ -:- ~=~ -:- ~>>-<>~+~<>-<<~ -:- ~=~ -:- ~=~ -:- ~=~

“During the passage of time, the consciousness of man traversed a very long period of obscurity. This phase which the Hindus call “Kali Yuga”, is on the verge of ending. We find ourselves today at the frontier between two epochs: that of Kali Yuga and that of the New Era that we are entering.

A gradual improvement is already occurring in the thoughts, sentiments and acts of humans, but everybody will soon be subjugated to divine Fire, that will purify and prepare them in regards to the New Era. Thus man will raise himself to a superior degree of consciousness, indispensable to his entrance to the New Life. That is what one understands by “Ascension”.

Some decades will pass before this Fire will come, that will transform the world by bringing it a new moral. This immense wave comes from cosmic space and will inundate the entire earth. All those that attempt to oppose it will be carried off and transferred elsewhere.

Although the inhabitants of this planet do not all find themselves at the same degree of evolution, the new wave will be felt by each one of us. And this transformation will not only touch the Earth, but the ensemble of the entire Cosmos.

The best and only thing that man can do now is to turn towards God and improve himself consciously, to elevate his vibratory level, so as to find himself in harmony with the powerful wave that will soon submerge him.


Dimension Shifting as an Aspect of Empathy

Remember, it’s all metaphor, especially when you get to the point where words just don’t seem to do the job anymore.  You know it, you feel it, but you can’t really describe it adequately.  Well, to me, the idea of “dimension shifting” is one of those things.

Celia Fenn describes this idea in one of her channels of Archangel Michael.  First you have to be familiar with the idea of dimensions (see another of her descriptions here).  Maybe a simpler or more familiar way to think about the idea of dimensions is to use the word levels, levels of awareness or perception or spiritual development.

Each of us has moments where we are more “together” or grounded or comfortable in the place where we are.  Then we each have times where we are stretched or out-of-place or uncomfortable.  Sometimes we “rise to the occasion” and sometimes we “sink to their level.”  We have personal paradigms of how the world works, so does everyone else, and it’s what people talk about when they talk about different realities.  Reality is more fluid than we realize.  And I’m not explaining  this very well, but for purposes of this discussion, these situations represent the different levels, and the fact that we all move from one to the other is the shifting.

This is the natural way of it.  We are each different and we each have stuff that we’re good at and stuff that we are working on.  Combine that with the fact that we interact with others that are good at their own stuff and working on their own other stuff.  There are endless combinations even if we are talking about two people.  Get a larger group together and it gets very complex.

If we are aware that this is what’s going on, and that it’s natural and to-be-expected, then we are less likely to get caught reacting in an emotional manner, jumping to judgments that there is something “wrong.”

In the old Third Dimensional paradigm of duality, where everything is either this or that, right or wrong, up or down, there is little room for the complexity or subtlety that I am talking about.  For someone who is fully immersed at a 3D level, the idea that it’s ok for others to “flip flop” or switch sides or associate with someone who “has it wrong” or to be “shifty” is very uncomfortable and this person will likely react and get upset.

At the next level, one doesn’t automatically become upset or fearful or angry that there is a mismatch of perspective, of “levels” or “dimensions.”  One can recognize the mix in what’s going on, and be patient and understanding or open to gaining information.

So, it’s all about being aware of the level where you are, and the level(s) of others around you.  PLUS, add the idea that there are Soul Groups, families of souls that have shared bonds or purposes or origins.  Simply, from a human perspective, there are people that we just “click” with.  We don’t necessarily have to understand why.

There will be times, like on Friday when I had lunch with a “soul sister,” when I can share my deepest thoughts, because she is on a parallel journey to mine.  We can each share an idea in our own words, and because there is a very deep level of openness and trust, well, we just “get” each other.  I can “go there” with her, and it’s amazing.  The understanding is automatic.  I have no doubt that we are connected closely at the soul level.

I can listen to the music of ALO and it resonates with my soul.  I totally “get” the lyrics in my own way.  They speak to me at a very deep level.  Zach, Dan, Steve and Dave feel like brothers, despite the fact I’ve only just met them briefly.  But we share the same space in a certain dimension.  This is hard to put into words, and would sound “weird” if you are thinking about it literally, rather than figuratively.

I can “visit” another person’s space, allow myself to feel where they are for a time.  I don’t have to “agree” with everything they think or decide they are “right” – I can just enjoy knowing and understanding them.  Another word for this skill, for being able to travel to the space of another, is empathy.  To allow a full connection of or response to empathy, the other person must show their true self, be open and trust that the sharing is safe.  The more open both sides, the deeper the connection and level of sharing.

There are instances, however, where two people just aren’t “on the same wavelength.”  Isn’t that amazing that we use that expression??  (It’s all frequency!!)  In these cases, it just is.  No one has to be right or wrong.  It doesn’t even mean that someone is more or less than another, it is just different.  I can still have empathy and be open to understanding.  It just might feel like more work.  These instances provide the greatest opportunity to expand one’s skills in the areas of communication and understanding.  It can also feel very frustrating, which is probably leftover expectations from third dimensional programming.

Even two people who have a high level of empathy and are skilled at shifting can be from two very different Soul Groups.  These two people might be very open and able to share deeply, but they might feel less of a connection or ease in understanding.  From my perspective, this is where there is potential for HUGE advances in Peace and Understanding for Humanity.  When I work on knowing others who are very different than me, but who are able to communicate at a deep level, that interaction feels very, very powerful and exciting.

Maybe the best example of this is the Israel-Love-Iran campaign started by Ronny Edry.  Cutting edge stuff at a whole new level!


The Overview Effect

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