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Dimension Shifting as an Aspect of Empathy

on March 4, 2013

Remember, it’s all metaphor, especially when you get to the point where words just don’t seem to do the job anymore.  You know it, you feel it, but you can’t really describe it adequately.  Well, to me, the idea of “dimension shifting” is one of those things.

Celia Fenn describes this idea in one of her channels of Archangel Michael.  First you have to be familiar with the idea of dimensions (see another of her descriptions here).  Maybe a simpler or more familiar way to think about the idea of dimensions is to use the word levels, levels of awareness or perception or spiritual development.

Each of us has moments where we are more “together” or grounded or comfortable in the place where we are.  Then we each have times where we are stretched or out-of-place or uncomfortable.  Sometimes we “rise to the occasion” and sometimes we “sink to their level.”  We have personal paradigms of how the world works, so does everyone else, and it’s what people talk about when they talk about different realities.  Reality is more fluid than we realize.  And I’m not explaining  this very well, but for purposes of this discussion, these situations represent the different levels, and the fact that we all move from one to the other is the shifting.

This is the natural way of it.  We are each different and we each have stuff that we’re good at and stuff that we are working on.  Combine that with the fact that we interact with others that are good at their own stuff and working on their own other stuff.  There are endless combinations even if we are talking about two people.  Get a larger group together and it gets very complex.

If we are aware that this is what’s going on, and that it’s natural and to-be-expected, then we are less likely to get caught reacting in an emotional manner, jumping to judgments that there is something “wrong.”

In the old Third Dimensional paradigm of duality, where everything is either this or that, right or wrong, up or down, there is little room for the complexity or subtlety that I am talking about.  For someone who is fully immersed at a 3D level, the idea that it’s ok for others to “flip flop” or switch sides or associate with someone who “has it wrong” or to be “shifty” is very uncomfortable and this person will likely react and get upset.

At the next level, one doesn’t automatically become upset or fearful or angry that there is a mismatch of perspective, of “levels” or “dimensions.”  One can recognize the mix in what’s going on, and be patient and understanding or open to gaining information.

So, it’s all about being aware of the level where you are, and the level(s) of others around you.  PLUS, add the idea that there are Soul Groups, families of souls that have shared bonds or purposes or origins.  Simply, from a human perspective, there are people that we just “click” with.  We don’t necessarily have to understand why.

There will be times, like on Friday when I had lunch with a “soul sister,” when I can share my deepest thoughts, because she is on a parallel journey to mine.  We can each share an idea in our own words, and because there is a very deep level of openness and trust, well, we just “get” each other.  I can “go there” with her, and it’s amazing.  The understanding is automatic.  I have no doubt that we are connected closely at the soul level.

I can listen to the music of ALO and it resonates with my soul.  I totally “get” the lyrics in my own way.  They speak to me at a very deep level.  Zach, Dan, Steve and Dave feel like brothers, despite the fact I’ve only just met them briefly.  But we share the same space in a certain dimension.  This is hard to put into words, and would sound “weird” if you are thinking about it literally, rather than figuratively.

I can “visit” another person’s space, allow myself to feel where they are for a time.  I don’t have to “agree” with everything they think or decide they are “right” – I can just enjoy knowing and understanding them.  Another word for this skill, for being able to travel to the space of another, is empathy.  To allow a full connection of or response to empathy, the other person must show their true self, be open and trust that the sharing is safe.  The more open both sides, the deeper the connection and level of sharing.

There are instances, however, where two people just aren’t “on the same wavelength.”  Isn’t that amazing that we use that expression??  (It’s all frequency!!)  In these cases, it just is.  No one has to be right or wrong.  It doesn’t even mean that someone is more or less than another, it is just different.  I can still have empathy and be open to understanding.  It just might feel like more work.  These instances provide the greatest opportunity to expand one’s skills in the areas of communication and understanding.  It can also feel very frustrating, which is probably leftover expectations from third dimensional programming.

Even two people who have a high level of empathy and are skilled at shifting can be from two very different Soul Groups.  These two people might be very open and able to share deeply, but they might feel less of a connection or ease in understanding.  From my perspective, this is where there is potential for HUGE advances in Peace and Understanding for Humanity.  When I work on knowing others who are very different than me, but who are able to communicate at a deep level, that interaction feels very, very powerful and exciting.

Maybe the best example of this is the Israel-Love-Iran campaign started by Ronny Edry.  Cutting edge stuff at a whole new level!

3 responses to “Dimension Shifting as an Aspect of Empathy

  1. Ekhava says:

    Reblogged this on Ekhava and commented:
    Great piece. I would take it even further. As I have said before, acceptance will take you past the many barriers mentioned. The only obstacle would be self. When you accept someone for who, or what, they are you know enough about them to communicate with and love them. Once communication has been established I find out what we have in common and make note of what we don’t and choose to focus on what it is that can and will bridge us and forge a sting bond inspire of the small differences we may have.

    This road is much harder but worth it.

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