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Pope Francis: No Surprise Here!

on March 14, 2013

The events of the last month regarding the resignation of Pope Benedict and the election of Pope Francis were not a surprise to me.  I’m not even Catholic, and I don’t really keep up with this stuff, but still, no surprise, and I’m going to tell you why.  I knew something like this would happen sooner or later.  I didn’t know any details, just had some clues.  And the icing on the cake was a great bonus that I hadn’t thought of until I noticed it yesterday!  But let’s start back before Benedict was elected…

I discovered Lee Carroll and Kryon a couple years ago.  If you aren’t familiar with them, Lee channels Kryon, a benevolent entity.  Read this blog post which talks about channeling and Lee’s perspective on it.  If you are interested in knowing more, go to

Kryon’s words ring true for me.  They just do.  Reading his words have made so many things make sense for me.  That may not be true for you, I’m just telling you how it is for me.

Kryon does not make too many predictions.  He explains that from the spirit world, they see things very differently than we do.  Time is not linear for them.  They see things as a “soup of potentials.”  When the potentials are very high, Kryon can give us a pretty good idea what is going to happen, but there is never a time given.  It just doesn’t work that way.

So I want to give you an idea of the kinds of things Kryon says and talks about.  Here are some examples of what he has said about the Pope.

The Last and Next Pope  (April 10, 2005)  from here

[Note that this was channelled right after the death of John Paul II, and before the conclave of Catholic Cardinals had selected the next pope.]

“Kryon, we just lost what appears to be a great religious leader, Pope John Paul II. What are the ramifications of this?” My partner eluded earlier to the man called Karol who became the pope [spoken of earlier within the seminar]. He discussed what his goals were and what he did on this planet that really had nothing to do with his religion. Oh, perhaps the hat he wore did, and the places he walked did, and the ceremony around him did. But this was only given to facilitate what he could do.

But you see, like you, we knew Karol. He leaned into the wind of birth, too – just as you did. He was no different. And Spirit said to him, “You’re going to have a chance to change the earth because the energy of this planet has the potential of being very different. There are potentials when you get to be a certain age where there’ll be something called the Harmonic Convergence on the planet, and things will begin to change. You can fit into this as a world leader. Are you ready for that?” And he said yes.

No angel asked Karol if he wanted to be a Catholic, as he leaned into the wind of birth. That was simply the vehicle that got him into the position where he could change the planet the way he did. You couldn’t have had the absence of the Armageddon that you’ve experienced without Karol. Did you know that [speaking of his direct involvement in the influence of the fall of communism]? So his belief system not only served him well, but it propelled him to a special place that was his alone to be in, and one that allowed him to touch billions all at once. And so it was that this great religious leader, who also knew intuitively what he was doing, had a love of humanity. His favorite thing was to be among common people – and he was, every time he could be. When he got to the position where he could make a difference, he did.

Now, there’s something you don’t know about Karol. The last decade of his life, he was very frustrated. Go look at the pictures. Go look at the pictures of the first 16 years. Then look at those from the last ten. The last ten, he was suffering – not just with his health – he was anguishing over a situation that none of you truly know about. For in his last ten years this man wanted to make some more changes while the time was ripe, but he knew he was too old.

Karol didn’t have the energy to make the changes he really wanted to make, and those around him fought him to keep things the way they were. It was all very political, and someday this information may come out into the open, and you’ll hear about those who influenced him in the last ten years and helped to keep things on an even keel. He was too old to make a difference and he knew it.

Karol was not of a consciousness to make some of the changes that many cried out for – about poverty and the role of women in his organization (that will come later). But Karol cried out in his heart for the children that were abused by the priests, and he wanted to do something about this and make a difference. He believed that his Savior wanted him to make a difference, but he couldn’t do it. So what might look to you like inaction was instead the pope suffering, for he was not allowed to do what he wanted – due to his lack of energy and those around him who made certain he didn’t.

“Kryon, here we sit with conclave of cardinals about to meet and select a new pope. What’s the potential based upon the energy right now of the selection? What’s going to happen?” I’ll give you two potentials of what might take place in the next few days, because your future is always about free choice. There is no entity who can tell you about the future, since it’s totally in the hands of the free-choice of humanity. However, based on the energy of the moment, here’s what we see: (1) You’re either going to have an interim, temporary pope for only a short amount of time (relative to the last one), who will lead to a radical pope; or (2) You’re going to go right to the radical pope. Either way, you’re going to eventually end up with a man who’s going to do things to shake up the establishment.

Let me give you some of the potentials of what the radical pope may be involved in: This religion he leads on earth has doctrines that no longer “square up” with what humanity is seeing around itself. He absolutely has to address this issue, for the sophisticated Humans will leave the church otherwise. There will be those who may even call him “the evil pope” because he’s going to go against tradition when he slowly starts a process that honors the Virgin Mary more than any pope ever has – therefore honoring women within the church, elevating them to higher positions… even to priests.

He will speak about family planning, and start processes that will slowly justify it in the eyes of God [this will take awhile], but it must come from the man who “sits in the chair” [ex cathedra] to change the doctrine of the whole organization. Because of this, he will also be in danger and will have to have constant protection.

Then he’ll talk about what to do with priests who abuse children. Watch for this. Even if you receive the interim pope, he’ll set the stage for the radical pope in this area. For this is in the energy aura of what we would call the potential future around this grand event. The earth is filled with free choice and it can go any direction, but I’ve just given you the potentials of what is here and now.

From Second Quarter 2005:  (found here)

(41) QUESTION: Dear Kryon, I’m sure you’ll get lots of questions regarding the new pope. He seems “old energy” to me. He’s not the cardinal that my guidance pointed to as the new pope. Please comment!

ANSWER: From Lee: Read on this Website. This is a channelling done in Washington, D.C., before the new pope was elected. Kryon described one of two scenarios we would have through free choice, in terms of who the new pope would be. The one we got is exactly one of the choices Kryon described: a short-term, interim pope who is a placeholder. Timing is everything.

From a channel found here speaking about Spirituality (March 3, 2012)

Number one: Spirituality. The systems of spiritual design on your planet are starting to change. This is not telling you that certain ones are going to go away. They’re simply going to change. Some of the largest spiritual systems, which you would call organized religion on the planet, are shifting. They’re going to shift away from that which is authority on the outside to authority on the inside. It will eventually be a different way of worship, slowly changing the rules while keeping the basic doctrine the same.

The doctrine of the Christ has always been to find the God inside. The teachings were clear. The examples of the miracles were given as an example of what humans could do, not to set a man up for worship as a God. So when that has been absorbed, the teaching of the Christ can remain the teaching of the Christ. It simply changes the interpretation.

The teachings of the great prophets of the Middle East (all related to each other) are about unity and love. So once the holy words are redefined with new wisdom, the Human changes, not the words of the prophets. In fact, the prophets become even more divinely inspired and their wisdom becomes even more profound.

You’re going to lose a pope soon. I have no clock. Soon to us can mean anything to you. The one who replaces him may surprise you, for his particular organization will be in survival mode at that point in time. That is to say that fewer and fewer are interested in starting the priesthood. Fewer and fewer young people are interested in the organization, and the new pope must make changes to keep his church alive. That means that his organization will remain, but with a more modern look at what truly is before all of you in a new energy. It is not the fall of the church. It is instead the recalibration of the divinity inside that would match the worship that goes on. It’s a win-win situation. The new pope will have a difficult time, since the old guard will still be there. There could even be an assassination attempt, such is the way the old energy dies hard. That is number one. Watch for it. It’s a change in the way spiritual systems work. It’s a realignment of spiritual systems that resound to a stronger truth that is Human driven, rather than prophet driven.

There’s another subject that Kryon has been talking a lot about, and it is relevant to the choice of the new pope.  Kryon has been talking about how the energy of the planet has been changing, from primarily masculine in the past moving toward feminine in the future.  (The idea is that we are moving toward balance.)  Rather than explain it all here, the best way to get what he’s saying is in this channel from November 2011 that was given in Lima, Peru.  Bottom line is, it is the Southern Hemisphere that has a more feminine energy.  If the “balance of power” is moving toward the feminine, and the feminine is in the Southern Hemisphere, it makes all kinds of sense that the new Pope would be from there, right?

Now for the icing.  From a completely different angle, I have become aware of another attribute of this new Pope.

First, the background.  In January of 2011, it was announced that a 13th sign was being added to the Zodiac.  Believe it or not, I have never really been “into” horoscopes, but I did always know I was Sagitarius, born on December 11.  When the new sign, Ophiuchus was announced, it was interesting to me, because I fall into those dates – November 29 to December 17.

The symbolism and significance of Ophiuchus is very impressive, and a very amazing woman named Donna Provancher has put a staggering amount of information together on this, that you can find here: an intro and a whole book full The Quintessential Ophiuchus.  She also has more on the new Pope here.

So of course, I just giggled when I found out that the new Pope’s birthday is….

December 17th !!!

OF COURSE he’s an Oph!  You just have to read about what that means, and you will see why.  Very encouraging, I must say.

But remember, no one can predict the future.  We live on a planet with free will.  It is all about potentials.  But I will say, the potentials are looking pretty darn good!


If you want to dig further, dig this:

And more metaphysical Pope-talk here:

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