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A Process with a Purpose

on March 21, 2013

I have come to accept Reincarnation as an integral part of the way things are.  That being said, understanding how it works is a process, and my understanding has grown and changed.  When we talk about “past lives,” that implies a linear understanding or perspective on the subject, where a conceptual understanding would incorporate different thinking about the existence (or non-existence) of time and space.  In the paradigm we are moving into, All happens in the Now, there is no Past or Future.  Let’s just know that, and know that for the sake of ease of discussion, we can talk about reincarnation and past lives using linear language, mostly just because we are used to it.  Hey, everything is more complicated and wonderful than our linear, 3D language can describe, but in order to think about and discuss these things in words, sometimes you just have to go with the tools you already have and are used to.

Read the words, but know the concepts at a deeper level.

For this discussion, there are assumptions we would agree on, that logically build to some conclusions:

  • I am not my body, I am an eternal soul.  My body can die, but my soul is forever.
  • My time on Earth is temporary.  While here, it seems like this is “everything” but that is not “true.”  It’s all set up to be this way, that’s just the way the experience of being in a physical body on Earth is.
  • We keep coming back to Earth, to experience a different life with different circumstances.  These experiences stay with our soul.  It’s a Process with a Purpose.
  • At the level of our soul, we cannot be “bad” or “unlovable.”  There is absolutely no judgment at the level of the soul.  “God” or “Source” or the “Creator” created everything and said it was “good.”

When Souls were created, it was similar to the process of cell division.  The Beginning started with the (erroneous) idea that something separate from God could exist, and this possibility was explored in an instant.  In a way we can understand, this has been described as occurring in steps, as the Breath of God (energy embodied) separated and split in two, over and over, multiplying exponentially, becoming denser and denser, more and more separate and individuated.  The Creation of Souls.

(Please, please understand that my description of this in words is not “right” or accurate, as it is impossible to describe using words.  My words are really not important.  I hope they trigger in the reader, a remembrance of understanding that is already there, in the reader’s soul.)

The groups of souls that resulted after most of the separation occurred have been called Soul Families.  Some describe the numbers that are included in specific types of Soul Families.  Others say that a soul can be a member of multiple soul families.  As hard as we try to describe this, we always have to remember it is beyond words and beyond the grasp of the human brain.  The words help us get close, but they are just a hint of what really is.  The Soul Family Connection is experienced in Earth life when there are certain individuals that instantly feel like family (familiar) and we just “know” and “feel” connected.

The last separation or split of the soul, into the embodiment of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine, is described as having been the most painful split – one soul into two equal and opposite half-wholes of the same soul.  These are referred to as Twin Souls, Twin Flames, sometimes Divine Complements.  This concept is at the heart of the longing of each individual to “find their other half” or to feel “completed.”  Again, a concept that words cannot begin to describe.  The story of Adam and Lillith parting, and the resulting loneliness experienced by Adam, who tried to “solve” his wound by finding a suitable companion is a story which describes this process.  See Adam’s First Wife.

Human souls had to “fall” down to the depths of separation in order to explore the idea.  (“Sin” is separation from God.)  Relationship is what we call the experience of souls interacting with other souls in Separateness (in Sin).  Each soul was thrust into the idea and experience of separation.

Separateness/Sin brings up all kinds of Issues.  If we believe we are all separate, each has to look out to protect his/her own self.  The idea of lack or scarcity means that I have to make sure I have enough by getting more than you.  This leads to greed, anger, all the manifestations of Sin, all kinds of competition.  Relationships at this level are all about survival, protection, safety, fulfilling needs, being justified, being better than another.

All the while, relationship after relationship, Souls have explored all kinds of possible scenarios in Sin. There are as many possible scenarios as there are souls, multiplied by the number of “tries” (lives).  Sounds kind of scary and overwhelming, huh?

While we were at it, we asked:  What are the possible “solutions” to separation, and the possible, logical “conclusions” of separation?  Belief systems came into Being… if we could just Believe and follow the Rules, that would make it all “work.”

Institutionalized ideas emerged that focused on what is “right” and what is “wrong” in order to protect society.  Society (or group consiousness) had to determine what behavior was justified and what was unacceptable.  Attempts to “control” others and the behavior of the masses made total sense, because in this paradigm of separation, if Sin got out of control, that would mean Disaster.  The world going to hell.

Fear, in a nutshell.

What to Do??  What to Do??  There was so much to figure out!!  How to parent your children, how to interact with your spouse, how to treat your in-laws, how to be a good friend, how to protect yourself from negative people, how not to make mistakes in a potential love relationship, how to get your kids to hang out with the right kind of friends, how to be giving yet not taken advantage of, how to do business, how to make a living and survive, how to manage your time…

Each Soul has had to experience many, many aspects of separation (sin) before they could exhaust the idea and “work their way back” to Union.

In the end, when a soul has exhausted the possibilities, explored every angle, tried every method to manage separation, there is only one conclusion:

Separation is Impossible.  It does not exist.  There is only Home.

Individual relationships with “other” souls are really just pieces of the “relationship journey” which in reality is the relationship with Self.   Separation cannot exist in a world lovingly created.  It is an illusion, a dream that never was.

TS elliot

At this point, the Soul awakens.  The lightbulb goes off.  Everything becomes clear.  There is no longer Fear, since no-thing is separate and there is no “other”.  There is no judgment, no right or wrong, no better or worse.  All of the misconceptions fall away or are stripped away, leaving nothing but the only destination.


After such a long (and instantaneous) process of exploration throughout many lifetimes, the only path is Home to Union.  The path of Re-Union works its way backwards, with the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine healing their split, first in each individual soul which attains balance, then by the Twins healing their own painful split by eliminating “sin” or separation between the two.  And then?  The Adventure continues…

When I read about The Gathering of God, I read between the lines and know the mystery.

Union.  It already IS and always WAS.

We’re all “Workin’ Our Way Back to Union” — maybe that’s why I always liked this song!  (excuse the bad joke 🙂 )

3 responses to “A Process with a Purpose

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  2. David says:

    This is a beautifully expressed post. I feel the ‘truth’ behind the words. Thanks for sharing.

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