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What Really Happened in Boston?

on April 24, 2013

What really happened in Boston?  Why would anyone do such a thing?  How do we even go about processing such a tragedy?  If everything happens for a reason, then why?  What are we supposed to learn and what good could possibly come of something like this!?

This post is prompted by two simultaneous conversations I was having this morning about the Boston bombings. I’ve been working on a post about Victim Consciousness but hadn’t finished it, so here it is, in an unexpected form.

Bad things sometimes happen to people, and they are victims, there is no question about that. Victim Consciousness is different – this describes a way of thinking, a paradigm of perspective, or a human dynamic that is followed.  You can be an actual victim of circumstances, yet not adhere to Victim Consciousness.  How we react to the bombing at the Boston Marathon can give us insight into how or whether we are playing the game of Victim Consciousness.

There is an extremely insightful audio file at this link that describes Victim Consciousness.  To get the full idea of what I’m talking about, you really need to listen.  I’m going to summarize here, combining my words and theirs.

Sri and Kira describe Victim Consciousness as a three-legged stool.  The three legs are:

The Victim:  a disempowered, collapsed energy

The Perpetrator:  an aggressive, conflictual energy


The Rescuer:  the white knight, needed to balance the triangle.

The stool cannot stand without one of its legs.  It doesn’t matter which leg is missing, the whole thing falls apart without that one leg.  And the triangle that is being held up is FEAR.   FEAR absolutely CANNOT stand without any one of the three energies.

This is really just a game we have all been playing in a world of Duality.  We usually think of the Perpetrator as BAD and the Rescuer as GOOD, and we can all feel sorry for the Victim and feel better than them or be glad we escaped their fate.

Each person can choose to stay in the game of Victim Consciousness and continue to play and explore Duality.

BUT, all of us have the ability to rise above this.  The million dollar question is:  Are you ready?

Let’s use the Boston bombings as an example to look at the ways one can continue to play the game, or choose to see beyond the game.

Let’s talk Perpetrators:  the two brothers, Islamic terrorists, Chechens….ok those are the easy ones. Depending on your perspective, there are more to be found.  Do you know that people were told that there were bomb drills going on that day?  What’s up with that?  Some pictures make one question whether there were actors planted in the crowd to overdramatize the event.  Could you believe that?  Some think the military response used in the chase of the brothers was overkill.  For purposes of this discussion, it doesn’t matter what is true, what matters is that you can identify the perpetrators in your version of the game.

Next, the Victims:  There are obvious Victims who suffered injury in this situation.  But who do you see as the Victims?  Besides those injured by the bombs, there are those runners who were “wronged” because they could not finish this important race.  There were people who suffered not knowing whether loved ones were ok.  There are those who actually lost loved ones, and that includes a mother whose son died in a gunfight and was then run over by a car driven by her other son.  There were many people who could not leave their homes and were scared by gunfire on their streets.  Businesses were victimized by losing a day of business.

Then, there are the Rescuers.  There are the brave men and women who we saw run toward the bomb sites and those who helped the wounded.  There are the police and firemen and medics who did their duty.  There are the runners who kept running to hospitals to give blood.  There are mothers and fathers who hugged each other and hugged their children.  There was the FBI and the law enforcement community who worked together to investigate and find the perpetrators and those who saw the pictures and identified the bad guys.

So now, the “event” is over, and there are many who will continue to deal with it and bring it to some conclusions.  We will continue to relive this tragedy, some more than others.

For most of us, we were not directly affected by this situation.

Stop and think about that.

The only effects on most of us are the thoughts and emotions that our minds have created, based on the input we got from the media or maybe friends that were there.  And we have control over those thoughts and emotions.  How much time do we spend thinking about it?  How much time we spend thinking about the bad guys and how bad they are and how bad the world is and who we can blame for that, is up to us.  We can spend a lot of time thinking about who should do what to fix it all and who should have done what.  Monday morning quarterbacking – it’s a fun game to play, but it doesn’t accomplish anything.

Are you attached to hating the Perpetrators?  You are supporting a leg of the stool.

Are you having a hard time letting go of your sorrow for the Victims?  I am not saying we shouldn’t care or have compassion.  Personally, the situation makes me sad for all the Victims, the younger brother included.  (Does that get you upset?  Do you think he is “all bad” and not worthy of compassion?)  But to dwell on and replay the horror over and over in your head or to become fearful that it will happen to you tomorrow is being attached to the Victimhood.  You are holding up a corner of the stool.

Now, the Rescuers.  Absolutely no one can find any fault with those who responded to the situation at the time.  These people are not the kind of Rescuers we are talking about.  Did you notice that many who were interviewed, didn’t think they did anything unusual?

In this situation, see who identifies with the role of the Rescuer and attaches to that part of the story and glorifies it.  They are holding up a leg of the stool.

When you get together with a group of friends and talk about Boston, how does the conversation go?  Does everyone talk about how bad the Perpetrator is, and do you all agree on who that is?  (Nothing brings people together like a common enemy.)  Or do you focus on the Victims, and talk about how terrible it is for them?  Or, do you focus on what should be done to make it right, reinforcing righteousness?  Are you collectively holding up a leg of the stool?

This model of the triangle of Victim Consciousness is so prevalent and ingrained in our global belief system, that most people don’t question it, much less are they aware of it. Moving beyond it is not about judging it or yourself, it’s just about becoming aware of it and seeing it for what it is.

If at this point you think I’m delusional and I don’t understand how the world works, that “that’s just the way it is” that’s totally fine.  I just have one question — did you actually listen to the audio file?  Look, I usually don’t listen to these things myself, but it really does explain a lot.  Even if you did listen and you still disagree — just be aware that you are making the choice to stay there in that world.  Because it IS a choice, and if you choose to work to rise above it, it IS possible.

Not necessarily easy, but it can be done.

For me, the whole situation in Boston felt like watching a movie.  I could identify with all the different people that were there, and how it must have felt for them.  I cringed at the thought of people getting hurt and being scared.  I was thankful for those who helped others.  I wondered why and how in many different ways.

My sister works in Watertown and used to live in Cambridge.  Her friend was close to the late-night gunfire.  He had the SWAT team in his basement that Friday morning.  I heard how it felt to be a local that day.  This was an interactive movie I was watching.

Now the movie is over, with a sequel to come.  I’m still thinking about it, as many people are.  But I don’t feel driven to blame.  I am not afraid.  And I don’t feel the need to have opinions about how to fix it all or who should do what.

Beyond the three-legged stool, the Perpetrators create a Mirror, a picture that gives us an opportunity to see ourselves, see our culture, see the contrasts in the world that allow us to understand what happens when something goes wrong.  The Rescuer energy transforms into Compassion and Helping, without the need to feel superior or condemn.  The Victims are simply those who are facing challenges, inspiring us with their strength and ability to rise above.

Movies can seem so real sometimes, especially the interactive ones.  It’s easy to get sucked in to the game, especially when we are all so used to it.  But now you know:  You get to decide if you are going to continue to play or just watch.

Just remember:  when you stop playing, the fear no longer exists.  Poof.  Gone.  No more.  Done.  No power, no control.  Freedom.  Nothing changes, yet everything has changed.


8 responses to “What Really Happened in Boston?

  1. […] past.  They point out his mistakes, in order to feel superior.  It’s another version of the Perpetrator-Victim-Rescuer game.  The only thing more fun than playing this game, is arguing about which character is playing […]

  2. starlight says:

    I read your whole post but haven’t yet listened to the audio (as I’m at work – but currently have not much to do!). I will listen to it later if I remember to do so. The topic I found to be interesting, I was thinking a lot about the predator/victim cycle earlier today and last night.

    It’s been drawn to my attention that I’ve been in a victim cycle for at least a decade of my life, I also received feelings and information showing me that within a past life (probably more than one) I was in the ‘predator’ or ‘bully’ role. I had to keep experiencing the opposite roles in order to learn that it’s a pretty bum deal to play either role!

    So as a victim, you can keep blaming ‘someone’ for something, because that way you shift responsibility off yourself onto someone else. (someone else did this to me! I didn’t deserve this! etc).

    By acting powerless you pretend you’re not responsible for your actions or it’s ‘someone else’s fault!!!’, the trouble with this is we’re actually all responsible with how we act. You can also use the victim state to leech energy out of people ‘…poor me, all this bad stuff happened, won’t someone feel sorry for me?’, some people will fall into the ‘giving’ role to try to help you which will only further fuel the victim to act as a victim! (until they decide to stop doing so) or at least give you some of their energy. I’ve done this before so I know how it works. It’s been a while since I escaped this role now though.

    Problem is, the bully/victim seem to attract each other like yin and yang! The core issue of victim mentallity is that you’re deliberately ‘dis-empowering’ yourself and trying to shift responsibility onto someone or something else, hence the possible blame and hate aimed at the perpetrator (whether imagined or real), and the lack of responsibility.

    When it comes to major issues like world disasters, I struggle to relate to them unless they happen closer to home. I logically know they happen, and sometimes think about how those involved must feel, however I usually end up thinking ‘well, terrible things happen – I already know that, I also am not in a situation where I can do much to help, I certainly don’t have the power to stop it.’ Which leads me to have a ‘shit happens to everyone, I’ll just work hard to deal with my own shit.’ – It’s trouble enough to deal with one persons issues (as anyone who has tried and failed to ‘help’ someone knows), so I don’t like to adopt the problems or anyone or everyone else. I would be keen to help if I was put in the situation to help others, or it was requested, though.

    The key issue is to empower yourself, start to take complete responsibility for your choices and face up to your own individual problems – fight your inner darkness. If everyone could do this it would sort out a lot of problems!

    What do you think, am I making sense?

    • jlcmom says:

      you are making total sense. what you are saying makes me think of something I read, I will try to find it and copy it here……

      • starlight says:

        *sigh*, I’m not going to tell many people about this, but I felt I had to tell someone. I’m being placed under such extensive and brutal ‘attack’ (if you know what I mean), and it’s happened since I’ve talked about it publicly on my blog 😦

        I’m either going to delete my blog, or hide it for now.

        I’m going to retreat for now.

      • jlcmom says:

        to me that shows that they know they are losing — like a toddler having a temper tantrum. Stay strong!

      • jlcmom says:

        Here’s what I was thinking of:

        Quick NOTE!!!

        Regarding Healing Anyone randomly…or
        Sending energy to anyone….

        If I could Heal Everyone on PLANET EARTH overnight, or Shift Everyone on Earth in a couple of days..

        TO do so WITHOUT PERMISSION…( which can be done)


        Do you know that?

        A LOT of Souls would NOT LIKE THAT!

        Why you ask?

        When you incarnated you carried with you in your Blueprint Agreements to complete.

        Most of the Trauma present on earth today is carried over trauma in the EMOTIONAL body from previous incarnations, WAITING TO BE CLEARED.

        Did you hear that?

        Most trauma on Planet Earth is through the “Emotional Body” from previous incarnations carried over…to NOW…

        They are not so much lessons ( things needing healing or blocks to shifting) but levels of awareness waiting to be RECOGNIZED through a well orchestrated life PLAN AS DESIGNED BY YOUR SOUL….

        An alteration in the PLAN, without Permission through the LEVEL OF AWARENESS…(which was the point in the first place) would simply lead to a REPEAT ONCE AGAIN OF THE Blueprint Agreement needing to be addressed.
        That would then result in the illness coming back…etc.

        These levels of awareness IS WHAT THIS IS ABOUT…AND THEY are the Codes awaiting activation.

        YET also in the plan are the POTENTIALS for instant healing and shifts..

        Free will….the alignment to CHOOSE OR NOT CHOOSE A DIRECTION is always in PLAY.

        Be Conscious of your Choices throughout the day. Be conscious of YOUR emotional Body.
        If you receive before you the tools to be in Harmony and to be Healed…yet your emotional body “PROTESTS”…

        look closely at “the aspects of your emotional swings”……

        Then ask yourself, can YOU LET THAT GO ALSO?

        FREE WILL your WILL…makes choices…what are YOU CHOOSING!

        Above all for Health and Youthfulness…an Emotional Body…
        filled with Unconditional Love…

        That Kind of Beauty NEVER FADES….

        I love YOU.

        Laura Pleiadian
        Pleiadian Delegate; The Queen of Light

        ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

        her website:

      • starlight says:

        Thanks, I’ve read your replies. The part about healing the emotional body makes sense, I’ve been working through this for a long time and still more junk comes up! I’ve also had several ‘past life’ issues crop up which were quite intense in themselves. I’m one of those types who is pleased to work through issues quite quickly if the methods are provided to sort through them – they’re inside and aren’t going anywhere till I work through it, so may as well plow through – is my own personal view on this.

        Other people are not so keen to face it yet.

  3. David says:

    Such an insightful post. The 3 legs of fear analogy is a powerful metaphor. Like you, I am able to identify with all 3 positions relating to this particular event. Like you, I feel compassion for everyone caught up in this event. Like you, I also see an opportunity to look in the mirror and ask myself, who do I choose to be in relation to this event?

    “Global media stunt” were the first words to flash across my mind as I observed the news footage. Like you, I felt like I was watching a movie – it just didn’t seem “real” (though it is difficult to express this feeling in words without appearing to trivialise the suffering experienced by others). I’m not surprised to read that there were bomb drills taking place on the very same day. There were terrorist drills taking place on the day of the London bombings as well as on 9/11. The implications here are obvious to me (completely unthinkable to most others) and yet I choose not to dwell on such matters, for to do so is to engage in the drama of duality and to contribute to the orchestration of similar such events. Instead, I stand back and I quietly observe. I accept that I am looking into a mirror; observing a snapshot of the state of our collective consciousness. I am at peace within myself.

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