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How to Diffuse Hate and Anger: Can it really be THAT simple??

on April 25, 2013

There is so much hate and anger in the world.  Hate and anger result in a lot of pain.  But we think we are powerless to stop the cycle.

When we encounter bad situations, mean people, things that shouldn’t have happened, things that don’t make sense, we feel sad.  But what do we do with that sadness?  So many of us automatically get angry or want revenge.  We want to fight it to make sure it never happens again, or never happens to anyone else.

When someone says to respond with love, that can seem really naive.  Doesn’t everyone know you have to fight the good fight??

So I challenge you to watch this really simple video.  Watch how these kids respond.  This is basic human nature, and it’s really simple to get the result you want.  The question to ask yourself is, which response do you really want?  Do you really want to diffuse the negativity, or are you subconsciously enjoying the drama of the fight?

Not convinced?  Check out this one:


3 responses to “How to Diffuse Hate and Anger: Can it really be THAT simple??

  1. LOL….I mean really LOL, I wish I would have seen this yesterday when I was on the phone with my husband and I went right down into the rabbit hole with him, dammit…. It is the biggest lesson for me to not react. xo

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