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“Love Eyes” — Do you See what I See?

on June 27, 2013

This morning I have been blessed and amazed to “see” a part of another’s soul journey, and I just have to share this.  First, this quote:

God cannot be seen with these physical eyes.

In the course of spiritual discipline one gets a ‘ love body’,

endowed with ‘love eyes’, ‘love ears’ and so on..

One sees God with those ‘love eyes’.

One hears His voice with those ‘love ears’.

With this ‘love body’ the soul communes with God.

– Sri Ramakrishna Paramahansa

So what I have “seen” this morning, is something I am seeing with my “love eyes.”  There is no judgment here, no need to decide right or wrong, because that’s not what “love eyes” see.  I hope that sharing this makes sense to you.

I’ll have to tell this story from two perspectives:  What the World Sees, and What Love Sees.  OK?

What the World Sees: 

So I know this guy, another parent.  He’s a tall, handsome black man.  A motivational speaker who has written books, and I know that he has had a very positive impact on many people.   He is very obviously a committed father and husband.  An all-around really great guy.  He also has a very powerful presence.

Because the world uses labels, I have to say that this man is a conservative Christian.  Which is what makes his Soul Journey so very interesting.

The subject areas of gay marriage and equal rights for the LGBT community are very difficult for this man.   This man’s moral code says homosexuality is wrong.  This core belief is a part of him, and he is so very committed to being consistent and believing in and supporting what is right.

He cares very deeply about doing the right thing, so when the “other side” accuses him of being hateful, or a bigot, this is a very personal attack.  He is not a bad guy!!

What Love Sees:

Love sees a Soul who has come into this life to help people.  A Soul born into the black community, who is helping his community to rise above the residue left from a history of racism, discrimination, and hate.  This Soul is living the aftermath.

At the same time, this Soul is also experiencing, firsthand, what it felt like to be on the other side.   Back when the issue was the color of someone’s skin, there were people who thought it was “unnatural” for blacks to marry whites.  People honestly believed that blacks were “less than.”  These were core beliefs at the time – and those that held these beliefs were people who were committed to “doing the right thing” and supporting what they believed was “right.”

AHH!!  I almost forgot to say:  many of these people were committed Christians, who used the Bible to justify the existence of SLAVERY!!!!!

DO YOU SEE WHAT I SEE????  This amazing Soul is living both sides at once!

When I see this and think about it, it just blows my mind!


Isn’t that the most incredible “set-up” for a life experience?  What a challenge to choose to come into this world and experience all of that!

I see Love

What do you think?

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