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Join the “Let’s Think About It” Camp

on September 23, 2013

I just have to say, it’s not just the “School Systems” that are obsolete and could use a re-think.  Most of what we take for granted can use a re-think.

Seems to me like we take one of three approaches to the challenges that we face:

-Assume that it’s “just the way it is” and feel that there is no hope to make it better.  So, just accept it and not think about it because it’s too depressing.  Ignore the problems and hope they just go away, or at least do whatever you can to avoid being affected directly.

-Get angry.  Probably most likely when you or someone you care about is affected by something that could stand to change.  Some people get angry when they have paid attention and they can see a system that’s not working.  The problem is, anger might make you feel like you did something, but anger doesn’t do anything productive to make things better.

-Think about it and try to figure out a solution.  Understand the problem from as many angles as you can.  Consider what might make things better.  Focus on working together, figuring things out, listening to each other.

The more people join the “Let’s Think About It” Camp, the more likely we will be able to come up with some solutions, some improvement, together.

There are lots of people out there who are thinking about it.  “It” is different for different people.  There are plenty of challenges out there to go around.

And it’s the people who have been in the trenches, who have experienced the problems, the mistakes, the painful situations, the failures, the strife, that have the BEST experience who can make such important contributions to the discussions.


Wake up everybody

no more sleeping in bed

No more backward thinking,

time for thinking ahead

The world has changed

So very much

From what is used to be

There is so much hatred

War and Poverty

Ooh, Ohh, Yeah

Wake up all the teachers

Time to teach a new way

Maybe then they’ll listen

To what you have to say

‘Cause they’re the ones who’s coming now

When the world is in their hands

When you teach the children

Teach the very best you can

The world won’t get no better

If we just let it be

The world won’t get no better

We gotta change it, yeah

Just you and me

Wake up all the doctors,

Make the old people well

They’re the ones who suffer

And who catch all the hell

But they don’t have so very long

Before the Judgement Day

So won’t you make them happy

Before they pass away

Wake up all the builders

Time to build a new land

I know we can do it

If we all lend a hand

The only thing we have to do

Is put it in our minds

Surely things will work out

‘Cause they do everytime

It’s the God hour

The morning I wake up

Just for the breath of life I thank my maker

My mom say I come from hustlers and shakers

My mom built it on skyscrapers and acres

He said take us back to where we belong

I try to write a song

As sweet as the Psalms, the one the type to bare arms

And wear my heart on my sleeve

Even when I fell in God I believe

Read the days that weave through the maze

The seasons so amazing

Feed them and raised them

Seasons are aging

Earthquakes, wars, and rumors

I want us to get by but

We’re more than consumers

We more than shooters, more than looters

Created in His image so God live through us

And even in this generation, living through computers

Only love love love can reboot us

Ohh Wake up, everybody

No more sleeping in bed

Ohh Wake up, everybody

I said I need a little help, y’all

Ohh need a little help, y’all

Come on, come on, come on, come on

John Legend – Wake Up Everybody Lyrics

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