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Your Frequency is Your Choice (reblog)

This is from ANDREWMARTINBLOG which can be found here.  I love the metaphor of tuning the radio!

Your Frequency is Your Choice

November 29, 2013

Greetings to you! We wish to speak to you today about frequency. There are so many energies available to all of you at any given moment and it is our intention for you to know you can always choose a higher vibration if you so desire. We have spoken to you about the still point of creation and how your magnificent bodies can detect the purity of information as it relates to you.

We would like for you to consider for a moment, dear ones that your bodies are like radio receivers. As we have mentioned through our scribe in previous messages, your bodies are designed to send and recieve information. This information is sent in the form of vibrations. Light, energy, emotion, thoughts, all of these are vibrational in nature. Consider for a moment that you have in every moment the ability to tune into a higher frequency. For some of you this may be a very minor adjustment, for some of you this may be a “bigger turn of the dial” so to speak. We want you to know that the choice is always yours. We want you to know that as we turn up the intensity of love and light that is being showered to your beautiful planet right now that we are doing our best to make tuning into the higher vibrations as easy as we can. It is simply a matter of closing your eyes, breathing in and out three times and beginning to listen for the signal in the noise. Just like a radio tunes into specific stations using the dial, you can use your discernment to tune to a frequency that feels lighter, happier, freer, higher than the one you are tuned to now. We know that some of you are tuned into a very loving, positive, stream right now. The station you have tuned your radio to is playing such lovely music! (laughter)

Some of you may feel that you do not like the station to which you are tuned at this moment and we say to you then change the channel dear ones! If you feel that the vibrations you are sending and receiving are of a lower energy then you would prefer, then you can simply begin to adjust your internal dial to a station that feels better to you. Now we know that so many of our precious human brothers and sisters like their routines and their habits and for so many of you you have gotten very used to listening to a station that is of a lower vibrational frequency. Fear not dear ones, for we have told you before there is not a wrong way. Your intention is the most important thing in this moment. For if you clearly intend to tune into a higher, clearer, lighter frequency than the one you are used to then you will be given the opportunity to do so. For once you have created the desire to adjust your dial in a positive way then it is done!

Be kind to yourselves as you begin to traverse this new landscape. We understand that your set point which you may be used to living in could be of a lower vibration than what you desire to tune into. Over centuries of forgetting you have begun to believe that you must trudge on regardless of how you feel. We will say to you again that that time is over! You are magnificent Creator Beings infused with the same love and light that we are all a part of. There is not one of you who at your core is different than your neighbors. Some of your neighbors live next door, across the street, or upstairs. Some of your neighbors live on other planets and in other dimensions…way upstairs! (laughter)

What we mean to say to you in this message dear ones is that your point of vibration is always and only your choice. We understand that over the centuries of forgetting that you may have gotten used to vibrating at a frequency that is lower than you realized and now that so many of the higher frequencies have opened up to you, you may be realizing that your “set point” is now your new foundation. Your new “lowest vibration” is now much higher than it used to be and for some of you this may seem very disorienting and very strange. It is as if you were used to living on a particular level and now you see that there are so many other options available to you. We encourage you to allow this new unfolding, to allow this new process of “leveling up” so to speak. When you have those moments of feeling lost or feeling unsure, we will remind you to always go inside. To find that still point we have spoken to you of and to go to that place and begin again. Fear not if you feel anger or fear or frustration, for your dial must simply be tuned through these lower vibrational stations in order to arrive at your desired place.

Consider dear ones that if you were tuning your actual radio dial to find the music that you desire, you would not stop on the stations that you do not like and curse them for being there. You would merely use the unchosen frequencies as a marker letting you know that you are still on your way to your desired point of broadcast. If you were intending to tune to the jazz station, you would not stop on the rock and roll station and talk about how much you hate rock and roll, would you? (laughter) You would keep tuning past the noise that is unappealing to you until you found that station that you prefer. Your feelings and thoughts are the same dear ones. When you find yourself feeling or thinking in a way that feels low or heavy, simply recognize that it is merely a brief moment in time and that you are well on your way to your desired frequency. Honor those other stations for they are there to merely clarify for you what it is that your heart is moving you towards.

We will say to you that you always have the still point inside, you always have the beauty of your heart center and going to this place will always remind you of where you are going. You are never lost, you are never alone. You have woken up and have begun to remember and now it is merely a matter of learning to live in the “new now”. Just like on your first day of 5th grade you may find yourself longing for the comfort and familiarity of 4th grade as the new may seem scary and un-known. Yet we remind you that if it was not time for you to be in the next grade, then you would not be there! Allow yourself some time to adjust to your new class room, your new teacher and your new school mates. And if you ever feel overwhelmed or afraid, go in to that stillness and breathe. Breathe, breathe, breathe and you will begin to remember that all is well. All is as it should be and all is unfolding according to plan. Once you have been able to breathe and center yourself, then you can re-open your eyes and rejoin the class so to speak. Eventually, in much less time than you would believe, you will forget that you ever feared your new now and you will begin to revel in the excitement and joy of your new class! You will find friends and allies that you had forgotten about or who are seemingly brand new to you and you will wonder why you ever feared the new class in the first place! (laughter) So dear ones, fear not, just breathe, focus, feel. Find the signal in the noise and begin again to tune your dial. You will find the station you desire and you will know it when you feel it. Until next time we leave you in love and light! Rejoice!

The Lighted Ones.

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Your Perfect Body (repost from Scott Sonnon)

Post from Scott Sonnon today (read about Scott here):
I read a comment from a “professional” who stated, “if you really want it, you’d just do it, you’d discipline yourself to get a perfect body.” Normally, I would feel very sad for the individual who wrote that comment, except for that they are in an authoritative position where they are promoting this soul-sucking error of mind, body and spirit.

We can exercise all we want, but we can’t burn off a cancerous body-image. We can go on the most disciplined diet in the world, but we can’t feed our soul, and we will spiritually starve from it if we don’t begin with this first and most critical truth:

You already have a perfect body.

Facing severe eating issues as an obese, pre-diabetic child, I had discovered the hard way that self-loathing exacerbates eating issues. The attitude that you are bad and wrong sets up a volatile chemical environment in your body that prolongs and worsens the issue… even when your external shape appears to have changed to have met your perceived target.

Let me share a secret that you won’t read very many places: as someone who trains celebrities, models and actors, looking a certain way won’t make you happy. Only being happy makes you happy. And if you want to be healthy, the first and foremost attitude you must hold within your heart is happiness.

To make healthier choices, don’t attack yourself as an imperfect body; for if you don’t love yourself before those choices, you won’t love yourself after; as the cycle of self-hazing will only be perpetuated. Truth, not force, positively transforms us. Happiness, not hate, makes us grow. This relentless coercion to be a certain size, shape or weight carries us farther from our truth and our happiness, not closer to it.

Eat when you are hungry and until you’re satisfied. Eat in a calm environment, sitting down and without any distraction. Eat what your body truly requests of you – neither than temporary compulsions nor the imposed agendas. Eat with gratitude, excitement and reverence at the chance to bring this meal – this new part of you – inside… to continue your growth and refinement. Eat with colleagues, friends and family who truly love themselves as they are right now; and if you cannot, remember you’re eating with someone that they love dearly, who deserves to be happy right now, because they’re always and already perfect: you.

Very Respectfully,
Scott Sonnon

Scott has so much wisdom to share.  I’d encourage you to follow him!!

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The New Way of Relationships (reblog)



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(Note:  For some reason, I can’t get links to work to specific articles from Celia Fenn’s website.  So if you go to the website here, you have to look under the Articles and Information tab on the left.  She has SO much good stuff there!!  I’ve copied her article below.  )

One of the areas that has been most affected by the coming of the Crystal Energy and the shift to Multi-Dimensional living, has been that of relationships. Many people are experiencing heartbreak and pain as longstanding relationships disintegrate. Or they find themselves alone and without a partner, despite a sincere desire to be in a loving relationship. Or they enter into a series of relationships that just don’t seem to “work out”, and then they tend to give up and lose interest in the whole process.

What is going on?

Why are relationships under such extreme pressure at this time?

Surely this transitional time would be when we need relationships the most?

Yes, we do need relationships, and we will have the support that we need, even if it sometimes doesn’t feel like it. But relationships are one of the key areas where the tidal wave of change is being most intensely felt. Maybe this is because the need to relate and to be loved and accepted is such a key human need. And it has become a place where old energies need to be released to allow for new forms and structures.

The Indigo Children, in their roles as “Systems Busters” have been instrumental in helping to initiate these shifts, and the Crystal Children will help us to consolidate new ways of relating.

In the wake of the Indigo children, we have moved from a society that only accepts male/female monagamous relationships within marriage, to a society that is more prepared to accept different kinds of relationships. The importance is the need to relate, not what sex or class or race the person with whom one is relating belongs. This is a revolution that is opening up a whole new way of thinking about what relationships are, what it means to relate, and how we conduct our relationships.

The Old Ways of Relating : Relationships, Archetypes and Karma

In the old third-dimensional energy, relationships were often based on physical attraction or magnetism. The concept of “chemistry”, “love at first sight” and many other romantic concepts fostered by endless movies and novels was the motivating force. It was all about what you looked like. And this was accompanied by whole industries to ensure that you stayed youthful, slim and sexually attractive in order to ensure that you would “attract” a suitable partner. This, it was argued, was nature’s way, and the best looking humans attracted a partner and reproduced their genes. Well, maybe so. But human relationships are not just about reproduction. They no longer need to be. There are enough people on the planet to allow us to begin to remodel relationships as about something other than sex and reproduction.

Also, when two people enter into a conventional marriage, the force of the archetypal energy is often so strong that they are almost compelled into predetermined roles. Many people who swore they would never end up replicating their parents marriages, did just that. Why? Because despite good intentions, the archetypal impetus of the marriage system, built up over thousands of years, tends to take over and create the reality. Men and women fall into “provider” and “nurturer” roles, or they enter into power games to see who can dominate and who will submit. Or they play out victim, abuser, rescuer dramas. And quite often, they pattern these dramas on their parental models.

These patterns are learnt in childhood, as the child observes the parents in their dance of relationship, and the subconscious records all the details for future reference. In Metaphysics we call this the “Inner Child Drama” and it contains all the unresolved issues of both that family experience, and probably many past life family experiences where the soul has played out all the roles in the “family drama”.

We have learnt to explain this process of soul roles as “karma”, and we tell ourselves that we have to go through this experience in order to learn. The partner in the relationship is seen as a mirror of our issues, and we diligently work to assimilate whatever “learning” there may be for us. And probably just as diligently reincarnate in order to continue with this supposed “learning”.

But one of the things that Indigo and Crystal have taught us is that “karma” is an outdated concept. KARMA IS FINISHED! And this doesn’t just mean that now you have graduated karmic school to become a wiser being. It probably means that there was no such thing anyway. It was just another “system” that humans invented to help to explain why all the other systems they had invented, including the “system” called “marriage”, were uncomfortable and had to be endured and worked at and persevered with.

As we enter into the Crystal state, we begin to understand that relationships are about creative partnerships. They are about soul bonding, experiencing the self and the self as other, and about co-creating. They are not prisons, and were never meant to be. They are about FEELINGS. Being able to share and communicate the full spectrum of feelings to and with another person. And this can be done within the parameters of loving parental and family relationship, but there are many other ways that this can also be explored and enjoyed.

The Multi-Dimensional Relationship

The new forms of partnership are very different. They are based on different criteria and needs, and are played out in different ways. As we become more at ease with the Crystal state, we will become far more accustomed to these new kinds of relationships.

  • Soul Resonance rather than Physical Attraction

    People will be attracted to each other on the multi-dimensional or soul level, rather than the physical. The physical will still be a part of a Crystal relationship, but it will not be the primary focus anymore.More and more people are looking for a “Soulmate”. Whatever beliefs we might hold about whether or not soulmates exist, it does seem that there is a deep longing in most people to blend energies with a compatible soul.

    And it is at the level of the soul that there must be resonance and “compatibility”.

    This does not mean that the partners will agree on everything. In fact, if they did the relationship would probably not work. Rather there will be a healthy balance of agreement and disagreement.

    Crystal people operate from the heart, and will always allow their partner to be exactly who or what he or she is. They will not need to change the person or make them “better” or rescue them or provide for them. They will share with them and support them in their adventure of growth and self-exploration, and expect the same in return. But there will be an “allowing” and a freedom that will enable each partner to grow and to blossom into their full potential within the relationship.

  • Planetary Partnerships

    This is a phenomenon that I have personally noticed in recent years, especially among Indigos in their twenties and early thirties. Their relationships are often trans-global or planetary.With the easy access we now have to the Internet and to air travel, we have become global citizens. We now take airplanes from continent to continent like we use to take buses around town. And we can send an e-mail that is answered within hours, rather than writing a letter that would take weeks. And so we are enabled to “relate” across the planet. And,as all Crystal people know, all that loving energy being sent around the planet is creating a web of love and joy that can only have positive results in the long term.

    So it is becoming quite normal for people to source soul partners from different continents and countries.

    And, the magic of the Internet is that it can transmit feelings as well as ideas and concepts. Again, all Crystals know that they can transmit heart energies through the Internet. The Internet is a “nervous system” for the planet that transmits messages as light impulses through silicon/crystal chips. And so, it is becoming an extension of the human resources for locating a resonant soul with whom to relate.

  • Equality in the Partnership: Keeping the Balance

    In a multi-dimensional relationships it is essential to keep the balance between the partners. There needs to be complete equality in the relationship.Old relationship patterns of dominance, control and attachment have to be released.

    If one partner dominates or controls the other, then an imbalance is created that will undermine the relationship. Anger will arise that will have no outlet for expression, since it will be assumed that this is the pattern for the relationship. In a Crystal relationship, each partner consciously watches to ensure that they are neither disempowered nor that they disempower the other. Rather, they look for ways of empowering themselves and their partner in positive ways.

    When there is no dominance of one by the other, and there is an allowing of what the other person is, then there is no reason for the approval seeking behaviour that is so often part of old energy relationships, where one partner constantly seeks the approval of the other. There is no emotional neediness or fear, just acceptance and love.

    And, if the relationship reaches its end, then there must be a willingness to let go, and not be attached to that particular relationship. Even soul resonant relationships may end when the partners outgrow each other or find the need to explore who they are in other ways and directions. And then the best thing to do is let go, allowing each of the partners to grow into new and different energies. And to allow the sadness that is felt when something ends, but also the anticipation as something new begins. Even if that something is a period of aloneness, as we adjust to the new person we are becoming.

  • Allowing the Full Spectrum of Feelings

    This will probably be one of the most difficult things for us to negotiate in the future. So many of us believe that a “good” relationship is one in which you are always positive and happy and joyful. Where the other person always makes you feel good about yourself. But, in the multi-dimensional state, relationships are about self-exploration and growth. And your partner may need to challenge you in order to help you to grow, or you may need to challenge them.This challenge may include playing out anger and frustration, and allowing the partner to be in these emotions and feelings without feeling personally threatened, or that the relationship is threatened.

    Multi-dimensional relationships will always play through the full spectrum of feelings – not only the positive ones. The challenge, for us, is to allow these darker energies and to handle them in a creative and compassionate way, knowing that if so handled they will help us to grow and experience ever more of who and what we are in this particular relationship.

    The importance again, is balance. Too much negativity, and the relationship will swing into negativity and become violent and destructive. Too much positivity, and the creative tension that enables growth is unlikely to be there and the relationship will probably stagnate.

  • The Key Elements: Communicate and Co-Create

    The important thing to remember in the new multi-dimensional relationships is that they are primarily adventures of self-exploration in which we discover ourselves through relating and creating with another being.So there are two key elements that need to be always present. The first is COMMUNICATE. In whatever way works best for you. There are many ways to communicate in a multi-dimensional relationship, from talking to telepathy, and they can all be explored and played with creatively. But where two people are constantly communicating, they are expressing themselves and discovering themselves through what they express.

    The second key is CO-CREATE. There must be a reason for the partnership. Together you must be creating something, even if it is only your own spiritual growth. But, in order for a multi-dimensional relationship to flourish, there must be a place for all that wonderful higher frequency creativity to find expression on the physical level.

    And it may even be that the creative comminication that happens between partners will enable and empower each of the partners in their own creative projects. The creativity does not have to be expressed in co-dependent ways, but is used as empowerment for each person’s individual creative projects and exercises.

The Sacred dance : the Spiritual Principles of Relating

dancer1.jpg There are many ancient Creation myths and legends that tell how the original God-force created two beings out of its essence. These two beings, in turn, went on to create All That Is.

So the basic spiritual principles behind creation are Unity (the Oneness of All That Is), Duality(the One exploring itself through the tensions of opposites) and Multiplicity (the replication of this basic dance of creaitivity many times over into complex and wonderful forms).

Relationships allow us to rediscover that original dance of the TWO who are in fact ONE. The movement is always towards discovering Harmony and Unity, and then discovering that in fact there is also disharmony and duality because the two are now unique individual beings. But the key to this dance is to balance and flow from unity to duality and back again.

There are also many ancient myths that speak of the original deities “dancing” through the heavens as they spin out creation in the wake of their dance. The myth that comes to mind is that of Shiva and Shakti, whose union and “dance” represents the union of the Sacred Masculine and Feminine energies in the ongoing dance of creation.

In our relationships in the new multi-dimensional energies, we need to understand the steps of the sacred dance of Shiva and Shakti, if we are to replicate them in our own lives. The dance had three primary steps or movements:

    • The first movement is always towards Harmony and Unity. Two people are attracted together and seek to discover in what ways they are alike. This is the movement towards the Divine Force, or the movement of the Two seeking the state of the Original One. Because this movement is towards the Divinity, this phase of a relationship is always ecstatic and joyous and creative, as the two beings feel the flow of light and energy between them. They discover each other and find the best parts of themselves mirrored in the other in this part of the sacred dance.
    • The second movement is always away from Unity and into Separation. The One becomes Two, who are each separate and unique. In this phase of the relationship dance the two people discover in what ways they are different, and because this stage of the relationship is AWAY from divine source and towards separation and duality, there is often anger and anxiety in this phase, and a need to exert control inorder to maintain the sameness.This is because in our spiritual culture we have become afraid of duality. We see it as something bad, and we strive for Unity consciousness and we seek to move “beyond duality”. But we can never move beyond duality while we have a separate and unique identity. In our highest state of consciousness we will always be a part of this dance of energies between Unity and Duality. To be conscious is to be aware of the dance, and to be able to let go and enjoy the dance knowing that the flow will always be back and forth between these two states of being.In a relationship, this means that we must be prepared to experience times of challenge and discord. There may be anger, frustration and other negative energies. These must be handled with elegance and the knowledge that, if so handled, they will not be destructive. This is what we call the SHADOW side of the relationship. It will always be there. How it is handled and integrated will determine the quality of the relationship. If both partners or “dancers” know how to cope with the dance of anger and negativity, then it can be negotiated without creating such an imbalance that the relationship/dance is disrupted and destroyed. I have always found that the key here is to allow anger and negativity to be expressed and released, without taking it personally, or needing to defend yourself in destructive ways if there is equal anger on both sides. This just creates a spiral of negative energy that prevents the dance from taking its next step or movement.
  • The third or last movement is always back to Unity and Harmony. The Two once again discover, through their separate journeys, that they are indeed One. In fact, they rediscover each other and their oneness, since they have learnt something more about the self and the other, and are now reuniting on a higher spiral of evolution and consciousness. And having learnt this particular new thing, there is no need to go back and do it again and again, this being how destructive patterns arise within a relationship. Skilled cosmic dancers know how to let go and move to new levels of experiential dancing, by keeping the relationship in a state of growth and new movement.
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The Cycle of Abuse

All around me I am observing the fall-out of the Cycle of Abuse.  Since this cycle has not affected me directly, in a dramatic way, it is easier for me to observe and ponder it.  But since it is close enough, this cycle insists that I think about it.  If you found this post through Google, you are probably thinking about the same situations that have prompted me to write.

I am always looking to understand.  I want to find solutions.  So in my mind I have been working at integrating concepts that together, for me, create an understanding of the cycle.  I believe that you can’t “solve” something if you don’t first understand it.

These situations involve lots of details.  Some facts are known, many are not.  At one level, and especially to the persons involved, the details are terribly important.  To those of us who are not directly affected, it can be very tempting to get wrapped up in the details, to investigate or become obsessed with finding out what really happened….but step back and think about it — for what purpose?

If we really care about this issue, we will care more about understanding the dynamics of it, and less about the details.  We will want to figure out how to break the cycle.  So this is where I’m coming from as I’m thinking out loud here.

I’m talking about the Cycle of Abuse in families.  We hear about instances of parents abusing children, and we can’t fathom why anyone would harm a child, a child they are supposed to love and care for.  Why does this happen??

The concepts I’m talking about come from ideas presented in several books.  I’m thinking about these concepts as overlays, as I talked about in my post Thinking in Color.  The concepts are:

            Love Languages (Gary Chapman)

            Control Dramas (James Redfield)

            The Process of Grief (Elisabeth Kübler-Ross)

I’ll attempt to describe each of these concepts, and then talk about how they fit together…and if this feels to you like I’m getting at something, you might want to look further into the books referred to in the above links.

Love Languages

The Love Languages idea is that we each “feel” loved in different ways, the languages of:

  • Words of Affirmation
  • Acts of Service
  • Receiving Gifts
  • Quality Time
  • Physical Touch
  • (Food?)

If I show love in one language, to someone who feels loved in another language, there will be a disconnect.  I intend to love, yet the other person isn’t feeling it.  Mostly, thinking about this is a really great exercise in self-awareness and in understanding how others can be different.  No one love language is “right” or “wrong”, we just have our different preferences.

Interestingly, Wikipedia notes that Mindy Meier suggests that there is another language, food.  This makes sense to me – what else is “comfort food” but a way to feel loved?

Control Dramas

James Redfield’s concept of Control Dramas describes how humans “get” love from others.  He talks about Control Dramas in terms of getting “energy” but we are really talking about the same thing.  Energy, Love, Attention….same thing.  We talk about little kids “wanting attention” – what they are looking for is love or energy.

Redfield explains that we get energy many ways, food being the most basic one.   But humans also get energy from each other.  He describes four basic ways that people use behavior to get attention from others:

  • The Poor Me
  • The Aloof
  • The Interrogator
  • The Intimidator

I cannot do these justice here….so click this link to read a description from Redfield.

Redfield talks about how each person must look at their own family dynamic to understand their own preferred control drama(s) and why they learned to use it.  If you had a parent with an active style, it is likely that you will use a passive style, and then your children will likely use an active style.  For example, Intimidators tend to have children who are Aloof, and those children have kids who intimidate.  It’s more complicated than that, but you get the basic idea.  Here is a great summary of the book The Celestine Prophecy.

All of these Control Dramas are ways to get energy from external sources. When a person has an internal sense of self-love and no longer needs to “get” it from others, they no longer feel the need to control others or manipulate them into showing love.

So to put these concepts together, if someone is manipulating someone else into showing love, all that showing is going to be expressed in one of the Love Languages.

An Intimidator who uses Words might be a Verbal Abuser.  If his Love Language is physical, he might abuse physically.  If his Language is Gifts, he might threaten to take away material things.

The more extreme the behavior of the parent, the more extreme the behavior of the child.  Extreme aloofness (neglect) in a Parent is likely to result in a Child with extreme active behavior (intimidation or interrogation).   Likewise, these behaviors can be very subtle and can exist in relationships that appear to be highly functional.  The possible combinations and scenarios are endless.

So, it seems reasonable to imagine a child whose parents are absent, either physically or emotionally, in an extreme way, who responds by developing a Control Drama of Intimidation.  If this child has a Love Language of Physical Touch, he may grow up to control and intimidate his children in a physical way.  These children may very well respond by becoming Aloof or a Poor Me.

This seems to me to be a way to explain the Cycle of Physical Abuse.  Does this make sense to anyone else?

Grief is Part of the Cycle

The Cycle of Abuse is painful.  It is painful for all of those involved.  We tend to think about the perpetrators/active Controllers as being “bad” and the passive controllers as being “victims” but if you take away the judgment, it is really just a dynamic that makes sense because all of the people in the cycle are just looking for love as best they can.

And when people are in pain and have wounds that need to heal, they grieve.  We might primarily think of grieving as a process we go through when someone dies, but we also grieve other kinds of losses.

We instinctively know that when others, especially family members we love and trust, treat us in ways that are controlling rather than loving, that we are doing without the love we deserve.  This is loss.

You are probably already familiar with the stages of grief:

  • Denial and Isolation
  • Anger
  • Bargaining
  • Depression (Sadness)
  • Acceptance

To fully heal from grief, one will eventually get to the Acceptance phase.  But this doesn’t happen for everyone.  Especially with the kinds of wounds we are talking about, people can remain in their preferred Control Drama, using their preferred Love Language, in a certain phase of Grief.  Pushing through all of this has to be a really difficult, painful ordeal.

For example, a person who uses the Poor Me approach, might very well get stuck in the Denial/Isolation or Depression/Sadness stages.  If they express love in a verbal way, they may continually talk about how sad they are.  A child in this situation who loves by physical touch may become very clingy and want to be held all the time.  They might need a whole lot more quality time.

The active Dramas of Control might more likely get stuck in the Anger or Bargaining phases.  Physical types might act out in Anger, verbal types would more likely rant or attack those who are not in agreement.

It’s important to note that only the person in the situation, can figure all of this out for themselves.  None of us know what’s in another’s head or where they’ve been.  For those who are close to the one who is hurting, this can be a challenge.  Well-intended “helper” types may want to tell the person what to do……but sometimes “helping” is really just another form of control.

Is there a Way Out of the Cycle of Abuse?

To SOLVE the problem, we want to help all parties learn how to find love in appropriate ways.  And getting love from another person is never the ultimate solution.  Each of us must learn to love ourselves and to know that we are loved unconditionally by God.

And yes, this makes much more sense if one believes in a higher power, in God or Source or Spirit.  And so, of course, no surprise, this is a complicated, multi-faceted problem that has a complicated, multi-faceted “solution”.   And as you are reading this, if your personal belief system does not align with some of these ideas, then the solution I’m talking about won’t make sense to you.  Which is totally fine.

Remember, this is just me sharing my own thoughts and pondering.  You have to decide for you whether this makes sense for you.  (And this is an example of how the idea of each person making their own independent conclusions for themselves works.  Just as a person can learn to feel loved without external influence, one can learn to decide what they think about something without someone external trying to convince them to adopt a point of view.)

So I’ll continue with my line of thinking…  If we choose to assume that this dynamic works along the lines I have described, then the question is:

How do we break the cycle? 

Awareness is the first key step.  If we are aware that this is going on, then we will recognize the behaviors in ourselves.  In order to be aware, we must be able to see it.  So anything we can do to have more openness about the problem is a step in the right direction.

The cycle can only continue in the shadows.  Leslie Morgan Steiner pointed this out in her book Crazy Love.  A key aspect of her escape from a violent relationship was that when she broke away, she told anybody and everybody about her situation.  She did not allow shame to control her and keep her in the cycle.  She was brave then, and even more brave to share her story so that others would know they are not alone.  She broke away from the cycle, and she is helping to support others to do the same.

Support for the Victims.  A vital, immediate need is for the victims of abuse to be safe.  This is so terribly important and something that is beyond my expertise.  I don’t want you to think I forgot this aspect, but I’m not going to attempt to go into it here.

Containment of the Perpetrators.  We have to limit the ability of perpetrators to harm others.  This is another vital, immediate need if we are going to address the problem of abuse, particularly physical abuse.  This is another aspect that is beyond my expertise and is not the focus of my post.

However, I do think it is important to think about why and how we “contain” abusers.  Is it possible to do this with compassion and kindness?  After all, these people probably would have been considered “victims” earlier in life.

As part of the Grief, we can be so angry, hurt and upset with the abuse that has been committed, that we want to make the abusers pay, and pay hard.  We wish on them the most terrible punishment we can imagine.  We want them to feel the hurt that we feel.   We want revenge.  What we really want is to make it right, a payback that will null out the offense, which is impossible.  ALL THIS IS UNDERSTANDABLE.   And no one should feel like they have to apologize for being in this place and thinking this way.


Heavy-handed punishment is full of fear.  It is intended to invoke more fear.  It is intended to make others so afraid to commit the same acts, that they don’t commit them.  And it would be great if severe punishment actually acted as a deterrent, BUT IT DOESN’T.

Worse, the stigma of being associated with an abuser, who is the target of such anger and hatred and revenge, rubs off on the innocent victim of the abuse.  Especially when the victim is a child, a child who wants more than anything to know that they are loved by a parent.  Heavy punishment and judgment and condemnation compound the shame of the victim.  A victim who is ashamed and just wants to hide or escape, is less likely to be able to heal.  And more likely to self-harm or lash out or commit suicide.

So, what is the goal here?  To GET EVEN or to BREAK THE CYCLE??

Some will say this is hopeless, that we will never be able to break the cycle, that it is impossible to heal these horrible wounds.  Well, if it’s hopeless, then why are we even talking about it?  This is another way that drama keeps the cycle of control alive.

Understanding the Cycle

To actually solve a problem, we have to understand it.

Redfield talks in his book about examining our parents and their styles and much more, to understand the whole of the environment that we were born into.  Looking at our grandparents can help us understand our parents and why they developed their own personal “style” of loving and controlling.  Here’s an example of someone who has been doing this kind of analysis.

So in other words, an individual who has been a victim needs support in understanding the dynamics of their situation.  They need support in embracing their own self-worth.  They need our encouragement to tackle the difficult process of healing.  This is another huge aspect of breaking the cycle.  This is the aspect that is a lot of work and will take a lot of time.

Healing is the only way to break the cycle.

Understanding and Healing will lead to Wisdom.

You can look at Child Abuse or Domestic Abuse in different ways.  If you focus on the horrible details of the abuse, it is very difficult not to focus on the pain and the hurt.  If you have empathy, you will feel this pain.  This is an important aspect of understanding these situations.

But you have to decide where you are going with your understanding.  Are you going to stay inside the situation, inside the pain, feeling the wounds and the fear?  Things like guilt and shame will keep you in the fear and pain.  If they are strong enough, it will be very difficult to move through and beyond this understanding.  And this is totally understandable!

To step back and let go of the emotion doesn’t mean you don’t care.

It’s guilt and shame that will say, “Don’t you CARE???”

Guilt and shame are powerful, fear-based methods of control in themselves.  They keep us in the drama, rather than helping us move through and heal.

If we are ever going to “solve” this problem and break the cycle, we have to be able to step back and face it without the emotion, the pain, the fear, the guilt, and the shame.  We have to KNOW that the victims are no less “lovable” than anyone else.  And we also need to know that the perpetrators (who probably started out as victims) are also “lovable.”  There are no “bad” people, only harmful behavior.  And that harmful behavior is only the result of someone looking for love in all the wrong places.

That’s why it’s important that those of us who have NOT been wounded by this cycle need to come alongside those who have been wounded.  We need to listen.  We need to work to understand.  We need to support without judgment.  We need to provide encouragement.  We need to remain calm and loving.  We need to do the best we can.

I believe there is Hope.


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Reblog from Kryon: The Three Winds

Most everything I read from Lee Carroll’s channelings of Kryon resonate.  You can find this channeling here.  It might resonate with you, it might not.  If it does, check out the other channelings. 

This one “explains” the process of birth, life and “death” from the perspective of the Soul on the other side of the veil. 



This live channelling was Given in both Saskatoon, Saskatchewan,
and Calbary, Alberta, Canada.
February 23-24, 2013

To help the reader, this channelling has been revisited [by Lee and Kryon] to provide even clearer understanding. Often what happens live has implied energy within it, which carries a kind of communication that the printed page does not. So enjoy this enhanced message given in western Canada.


Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. So the time between when I last spoke to you and now doesn’t even exist for me. It is difficult to explain to a linear Human Being what it is like not to have time. All things occur at once, so it’s an odd thing to talk about, for in your minds your future to you is not known and your past cannot be revisited. So to you, your existence is always in the present. However on my side we are in all three realities, but we call it the now. These concepts are only energies, but you assign a 3D time location to each of them.

For instance, THE PAST: Past actions in 3D cannot be changed, but the memories of them can. So, therefore, if you rewrite your reaction to something that happened in the past and it changes YOU in the present, then what have you done? You just visited the past and have rewritten it!

THE FUTURE: You say your future is not known to you, yet the potentials of what you might do are indeed known. As you change your mind today, in a certain way you are then changing the potentials of what you may do tomorrow. Therefore, rewriting the future is doable today. When you make an appointment to go somewhere tomorrow, does that make you a fortune teller when you arrive at the scheduled event? If you cancel the appointment at the last moment, did you change your future? “Wait a minute, Kryon. These are things we have control over, so it’s not the same as a future that is a mystery to us.” What If I told you that to us, there is no difference. “Appointments” are scheduled and unscheduled in a reality that you can’t easily see in 3D, but they are still potentials you create for yourself. We see it all as one thing, and it helps us to give you the kind of channel we’re going to give you in this transcription. We’re going to call the channel The Three Winds.

Much of this information has been given in pieces and parts over many years. However, now we put it together. You’ve heard some of the terminology and we have alluded to it before, and now we wish to lay it all out as a carpet that will contain many answers and perhaps some controversies. Some of these things may not agree with what you might have heard from others, and this is where your divine discernment comes into play, for your intuitive sense should now be used to see if these things I’m going to tell you make sense or not. You can start to use what I would now call spiritual logic.

The Human Soul

First of all, the Human Being and the Human Being’s soul are seen as one item to us. It is never split up in our reality and is in many places at once. But for your understanding and for this lesson, we have the soul in only four places at once. The three winds are three of the four, and the other place your soul resides is home. That’s where I am, dear ones, and we don’t call it a wind because there is no wind when you’re at home. There is no action for or against, and there is nothing pushing or pulling. It is so difficult, if not impossible, to describe something to you that is so close to you, yet so hidden. Home is not one of the winds, for it is where you always are.

A piece of God is in you, yet what it is like to be on my side of the veil will remain hidden as long as you are a Human. It has to, for the test of energy that you are working on as a Human must remain in a certain kind of reality and consciousness for you to exist on the planet and work the puzzle. But there’s no wind when you’re home. Home is the place you are when you are not in one of the winds. Home is your natural “God state”.

How Humans “See” God

You’re a piece of the soup of God, which is measured in innumerable parts, yet all is one. The very essence of entanglement [a physics term describing a quantum attribute where things are locked into one reality regardless of distance] are the attributes of God. When you are in touch with your Higher-Self, you are in touch with all the parts of you. Sometimes Humans think that they’re getting messages from angels, and these angels are given messages from other angels, and so on and so forth. Humans see a hierarchy of authority in everything, since it exists in their own reality. But with God, there’s no such thing, for the wisdom of God is a singular wisdom, which is always the same wisdom and is fully present all the time, everywhere. The truth is the truth, and because you have a piece of God in you, you become aware of an absolute truth as you awaken spiritually. This is why you can take an awakened Human Being from another part of the world that is foreign to you, speaking another language that is not yours, and find the same truth. The God inside you is the same as the one inside them.

So as we give this lesson, honor your intuition, that part of your mind that discerns using spiritual logic. Some of you may actually have a revelation of what we are speaking of as we discuss the Three Winds.

The Three Winds

Human Being, there is nothing more honored within the Human life scenario than the Three Winds. They represent one of the three states that Humans are always in. Two of them are brief and one of them is long. There is the Wind of Birth, the Wind of Existence, and the Wind of Transition. In your words, you would say birth, life, and death. We don’t use those words since they are biased to a 3D reality, which often is your only view of the truth.

The Wind of Birth

The Wind of Birth is different from the actual physical event that you call birth. For us, the Wind of Birth is you right before you enter (taking your first breath).  In each “wind”, we’re going to start by dismissing the fallacies and giving you the truth. So let us discuss as much as we are able and start with the energy at the Wind of Birth.

Imagine yourself as a piece of the whole, a part of the love element of the Universe, and a part of the wisdom of God. You’re ready to go back to your planet, but you do not have the mind of a Human. What is involved? What energies spin around it that get you to this place? Who is able to be in the Wind of Birth and is there a system?

These things are difficult to describe, for they are not linear. Understand that you are aware of only linear things, since it is your reality. Your 3D reality as you sit there reading is only aware of one solitary life on Earth. But in this quantum Wind of Birth, we are seeing you standing at the precipice of another reality, returning to the planet after many lifetimes [speaking to old souls now]. So as you stand there, you are about to reconnect as a Human Being into the planet’s energy in a certain way. The “wind” of the 3D reality you are about to step into blows against you with great force. You seem to “lean into it” as we make our final love words to you. You are about to disconnect from the reality of Spirit, willingly give away your memory of all that is, and return to Earth yet again. What a beautiful time!

What are the attributes or “rules” of this as you connect again to humanity? First, let me tell you what they’re not, for so much of this is misunderstood. The first thing you should know is that the Human Being is absolutely unique. On this planet of the coming and going of sacred souls, Humans all have a divine part that we call the Higher-Self. All 3D Human DNA structure and the potentials within are identical. The only thing that differentiates one from the other are within the quantum DNA portions – the energy of the Akashic Record.

The Power of the Akash

The Akashic Record holds within it the ability and potential for enormous energy, depending upon what the Human has done in past lives. If the Human has awakened to spiritual potential before, then there is more energy than if they had not. Therefore, the potential creation of an enlightened old soul is literally available at the Wind of Birth, for it’s about prior knowledge and experience and what you’ve done before on the planet. It’s about who you were, what you have accomplished, and if you ever awakened to the workings of the light puzzle before or not, if you are returning or if it’s the first time.

So the Akashic Record is not just a record of how many times you’ve been here, but rather how much spiritual knowledge and life experience you have awakened to through all your planetary experience. The Akash is a sacred library that you pick up and hold through each lifetime and then into the next. You add to it every time you come and go on the planet, and it helps to develop and alter what your next life may be about. Remember the axiom we have given in the past: You will never have to return to a less-aware state. Once you open the metaphor of the “spiritual Akashic jar”, all spiritual learning is available from all lifetimes, all accomplished learning.

Your Biology is Not All From the Earth

The Human Being’s soul is a piece of God and is unique on the planet. However, biologically, the Human is not an animal of Earth. In fact, your unique Human chemistry proves it, since you have “fused DNA” that creates the 23 chromosome separation from the rest of Earth biology. You did NOT evolve from Earth!

The Human species as you see it today is not the Human species of 200,000 years ago. So the first realization for you is that your entire corporeal existence is not as “an animal of your planet”, despite what biologists will tell you. There was help along the way with an “awakening to light and dark” within your DNA. Even the most basic of religions tell you about this event as the divine “creation story” common to all humanity. The Human you are today is unique to the Universe and has amazing creative powers, just as the masters of the earth all told you.

The Animals System

Animals have their own kinds of energies, and even some of them have their own kinds of animal soul-groups. Animals are on the planet for several reasons, and we’ve told you all this before. However, all of them are on the planet as part of the balance of Gaia, and many as friends to Humans. They hold the energy of life for Earth, and sometimes they are here to love.

Certain kinds of animals have animal souls and incarnate within their own groups, but always in service to humanity. Their own soul groups come back as animals – only animals. They do not cross the soul barrier into a Higher-Self being. Animals do not graduate into Human Beings. But it is very easy for Humans to think they do, because this is the way Human thought has always worked for you. In your opinion, you graduate into higher levels and then you become better. Therefore, those who would look at the scheme of life would probably say, “A soul starts as an animal and then works its way up to become Human.” However, this is not the case and never was, dear one. A Human Being has a beautiful Higher-Self, which is the core soul of God energy.

The Human Spiritual System

The puzzle during your life is about how much of this truth of being part of the creator you can accept. How far can you open the quantum door to see this truth when you are alive? This single attribute determines how enlightened you become during life. Listen: It’s not how much knowledge and experience in is your Akash, but how much you allow yourself to believe it. There are many old souls on this planet who have an amazing amount of spiritual learning, yet they don’t want to touch that “spiritual jar” within them at this point in their lives. This is the free choice of the Human Being we speak about.

There is immense planning that puts you at the Wind of Birth. What did you accomplish during the last lives, if anything? Who were you and what did you do? What energies did you start that were not complete that you wish to continue? What soul group were you in? Who were your parents? Are you in certain soul agreements to become their grandchildren? That is more common than you think! There are so many things that go into the planning of the “entry energy” of your life, and each life potential is different and unique. The planning is done by you when you have “the mind of God” on my side of the veil.

Humans don’t like the fact that there is no generic spiritual instruction manual that states, “Here is what happens and here is what to do.” Listen, dear ones, humanity is honored way above that! Are all your children the same? Do books on how to raise children always work for your child? The answer is no, because each soul is totally unique. But Humans still wish to have a list of things to do and not to do, as though each soul somehow came out of a spiritual machine that made them all the same. No. Instead, Spirit honors each soul with unique choice and a tremendous variety of energy selections.

The Great Artists

There are certain attributes that Humans receive on the planet, and we’ll call them creative attributes. These are almost quantum attributes that may take several lifetimes to complete. What often happens to these creatives is that they go through a series of lifetimes as though it were one in order to have completion of their creative cycle. Famous artists will come back, and the first thing they want to do is pick up a brush and continue what they did before. Famous composers, famous poets and sculptors will come back and simply keep going! It’s so obvious, yet you deny this in your scientific way.

(This is me interrupting….check out these stories.  Can you come up with a better explanation?? “Eight year old, youngest blues guitar player.”   “White kid sings the blues.”  “7 year old Painting Prodigy.”   or just google or youtube child prodigies, it’s super easy to find examples.)      

So the creatives are different from the others, and their puzzle is to bring the planet the greatest treasures of art through a unified series of lives, yet personally they try to sort out the puzzle of “what they carry inside is valuable, but nobody knows it”. If you’ve noticed, most of the great artists who have even lived and are here today carry a burden that is easily identified as “lack of self-worth”. Do you see the set-up? It’s ripe for personal discovery, isn’t it? So can you see the Human standing in the Wind of Birth, ready to continue what they only began last time? With the “mind of God”, there is a smile on their face as they hear the music that they will compose, for it’s with them when they arrive.

As you stand at the Wind of Birth, you are completely and totally a unique creature with incomplete energies. It takes more than one short earthly life to create Human attributes that grow into maturity. Even non-creatives (most of you) have a lineage of starting something that never got fully completed. Sometimes it’s within relationships. Sometimes it’s learning or teachings. Old souls are good at this coming and going and often pick up where they leave off as they slowly change the planet by their very presence upon it. The old soul is, “Sewing the seeds of light on the carpet of linear time, not even knowing that he will also be harvesting those exact mature plants of wisdom as he returns in a subsequent life.”

Therefore, dear one, you don’t arrive with a blank slate, but you have to know that, don’t you? The old soul feels it. The only ones who arrive with a completely blank slate are the newbies [first timers] and we’ll talk about that in the next wind. But this is a room of old souls who are hearing and reading right now. Each of you is here with a spiritual jar that is filled with the experience of living on Earth, and sometimes even the attribute of “awakening to your own mastery”.

Akashic Readers

There are those who can read your Akash. But unlike a linear file cabinet, they can’t read the lifetime in some linear way. Instead, they’ll be the energetic lives that stick out, the ones that have a profundity about them for you. These are the lives where you accomplished things, or perhaps even worse, you didn’t. There are the lives where dramatic things happened such as early death, loss of children, or battlefield experiences. It’s all based on energy and potentials. You’ll hear that again, since it’s important.

You are standing at the Wind of Birth and you’re about to come back to the planet. Laid upon you are all the potentials and possibilities based on your past experience and the imprint of “who you are.” You’re coming back as part of the spiritual family of Earth, which is what your soul group does. Where will you be? What gender? The most difficult thing for me to describe to you is that the planning is not linear and it is not something that you would see on a logical financial spreadsheet. It’s energy based and very often influenced by others. It’s, therefore, also family based.

If you have awakened to spiritual truth in a past life, there is strong potential it will greatly change the next life. So an old soul will go to another place that perhaps a young soul would not go. All of this is in the planning before the Wind of Birth, and you’re ready for it. You really are. Listen: No Human soul comes to the planet unwillingly or as punishment. Perhaps you should memorize that statement!

The Biggest Change…

Old soul, right before you come back into the planet, the energy is completely different at the Wind of Birth because of what has happened in the last 20 years. In this new energy past 2013, the old soul who is coming back with that spiritual library filled with spiritual purpose is comfortable with this process. He intuitively remembers very fully what he has been through. Did you hear that? This is different than the last time! This is a result of everything that has happened in these last years. You have changed the rules!

The old soul is not going to be subject to some of the energies that push and pull a younger soul. The old soul has made up his or her mind as part of the planning about what they are going to do that they could not do before within an older energy. This is only possible since they can now plan on having the spiritual jar intuitively open early in the new life. The old soul may even know this now and plan for this before the end of his/her current life, intuitively knowing about the next life during the current life. This is the difference, dear ones. It’s the beginning of “intuitive spiritual logic”.

We’ve told you in previous channels about some of the interesting differences between new Humans and ones like you, who have been born into an older energy. We’ve told you that the quantum DNA alterations that you have created by living many lifetimes of awakening to enlightenment and knowledge will now allow you to be a very different child in your next life. It will be a child who remembers how to read instead of one who is taught how to read; a child who can walk earlier and talk earlier, because he remembers how. This is because the bridge in the DNA is starting to be complete between what was and what is. What this means is that the DNA is starting to quantumly change into its original state of being, which is that of being far more efficient. You will see it first in the children and, dear ones, don’t expect to see it in a microscope. Instead, you will have to eventually ask a sociologist to prove any of this, for it will be seen first as a change in Human behavior.

Therefore, old souls will come in as Humans who will not need to start over and be taught everything from scratch, but instead will arrive with a full load of intuitive past-life experience. As their brains develop, they may even remember who they are [old souls who have been here before]. This is the promise of the new energy, especially after 2013. You’re going to see changes in some of your children and grandchildren as they arrive and grow up. The stigma of a planet that is going to be destroyed by war or by God will not be among the energies of the new ones. The promise of a planet going into new, unchartered areas of quantum discovery will be upon them. They’ll need a whole new set of tools.

Who Has Gone Through This?

Oh, you have all participated in this wind. Everyone in the room has participated in this. You stood there knowing what the life lessons were and the potentials of what was next due to what had happened in previous lives. These were not mistakes, dear ones. These were the results of potentials and plans you made for your own soul.

There is no newbie here in this room [to be explained]. Not all of you listening and reading, however, are old souls in the classic sense – souls who have been here hundreds of times. But you have been here before, so this counts as one who has walked through the process many times. It’s what makes you interested in this material. Did you think of that? There is great variety, however, in the understanding of this knowledge among you. It is absorbed very differently between you. Some will sleep through it and others will be spiritually awakened by it [Kryon smile]. It depends on where you are on the path you planned. Again, each path is unique.

The Wind of Existence

We arrive now at the Wind of Existence. This is what you call life. Let us give you the attributes. First, no matter what you have been told by spiritual authority, you are not here as punishment. You’re not here to be tested. Sometimes we call your life a test, but it’s a test of energy, not of you! Gaia then measures the energy of the planet and passes the results to the very fabric of time and existence – to the Great Central Sun. It’s the measurement of the vibration of the earth via the Crystalline Grid, which plays a part in a much larger scenario that we have not discussed much.

Therefore, the test is whether Humans can change that earth measurement by their consciousness. That’s the test. Again, Humans are not here to be tested, but rather you’re here as family. The bridge between the Wind of Birth and the Wind of Existence is not subtle. It’s where you remove everything you know about the truth and come in with it blocked out. When you step into that Wind of Birth, you’re no longer aware that you are a piece of the Universe. There is no longer the connection to the consciousness of God itself. You don’t remember where you came from or what you’ve been through.

The newer energy now has you awaken to intuitive potentials of remembering these truths. They are in your Akash, but available only through intent. As we have indicated, some old souls don’t necessarily awaken at all! Sometimes an old soul who has had a very difficult and profound previous lifetime will soar through this current life as a vacation from spiritual things and never claim they are interested. But, dear ones, you know who they are when you meet them and you can see it in their eyes. Some of you have even married them! They may not be here at a meeting like this either, but it’s the energy of this very thing that attracted you originally.

The Old Soul’s Purpose

Dear ones, you have to understand the uniqueness of life. It’s why we say there are no rules that state that you somehow must awaken to help the planet or that you have to send light while you are here. There simply are no have tos because the system is complex with variety. This time around, some are simply here to hold the energy of who they are and where they are. The next time around they will do the work, but for now they just hold a place. Some of you have had these very attributes and it’s necessary and needed on the planet. Like a spiritual relay race, some carry the baton swiftly and some sit and watch, but all are part of the event.

Some old souls are simply holding the energy, unaware of any metaphysical journey at all. So this would be like old soul recalibration or rejuvenation. However, some of you might say, “I’m not certain I like that. It seems like a waste of an old soul’s life – of 80 years or more!” Dear ones, is it a waste of three weeks when you go on vacation? No. You often come back rested and ready to work! It’s complex and you look at things in the light of “a lifetime”. But for us, it’s simply a passing day. It’s all about timing. So don’t make up your mind what is working and what is not based on your “lifetime clock”.

Old souls will have the greatest impact on the planet in the new energy. The ones who have been here the most often will know better what to do than ever before about the conditions they find when they arrive.

The Wind of Existence Categories: New and Learning

NEW: The newbies are always arriving. They have to, because the planet has a geometric expansion [population growth] rate. So logically, do you understand that there are new souls arriving all the time? It’s obvious. But you can recognize a newbie in a minute when you start talking to them. You say A and they hear B. You’ll ask them to go left and they’ll walk right. They’ll have no idea about anything, how anything works between Humans. They don’t really understand if a thing is good or bad. Appropriateness of behavior is a mystery – and it often shows.

They don’t know how life works in general. You will slap your head in amazement because you can’t believe anybody could be that way! They’re new. They don’t know about Human nature. They’re the ones who can be easily tricked by another Human Being who wants to trick them. Again, you will slap your head and think, “Did they just arrive?” Yes, they did.

They are naïve to the max in all directions and you’ve seen them. Each of them will have to come back a number of times before they start understanding the whole process of how life works, so there’s always quite a number of them. They are not about to be in a meeting like this and are better off being in a meeting that teaches “how Humans work”. Many of them wind up on the psychologist’s couch to discover more about themselves and, oddly enough, many even end up being psychologists themselves! This is because Human nature is such a vast mystery to be solved by them that they are fully aware how much they needed help, so they become the helpers of other newbies.

LEARNING: Within a few lifetimes, many arrive at a certain state where there is an intuitive awareness of how things work on the planet. There is a better emotional balance and then that Human is a learner. Spiritual knowledge can start to be collected.

Learners are an obvious category. These are the ones who are the potential awakeners, for these are the ones who have the potential to come to a place like this, hear the truth, recognize it or not, and leave. If they don’t feel it’s something they relate to, it just means the timing isn’t right. Again, remember the axiom about returning to a less-aware state? You can’t. So even if you don’t agree with something or act on something today, it doesn’t mean you forget it. Today’s foolishness can become tomorrow’s wisdom. It just depends on your perception.

Timing is everything. My partner has asked many times, “Kryon, why did I have to awaken to the truth in the middle of my 40s? It would have been so much more efficient if it had been in my 30s!” The answer I have given is all about timing. It’s about placing him at the age he needs to be in order to do what he does now, and also what he’s going to do next. I’ll get to that.

And so, dear ones, those who sit in the chairs in front of me and who are reading are all in the learning category. These are often the older souls and the ones who have awakened to spiritual questions. They sense what is happening on the planet and want to know more. They have a new awareness that the energy is changing and that the earth needs them. They also know that each path is different, so they are sitting in this room now or reading this transcription with that in mind.

This is the way it works, old soul. Some of you have awakened to the spiritual truth of the “Creator inside” many times. Your library is thick with spiritual purpose. Some of you have just awakened in this lifetime and realized you’re an old soul. So since you are all here listening and reading, I give you a diversion. It’s a complexity you didn’t expect and one for the new energy.

An Advanced Complex Quantum Attribute

This may be complex, but some of you are ready for it. This idea is intuitive to some here, for it’s spiritual logic. I mention this only briefly, since I have given it before and it needs to be included to make the winds explanation as complete as possible.

As I have told you, inside of you there is a library of the Akash. That is to say that there is a truth that you can pull from that is universal. But in a very linear way, you also understand that you can only have in your Akashic library what you have gleaned from your lives on Earth. True or false? We have spoken of this before in this new year of 2013. The answer is, it depends on how quantum you become.

Now, this is very difficult, but now I broach a subject that is completely nonlinear, so listen carefully. If it is true, dear Human Being, that you were seeded by an ascended race from another part of the galaxy [The Pleiadians], that means that you have a piece of their DNA! Everything that they know is in your DNA – and you know where I’m going with this, don’t you? That means that you can awaken to great amounts of truth, but truth that is not based on Earth experience. Instead, it’s there from what they gave you. This goes way beyond what we have taught you about your Akash, and takes it into a spiritual quantum Akash.

There will be some who ask, “Well then, we come in with that, right? Even the newbie has that? So why don’t we remember it as well?” The answer is this: In the new energy [past 2013], there will be those who will start to use what we will call “quantum Akashic tools”. Included in these will be the idea of “mining the Akash” [an attribute we have given before] and also the idea of “quantum Akashic inheritance”, which will be the beginning of remembering original galactic ancestor knowledge. This will eventually lead to quantum invention on the planet. As Humans become more quantum in their evolution, they will start to pick up these new tools. It’s DNA related, and we have spoken of it many times. It’s “remembering”. But these things will only begin happening to the oldest souls among you, for it happens only after full realization of “God inside”.


How does karma play into all this? The learner, who is the one who gets past the state of just “arriving on Earth”, now has something called karma, and it’s a big energy to work with. So let’s explain what it is.

Karma is “unfinished family group energy” that continues from one lifetime to another. It pushes and pulls you around life, and it has nothing to do with predestination. Instead, it has everything to do with predisposition. If you have a lot of karmic energy around you, then you are predisposed to move left or right when certain conditions happen. This is based upon the energies of the past and mostly from Human interaction.

We gave you information back in 1993 when Kryon Book One, The End Times, was published. We told you that old souls now have permission to drop the energy of karma and steer their own way through life, co-creating the energy of what they want instead of having to battle the past. We continue to tell you that karma is an old system of learning and that you are now beyond it.

Karmic energy is still needed for the learners who are not ready to drop it and need to walk through lessons based upon it. Karma is not available to the newbie [first-timer], since the new soul coming in has no past energy to pull from. By the way, that’s why they are clueless! But by the second or third time around, they start creating their own karma from the energy of ordinary life that then pushes them to do things in the next.

Once the old soul has dropped karma, it means that he has severed it completely and the next time around, it won’t be there either. Again, here is a quantum attribute that states that, “what you create within the patterning of your spiritual DNA today stays forever. It does not have to be done again in the next life.” Again, this is not predestination, but know that what you do in this life shapes the next, and in this new energy it is profound, old soul!


I want to talk to you about contracts. The very word is misunderstood. Do you feel you have a spiritual contract to do something on Earth? Some of you will arrive on the planet and will think, “I am here doing what I’m supposed to be doing in this city because it is my contract.” So while you are seemingly fulfilling your contract, what do you do when another person comes along with a better offer but you have to move to another city? It might be a spiritual offer, placing you in a far better place to help people. Oh no! Here is a big puzzle. What happens with your spiritual contract?

Part of you pulls in the direction of, “I must stay here and do what I came for.” The other part of you is torn with indecision. Finally, you bolster yourself and say, “My contract is that I must stay here and do my work. No matter what, I will fulfill my contract with God.”

Let me give you a word to remember – nonsense! Your contract is in invisible ink! Listen, old soul: Every single day of your life has a rewritable spiritual path. Did you know that? This is the essence of co-creation. The only contract you have is to be here, and it is being fulfilled as you read this. So pick up the spiritual pen and write what you need every day. If synchronicity comes along and sweeps you into another area, view it for what it is – it’s what you asked for! Feel the truth of it as it occurs. Go with your intuitive feeling and write a new contract for the day, which can disappear tomorrow as you rewrite it into something even better.

Old soul, you’ve never had an opportunity like this before. In this new energy, you can change the Wind of Existence to match what you need. In these next few years, you’ll decide a number of things collectively on this planet. Through very slow attrition of the old energy dying out, you will gain the upper hand.

There will be greater integrity and old souls will create it. Sometimes the old souls will be represented in young bodies that are awakening quickly. The very plan of what the earth is about will start to take shape. New alliances of nations will take place. More borders will drop, and governments will start to understand a new principle of unity that has never been seen before on the planet. It will eventually create the seeds for real peace on Earth. Even the Middle East will shift.

I’ve said it before: There will be future generations who will look back and identify everything before 2012 as, “The Barbaric Era”. You will see civilization as you know it start in 2013. That is the promise of a real demarcation point coming within three generations. Think about it. Human history has always been about war and conquering. However, you are beginning to turn a corner. As the old energy slowly dies away, survival will be seen as unity and cooperation. It’s already happening on the planet, did you notice?

The Wind of Existence is you, working the puzzle, old soul, and you’re not in karma and you’re not in a contract. Instead, you’re in manifestation mode. It may not seem like it, but give it a chance. We’ve said this before: When you start getting out of survival mode and stop worrying about every single thing, you eventually arrive into manifestation mode. The worry mode is what your parents were taught. You inherited it, but it’s not what enlightened beings do. Instead, they manifest what they need and they don’t worry about what they don’t have, for it comes to them when they need it through the process of synchronicity – an enlightened concept that gives credibility to divine wisdom inside.

The Wind of Transition

The last wind is the Wind of Transition. You call it death. What can I tell you about this that you don’t already know? Well, I think I can tell you a lot. First of all, the rules: You don’t know what you don’t know. You don’t know when it’s going to happen. Did you know that we need to keep some of you here for a very long time? It’s because you are not done with what you started. For others of you, we need you to transition sooner than later in order to follow your own plan. We need you at a new place on the planet soon, when you’re young. We need your Akashic knowledge to awaken early and keep developing what you’re developing now, because you’ll have the energy of youth.

We need you to be a certain age so you can run for office, just as you planned it. We need to have you young for other reasons that should be very obvious to you as you think about it from our standpoint. So, you don’t know when you are leaving. Cast away the fear of this transition, so you understand the reasons that are profound and the ones you helped create when you were on my side. The very awakening process helps to decide when you’re going to transfer the energy and move through transition yet again.

I want to give you an attribute you probably haven’t thought of: Death is fearful. In the corporeal sense, you have an incredible will to survive. The last thing anyone wants, even bacteria, is to die. Survival then pushes you to live and nobody simply walks into death without fear. This will remain, and it’s the way it should be. But there is a gift for you that we give you, and you don’t even know about it.

At the moment of transition, when your heart stops and you take your last breath, we are there. All the angels from the Great Central Sun are there, too, and they kindle a light that puts you at peace. It’s a peace so great that fear cannot exist. In a fraction of a second, you know it’s OK. You might call it a spiritual anesthetic, but we call it the gift from the Creator.

So the Wind of Transition from our standpoint, a quantum standpoint, is beautiful. It represents that instant where you realize you’re finished with this life. It’s only for a second, and then it’s gone. Then you move into the process of a three-day remembrance of who you are. Part of you is still on the planet and part of you is with us. All of it is beautiful.

Some Humans have gone through a near-death experience and explained it the best they could, but they all say they came back different. Oh, Human Being, they saw a piece of it; they saw a piece of the creator and when they came back, they exclaimed to you, “You won’t believe it! I was dead for a moment and I heard singing and saw light.” Just ask them and they’ll tell you. So this is the gift of transition that we have never talked about before. There is no sting in death, Human Being. The only sting is for the ones who remain and don’t know where you are. They feel you are gone forever, but you are not. Neither are the souls of those you have lost over the years, dear listener and reader. Did you know that the parents you may have lost will be with you till your last breath? They are holding your hand the whole time. This is complex, but it’s part of a beautiful, multidimensional system of soul grouping. Some of you know I’m right, since you have sensed them.

Human Beings, you have to know that your soul group can be in several places at the same time. We’ve given you that information before. Souls can be reincarnated somewhere else on the planet as a corporeal Human, and also be with you at the same time as what you perceive as a guide. Don’t ask the question about “how”, because it won’t make any sense in your reality. It’s a beautiful system. Death has no sting!

If you lose somebody you love, I want you to remember this: They may appear still and cold and gone forever, but that’s just in 3D and it’s not the truth. They are alive and well and looking at you, pleading with you to see the energy of love that they represent. They are not gone.

Those are the Three Winds for today. I love to talk about these things for they are near to me all the time. I work with all three, and I’m working with them right now. The energy that is Kryon is a group. It’s just like all of you are, since you have these attributes also. I’m part of a group right now who are working with those at the Wind of Birth. I am also welcoming those going through the transition – right now. This is the role of Spirit through the Higher-Self that is yours. Discover God inside. When you do, you will also see that the plan is beautiful, dear ones.

And so it is.


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