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Your Perfect Body (repost from Scott Sonnon)

on November 9, 2013
Post from Scott Sonnon today (read about Scott here):
I read a comment from a “professional” who stated, “if you really want it, you’d just do it, you’d discipline yourself to get a perfect body.” Normally, I would feel very sad for the individual who wrote that comment, except for that they are in an authoritative position where they are promoting this soul-sucking error of mind, body and spirit.

We can exercise all we want, but we can’t burn off a cancerous body-image. We can go on the most disciplined diet in the world, but we can’t feed our soul, and we will spiritually starve from it if we don’t begin with this first and most critical truth:

You already have a perfect body.

Facing severe eating issues as an obese, pre-diabetic child, I had discovered the hard way that self-loathing exacerbates eating issues. The attitude that you are bad and wrong sets up a volatile chemical environment in your body that prolongs and worsens the issue… even when your external shape appears to have changed to have met your perceived target.

Let me share a secret that you won’t read very many places: as someone who trains celebrities, models and actors, looking a certain way won’t make you happy. Only being happy makes you happy. And if you want to be healthy, the first and foremost attitude you must hold within your heart is happiness.

To make healthier choices, don’t attack yourself as an imperfect body; for if you don’t love yourself before those choices, you won’t love yourself after; as the cycle of self-hazing will only be perpetuated. Truth, not force, positively transforms us. Happiness, not hate, makes us grow. This relentless coercion to be a certain size, shape or weight carries us farther from our truth and our happiness, not closer to it.

Eat when you are hungry and until you’re satisfied. Eat in a calm environment, sitting down and without any distraction. Eat what your body truly requests of you – neither than temporary compulsions nor the imposed agendas. Eat with gratitude, excitement and reverence at the chance to bring this meal – this new part of you – inside… to continue your growth and refinement. Eat with colleagues, friends and family who truly love themselves as they are right now; and if you cannot, remember you’re eating with someone that they love dearly, who deserves to be happy right now, because they’re always and already perfect: you.

Very Respectfully,
Scott Sonnon

Scott has so much wisdom to share.  I’d encourage you to follow him!!

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