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Spoiler Alert: The Soul Did It

on January 9, 2014

A good actor becomes totally immersed in his role.  He plays his part with gusto!  When you watch a talented actor, you totally believe he is the role he plays.

Most of us get to know the actor through the movies he’s in, and we get familiar with his acting, sometimes believing that’s what he is like. It takes a little more digging to get to know the real person behind the parts.  On the other side of the curtain, so to speak.

Human beings are highly skilled at remaining “in character.”  And the script is full of adventure, and drama, and surprises.

So here’s the spoiler:  the person you see every day here on Earth?

It’s only a role being played by a soul.

If you love watching movies, by all means, enjoy the show!!!

If you love making movies, enjoy playing that role!!

Do you want to know more about the actor?

Peak behind the curtain, and read between the lines.


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