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The Way my Life Goes These Days

Just a little story that illustrates the every-day way my life unfolds.

While all the angst and chaos of pre-election insanity swirls around, I’m busy working on my little 2br house renovation.  Yesterday I was hanging a little drywall in the corner of the kitchen-to-be, and I ran out of drywall screws.

Larry the plumber was there.  I asked him if he needed anything from Home Depot.

“Why are you going there?” he says.  “Why not go to Key?”

Well, I don’t know.  I hadn’t thought about it.  But Key Supply is a local place, I guess not any further away, so yeah, sure, I’ll go there.

So I head out.  On the way I go by the house and notice one dog is outside.  I stop and check in to make sure everything is ok there.  Keep going.  Remember I should check the mailbox at Fourth Street.  Talk to Sharra, she writes me a check.  Ok, good.

This is really taking a long time, just to get a box of drywall screws.  I am noticing that “The Universe” or “God”, whatever term you like to use, seems to be steering me in a certain direction.  I definitely have this sense of it, and I am also being slowed down.  I am behind a car going very slow.  I also notice that I am low on gas, and I should stop at Sal’s and fill up.  But really, I should get back and finish that drywall!  So I skip the gas for now.

I get to Key, and grab a box of screws off the shelf.  Terry is there, and Terry is a talker.  He’s also a really nice guy.  So we chat.  For a while.  About all kinds of stuff.  In the back of my mind, I am still wondering what my purpose is for being here at Key, it really did feel like there was a reason.  And you never know, maybe just the chat was “meant to be” or maybe someone needed a smile that day and I am not even aware of whatever small interaction was supposed to happen.  Whatever.  I’m just going with it.

BUT THEN, in walks Petey.  I instantly recognize this person, but it takes me a minute to be sure of who it is, because it is unexpected.  He looks right at me and says, “Megan” or “Meggy” or some version of my name.  I give him a big hug.  (His real name is Jesús, if I remember correctly, and he speaks with an accent.  FYI “Meg” does not translate well into Spanish.)

You see, I am very fond of Petey.  He’s a super sweet guy.  He used to be part of  Andy’s crew, one of the contractors I use.  We spent a lot of time together in the summer of 2007, and then they worked on my kitchen in 2010.  He no longer works for him, so I haven’t seen Petey since then.

So, “why” did God or The Universe set this up?  Who knows.  It sure made me happy to see him.  I don’t necessarily think the reason has to be earth-shattering.  But I do know that if I am “in tune” with the subtle pushes and pulls that are there, and I allow myself to follow along, that these things happen.

And who knows?  Maybe he needed a hug.  Maybe … a lot of reasons, and I will never know. To me it doesn’t matter — it’s just a lot more fun to live life this way. 🙂





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