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Anti-War Planning Strategy

on August 30, 2013

What if…….            

Imagine, if you will, that all the Guardian Angels of the Earth gathered together ca. 2006 to discuss the question:

How can we turn the opinion of the American people against unnecessary war?

Let’s listen in:

The Moderator speaks:

“Ok, we are meeting to discuss how we can help the people to understand that war is never the solution to finding peace on Earth.  Let me recap:  we thought that we could reach a lot of people with the 911 situation.  Remember that brief moment when so many humans actually felt compassion for others and looked at each other differently?  It is true that moment didn’t last as long as we would have liked, but it did make an imprint on the level of compassion of humanity.”

“But fear did return and take over for many.  Those humans who were paying attention, saw that the fear allowed the Bush Presidency to use war as a response to that fear.  That scenario of war being justified by possibly false pretenses really stirred many people.  Unfortunately, the anti-war sentiment got muddied as it turned into a political battle.  Yes, we reached many Democrats, but the Republicans didn’t want to be anti-war, because it meant being anti-Bush.  Politics sure is a tough roadblock, isn’t it?”

“So, my question to this panel is:  What do we have set up in the world to show ALL people how useless war is, in bringing world peace?  Who’s got this one??”

A small, quiet Angel in the corner raised its hand.


“I have been working on a great set-up scenario.  Actually we have been working on this one for a long time.  Remember Stanley, the WWII veteran?  The one whose daughter had a child with the young man from Kenya?  Well, we think that half-white/half-African grandson of an Army Vet can get elected President of the United States.  The response to his 2004 speech at the Democratic Convention in Boston was quite promising.  He is about to publish a book, that includes his thoughts about war and peace and many other topics, and we know this will appeal to many good-hearted humans that are just waiting (with a lot of energy) to back a candidate just like him.  We’ve evaluated all the potentials, and the probable results are very exciting.”

The designated “devil’s advocate” Angel roared with laughter and interrupted:

“Ha ha ha!!  No way!! You really think it’s possible for a black man to be elected President in the United States?  What Earth scenario are you working on?  They will tear him apart!!”

“Yes, I know what you are saying,” said the quiet Angel.  “This is not an easy one, especially for the human.  But he is a very old Soul and he has been training for this role for eons.  He is willing to make the sacrifices and receive all the hate if it will help the planet.”

“OK, but how does this set-up convince the Republicans that war is not the answer?” the Moderator brought the session back on-topic.

“Well, that’s the crazy part.  This guy gets elected, and he starts working to implement his ideas.  He will come up with programs that help many.  As he does, the Republicans will REALLY hate him.  They will fight him every step of the way.  Despite difficulties, he is most likely to be elected for a second term.  Many people will be very conflicted about his leadership.  Some will say he is not doing enough, others will blame his opposition for the lack of progress, there will be quite a bit of confusion.”

“Then, the conflicts will start to arise in the Middle East, as we have talked about previously.  It will be alleged that the government in Syria used chemical weapons against its citizens.  No one will be sure if this is true or not.  Basically, it’s a repeat of the same kind of situation that happened in Iraq.  To the surprise of most of his supporters, the President will be pushing US military involvement in Syria.  Many people will think “here we go again”.  Except this time, the President’s supporters stick with their anti-war stance, AND the Republicans, who will fight anything this President does, come out strongly against war.  Presto chango, we turn the Republicans into staunch anti-war advocates!  And we have Democrats and Republicans agreeing on wanting peace.”

“What do your projections say will happen as a result?”

“Well, of course we are talking about potentials, and the results are not certain.  But if most things go the way we think, there is a very real possibility that the appetite for war will be seriously diminished.  By that time, we know that humans will be much more interconnected via the internet. We have a young man, Ronny Edry, living in Israel, and the potential there is for him to start a massive, loving anti-war campaign that will connect humans of different cultures.  He is set-up to reach out to “the enemy” and many will find the possibility of peace through his efforts.”

“Oh, and that peaceful resistance we believe is coming in Turkey will also have a massive effect.  We have a whole slew of young people there who are extremely committed to non-violent resistance.”

“Of course, we have to let all of this play out, and no outcome is guaranteed.  We all know how unpredictable human free will can be.  But the potentials look very promising, and of course we will do whatever we can to facilitate the best outcomes.”

The Moderator stands and adjourns the meeting:

“Sounds like a plan!”


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2 responses to “Anti-War Planning Strategy

  1. billgncs says:

    ha — this one is all democrats and ignoring the constitution.

    The sad thing about cruise missles ( besides the 1 million per pop price tag ) is that they rarely hit the intended people, and the infrastructure damage punishes the poor and children.

  2. ohnwentsya says:

    Reblogged this on Spirit In Action and commented:
    Thank you for posting this. I sure hope it works. I see too many democrats who, like republicans, who seem to feel that war is a good thing when they voted for the guy starting it:-/

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