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The Fifth Dimension

on February 27, 2012

While doing my own seeking over the past couple of years, I kept running into references to other dimensions.  That we live in a 3D world, but that we are moving toward a 5D world.  This didn’t really make sense to me, I didn’t know what that meant… but I kept coming across the idea.

Apparently, cutting-edge physicists are working on this mystery as well.  (I started out as a physics major in college, but it’s mostly beyond me.  Still, I am curious.)

After reading as much as I could find, I concluded this is yet another metaphor.  You can think of the different dimensions as paradigms, ways of approaching life, as levels of consciousness.  These descriptions aren’t The Way It Is, they are merely an attempt to explain, a context in which to see two different approaches.  What I can say is this – the way you choose to see and interpret life, defines what you think of as reality.  You choose the reality you live in by the way you see things.

The characteristics of a third dimensional approach are as follows:

3D is survival-based living.  It is a fear-based existence.  Competition is the norm.  Avoiding pain is a priority. 

3D thinking is controlled by the Ego.

It is based on linear thinking: step-by-step logic, cause and effect. It is all about following The Rules.

It is characterized by drama, separation, doubt, fear of abandonment, victimization and blame.

It is defined by Duality – a world of opposites: dark and light, right and wrong, good and bad, male and female, etc.

It is all about solving problems, fixing things, judgment.  Rather than accepting reality, a 3D thinker will fight reality.

In 3D thinking, a person sees their Life Purpose in terms of doing things.

A Fifth Dimensional paradigm is defined by the following:

A 5D approach focuses on living in the moment, being aware and present to what is happening NOW.  Time becomes a reference point only, because the only time that is real is what is happening right now.

Guilt and shame are not relevant, as they only pertain to what is in the PAST.  The past is for informational purposes only.

Worry is not relevant, because it is about the future, which is not in the NOW.

(Here’s something to think about — is The End of Time really a transition to this way of thinking, rather than The End of Existence???)

A 5D perspective is based on love, compassion, empowerment, connectedness, oneness, trust and faith.

In 5D, a person can take a detached view, rather than judging.  The focus is on understanding, recognition, accepting.  There is no good or bad, no fighting reality, it just is. 

Thinking is conceptual, not linear.

Rather than relying on outside sources for information and decision-making, a 5D approach relies on Inner Knowing and Intuition. 

The purpose of life is about learning lessons, experiencing, allowing and observing.

Rather than being ego-based, it is about acceptance, healing, and letting go.

A person living with a 5D perspective will be happier, more joyful, and more likely to laugh at life.  They will see their Life Purpose in terms of their way of being.

The thinking in the circles that are talking about “multidimensionality” is that humans are growing and evolving, and that humanity as a whole is currently transitioning from a 3D paradigm to a 5D paradigm.  This seems reasonable for some people, who already see life from a 5D perspective, and at the same time, it is very scary for someone who is comfortable with and attached to the old, established paradigm of 3D.  Think of old vs. new ways of running a large corporation, educating children, running a political campaign, or handling family dynamics.

For those who try to stay away from all this mumbo-jumbo stuff, before I lose you, let me ask this question:  Which approach to life is closer to the teachings of Jesus and the Bible?  So, what’s so scary?

I can’t help but mention the song Aquarius (1969) by the band “The Fifth Dimension”.  Do you find the words precient?

When the moon is in the Seventh House           

And Jupiter aligns with Mars           

Then peace will guide the planets           

And love will steer the stars           


This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius           

The Age of Aquarius           

Aquarius! Aquarius!           


Harmony and understanding           

Sympathy and trust abounding           

No more falsehoods or derisions           

Golden living dreams of visions           

Mystic crystal revelation           

And the mind’s true liberation           

Aquarius! Aquarius!           

3 responses to “The Fifth Dimension

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  3. David says:

    A wonderful post, thank you. You have eloquently and succinctly summarised the meaning of “the shift in consciousness” that is taking place. I especially like the idea of “dimension” being a metaphor for “paradigm”.

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