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Types of Soul Connections

on May 15, 2012

Note on 1/7/14:  Hi!! and Wow!!  Somehow this post (which is from another website, see below) is getting lots of attention!! I hope you enjoy it.  When I first saw it, it helped me make A LOT of sense out of my life and the people in it.  I can look at the categories and put the people I know in them.   So, enjoy, and have fun looking around my blog, if you are so inclined!

Another note on 4/12/15:  I continue to read and learn more….and if this stuff interests you, please read Michael Newton’s books, especially Journey of Souls.  It is really amazing.  He describes what our souls do between lives and how we plan our incarnations…and a whole lot more!  This is based on what his clients, under hypnosis, have told him over many years.

If we really are primarily souls, here temporarily in a physical body, what does that mean?  How does that work?  I’ve written about the idea of reincarnation, and also about the idea that we “plan” our time here, with the purpose of growing and learning lessons.  A lot of this seems especially relevant considering the stories I keep hearing from friends, stories that seem to have a lot in common.

So you might find this interesting.  It fits very well with a lot of the things I have read.   To me, the idea that we are here to learn lessons takes away the worry and guilt associated with a lot of what happens, especially the challenges.  If we look at them as valuable learning experiences (that our soul actually wants to have), rather than something that was done “wrong”, what a relief!  The other souls that share our journey are here to help us to grow.

(I’m adding this in April 2013:  a description of the process where souls were created is in the post A Process with a Purpose found here.  You might find that interesting as well 🙂  )

The following is from this website:

Monday, September 27, 2010

Hierarchy of Soul Mates and Twin Souls

There are basic categories of soul-connections that can be identified. We recognize them because of the role the souls play in each others lives and the energy underlying the connection.

Even as I write this, I do so for the purpose of helping you understand that not all soul-relationships are supposed to last an earth life of forever nor are they meant to be a feel good experience in many cases. We experience soul-mates for the primary purpose of helping us remember who WE are and to further our spiritual awakening while in these human bodies. There are numerous soul-encounters that can happen in our lives; this is simply an attempt to clarify the major categories.

Kindred Spirit:

While not actually related at the soul-level, we feel warm, comfortable and quickly at ease with these people. We share a profound mutual understanding of people and situations based on our similar soul age, spiritual values, and most likely metaphysical abilities. We energetically vibrate at a similar level, yet do not have the familial ties as with a member of our soul-family.

Primary: Parent, child, relative, friend

Primary soul-mates stay the course with us for years, often a lifetime. We experience the ebb and flow of life together. While these relationships have ups and downs they are about teaching us how to forgive, to love in a sustainable way- not for what someone can give us but for exactly who they are; faults and all (parents and siblings for example). These souls teach us about acceptance in a universal way. Over time we realize that we have chosen each other for lessons that could have come no other way. It is essential that you forgive these souls for any trauma they caused you. It is critical for your own health, but in terms of hierarchy of soul mates, you will never draw to you a high level soul mate until you have completely forgiven all primary soul mates.

Junior Soul Mate: Teacher, friend, person in line at the store, pal you meet on vacation

These souls might fulfill their role in an instant, or can be with you for a period of time. They won’t stay with you long, but you will probably never forget them. These souls may say something to you that changes the course of your life. Their impact is powerful and there is no ability to ignore the prompt they bring you. If what they teach you “stings” at first, it will become one of those lessons you are most grateful for after you reach a certain level of spiritual awareness.

Karmic Partner:

Romantic partner, friend, fling

Ready set go with these. There is instant recognition. If it is a romantic relationship, the physical chemistry is intense. It is intense enough that the souls may choose to enjoy the physical expression while ignoring the little voice that says “there are issues here”. These relationships burn intensely and typically end on terms that are unpleasant. These relationships are designed to teach major lessons that can only be taught by someone we love. When these relationships end, it’s often one sided or out of anger rather than a slow fizzle. The person being “left” learns resiliency amongst other things and there could be many reasons why the leaver leaves; but they must learn how to end a relationship with mutual respect rather than an unexplained departure. If they don’t learn this (either party), they will continue these kinds of relationships in this lifetime & the next until they learn the valuable lessons that ONLY these connections can teach. The sting of these breakups whether romantic or from someone you felt certain would be your friend forever can be devastating. This category of soul-mate bond is designed to teach you more about yourself than anything in your life to date. If you learn what is intended, you are preparing at the soul level for a High Level Soul Mate.

Karmic Companion: Friend, romantic partner, parent/child

There is not a lot of drama in these relationships. You’ve worked through most of your karma with these souls in prior lives. These relationships feel like a break from the intensity of other kinds of soul relationships. That can be a welcome change! They are based on friendship rather than passion. Certainly you will have some ups and downs and disagreements, but the overall purpose is that of companionship. The lessons in these relationships progress over time rather than being shoved down your throat. Karmic Companions can share any length of physical time together. A romantic or friendship Karmic Companion can last a lifetime; however if you separate things generally fizzle out rather than end suddenly. You will sense it’s time to move on. There is a sense of maturity – “It is time we go our separate ways” and you will wish the best for your partner. It’s a very “mature feeling” soul-mate bond.

Senior or High-Level Soul Mate

Romantic partner

Like meeting a Karmic Soul-Mate there is usually instant recognition- through the energy field or through the eyes. The desire to be with and truly know the other person at the soul level is intense. Partners at this level feel such joy to have discovered each other. It is often said there is a feeling of “coming home”. There is deep and abiding friendship. The partners are willing to sacrifice something for themselves to benefit their mate. They discover that their mates completeness seems to mean as much as their own… yet they experience that without dismissing their own growth or happiness. There is a perfect and easy balance of “Me/You/Us”. When problems do arise- and they will because we’re human- the partners have the soul/mind tools to quickly rectify the situation and return to a place of harmony. These are ways in which you’ll recognize the difference between a Senior Soul-Mate and a Karmic Soul-Mate. Partners at this level have learned to balance the need to remain self with the skills necessary to be a soul-based team.

Twin Flame- Two Souls Created From the Same Energetic Unit- Your Souls Most Complementary Partner

There is not always instant recognition. Twin Flame recognition occurs at the energetic/soul level rather than at the physical, although physical attraction typically follows. There is a compulsion toward each other that exceeds anything either has experienced in the past. It defies logic or rational thought. The Twins have trouble making eye contact at the beginning. That is because they have knowledge of everything about the other simply by looking into the eyes. This is a major responsibility and it is sensed by both parties. While a Senior Soul Mate can be recognized through the eyes, a Twin Flame perceives everything about their Twin through the eyes. There are elements unique to a Twin Flame pair that do not exist in other soul-connections. While all soul-mate relationships serve to further the spiritual growth of the individuals, Twin Flames meet for a purpose beyond the individual.

They must join their energy/souls to bring light, love and healing to the planet and its inhabitants. When these two unite, there is an exponential explosion of energy that is greater than the sum of the individual parts. Being presented your Twin Flame is the ultimate spiritual responsibility and should not be belittled by romanticizing the nature of the work to be done by the Twins.

Have you experienced a “soul connection” that you are trying to figure out?  I actually think that a big part of the purpose of this experience, is to get us to dive in and figure it out.  Remember, no one but YOU can figure out what it means FOR YOU because no one else IS you!  So, while the idea of categories of types of soul connections is useful, it’s more complicated than that.  You have to go beyond the label and understand the connection at a level that’s impossible to describe in words.  I really like Steve Gunn’s article Soul Connection or Relationship?   He has really good stuff to say.  ALWAYS remember to trust your own instincts rather than relying on someone else to tell you what’s going on with you. 🙂  YOU figuring it out FOR YOU is what it’s all about.

Another perspective can be found here:  Lots of videos and explanation from a person in this type of relationship.

More recent thoughts on Soul relationships:

The Ultimate Relationship:  Part I  and  Part II

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19 responses to “Types of Soul Connections

  1. Julie says:

    I really needed to read this and have a basic understanding somewhat. I am going thru some intense comfortable/but sometimes uncomfortable life lessons right now. Searching for answers.

  2. Carrie says:

    Fantabulous, truly enjoyed ur article…
    Thankyou for sharing ❤

  3. Milani says:

    I have a question about my own personal experience. Its pretty critical and tricky. Donno if u can answer .Lemme know if u wud want to !

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  5. Yvette Moore says:

    I’ve been over to the Steve Gunn site and as per his stages I think I’m at about three. The one thing I can’t find out about though, is… well, basically what’s happened is that I’ve made a soul connection with someone who is no longer on this earthly plane and hasn’t been for a long time. The intensity of it has been frightening at times, the grief at his bodily loss has been visceral. I’ve figured out at least some of what he’s teaching me, although I’m not sure what he’s getting out of it. I can feel him physically sometimes, there’s an intense passion involved as well. I never met him in life, but I know who he is. He had a wife and family and passed on at an early age (about the same age I am now) He may even be reincarnated by now, although how time works ‘over there’ I have no clue. The fact remains that there was always something about him I was drawn to, but we just never met. Music was the trigger. He sang a particular song and I asked my daughter to find it because I hadn’t heard it in years. As soon as I heard it, BAM. I was in bits and was completely overwhelmed for about a week. Since then I’ve gone from being a ‘religious’ person to being more the person I was years ago when he was still alive. My passions have returned and I’m trying to work on myself instead of allowing myself to slowly die. He’s literally brought my soul back to life with his love and his energy. He was always larger than life and lived every day with passion and vigour, now he’s infused me with it too. I try not to need, but the ‘will we ever be together’ question is moot. Not in this life, but we have been before and will be again I’m sure. Again there’s synchronicity. The other day the CD in my car just randomly flipped to a song, the thrust of which was that now isn’t the time for us, but there will be a place and a moment when it’s right. It came on again yesterday the third track on the album, at exactly 3.30. I love the man more than I can say and his presence makes me feel calm and able to deal with anything. Sometimes I can even feel him spoon me in bed at night. Those are things I want to cling to, but I’m trying hard not to because I know it could push him away. I’m working on just ‘being’, his soul and mine in comfortable companionship. I could go the rest of my life just like that. I don’t know though, I may be misreading all this. I have no clue what I’m talking about! Does anyone around here have any experience of a connection like this? Souls are souls, so I’m guessing it doesn’t matter if there’s a body attached if there’s work to be done.

    • jlcmom says:

      It sounds to me like this connection has been a huge blessing to you! It’s the kind of thing that makes sense to those who have experienced something like this (although every situation is unique) and makes zero sense to most of those who haven’t had some kind of unexplainable experience. I guess for me it’s just important to know there are others “out there” who have had these kinds of connections. I have read accounts similar to yours. You seem to be so well-adjusted to the situation! (I’m impressed 🙂 ) Thank you so much for sharing!!!

      • Yvette Moore says:

        You’re welcome 🙂 Some days I don’t feel very well adjusted LOL Especially since I still can’t listen to the stuff that was found in his studio a few years after he died. His friends got together and brought out an album and I just can’t, not yet. I do kind of wish he was completely unknown, but then I don’t exactly advertise what’s going on as it is! It really has been a great blessing. I did an archangel Michael card reading while I was emotionally very raw and open and the first card that came out was ‘The person you are asking about is trustworthy’ and that was a huge relief. I look out there because, like you, I want to see if anyone’s experiences are at least similar and despite everything we all need a little validation! I feel he’s come into my life exactly when I needed him the most, to bring me what I needed the most and I’m relaxing with it and him. It’s… nice. 🙂

      • jlcmom says:

        Even if we “know” all we need is already inside us, and we don’t “need” validation, it sure does feel awesome. Also, there is something about music — a language of its own. There are definitely connections that only music can describe. A higher form of communication, perhaps.

    • I just want to comment here with I know exactly what you are talking about. It’s very hard to explain to others that do not understand about souls and lessons. I had dreams about someone who was living on the physical plane for years and then I met him, after that I helped him cross over for two years before he died and after he crossed I still see him a lot and have chances to learn repeated lessons from him. I wrote a blog about it and the story will be in my second book. It was very strong and I was effected DEEPLY when he crossed over, you are emotionally attached whether they are still here or not. I do want to share that my teacher had commented that we had to have been together before to have a ray of light attaching us in this life and previous lives. That doesn’t go away and the channel has to be open on BOTH ends for it to work. Sometimes the timing isn’t right in this physical life but no less intense. Here’s the link to the end of the blogs but will connect to the first one. I do not write about after in the blogs but totally got way more was almost painful.but I learned so much from that soul about crossing over and what we do leading up to that and after we cross, I cannot express the lessons and healing that we both have done. I am sure that people who do not understand will think you are insane but I am here to say. I totally get it and I have a column on my blog called Music From the Heavens which when I get a song in dream I share with others. The lyrics are very the words, they are messages…hope that helps you….xoxo…

      • Yvette Moore says:

        Thank you 🙂 while I’m sorry for your loss (of sorts!) it’s nice to speak with someone who’s gone through something similar. I’m fairly down-to-earth generally, and so was he, but there’s always been a spiritual component to my nature, and his too. For all his Mancunian sensibilities, he was a devout follower of the vajrayana Buddhist tradition and the monks assisted his passing in the hospital when he died. I wonder sometimes if this heightened awareness of soul has helped him connect.

      • jlcmom says:

        Thanks for prompting me to read those again!! xo

        Yvette, I have another friend who has a similar connection, to a still-living musician she hadn’t met. It’s her story to tell, but I definitely know you guys are not alone! And it’s so true, it is really hard to explain to others 🙂

  6. Deborah says:

    Boy oh boy, do I have a soul connection that will never be broken. Thank you.

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  8. Sonia says:

    What happens when the relationship starts off like a Senior or High-Level Soul Mate and stays that way for about 2-3 years but then turns into a relationship of a Karmic Partner? Does this mean it was always a Karmic Partner soul connection all along and our minds have confused us to believe it felt like a High Level Soul Mate at the start?

    • jlcmom says:

      Personally, I would have this perspective: the labels are there for our convenience, to try to understand the concepts of these different types of relationships. BUT I think the concepts are beyond our ability to describe in words, i.e. they are much more complicated than that. It’s not important what the label is, it more important to understand, in a conceptual way, the kinds of things we get out of the relationships.

      So, maybe one relationship is a blend of a couple of the concepts, probably custom-designed for you and your unique personality, situation, background. Another way to say it could be, the essence of the relationship that you are talking about is a blend of relationship types.

      My view is that God, or Source, is way, way more amazing and complicated than we can imagine. When humans try to put divine things into categories and explain them, it comes out way over-simplified. It’s still useful to help us get the idea, but the labels by themselves aren’t so important.

      But that’s just me thinking out loud….. 🙂

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  10. Gosh that explains alot doesn’t it! xoxo

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